Israelis: What if the Romans wanted their land back?
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Israelis: What if the Romans wanted their land back?

Moshe Zeev
Efrat (West Bank settlement) self-determination Let’s say the Italians conquer Israel and say “We are the Romans” “we want our land back” What do you think of that? Eyal
Tel Aviv I think the Italians don’t really
have a reason to conquer Israel Why? It belonged to them for
three hundred years True, but let’s look at it as… they want to be an empire
and they are now Italy so there is no reason and to get to us is to cross
Lebanon, Syria, Turkey I doubt they would….
It would be bad What? Are you comparing that to us? The person asking is Palestinian So let me and he asks why we have
the right to do the same thing I don’t think we have more right than him
or more right than the British who were here or the Ottoman This is land I think everyone has to live somewhere and many years ago they divided
this land I think there were many problems but let’s be free from what happened 70 years ago and create a new… There is enough land there is enough food for everyone We don’t need to fight We need to ease up on religion It’s religion, let’s be real That is the problem now Let’s go with that So let’s say, great. I am a refugee now living in Lebanon a Palestinian refugee I want to return to my place my land in Jaffa To your land in Jaffa?
– Yes, do you agree? I personally don’t think it is a problem
as long as you… Look, I think at some point
you need a statute of limitations for that We have to You understand It’s impossible because we Jews will always
have claims on land all over in Europe, all over the world in Iran We came from all over the world we could go all over the world
and request our land back So, again, instead of looking at the past and run after what you once had you create something with
what you have now look at what you have
and create your own world and it is totally possible It is possible We are all a little crazy let it go a little and live in the end we die If the Italians who were once the Romans came to Israel and said
“this is our land” “from the Roman empire” What would you do? I would fight them Nir
Hod Hasharon Simple So what is the difference
from the Palestinian point of view I understood. It’s the same…
I understood the comparison That’s left wing propaganda I have no… It’s propaganda that came from
someone Arab and Muslim Can you make it more leftist? (sarcasm) You can also see it as
here we created something It’s not like we came and conquered there wasn’t much here before we came Let’s tell the truth
there was nothing here The Italians and the Romans
were busy building they weren’t busy destroying like
our neighbours the Palestinians What do you mean “destroy”?
Give an example Ofer
Hod Hasharon The first immigrants coming to Israel
in the 1880s were busy for 70-80 years building the state of Israel and the state of Israel received
independence in 1948 from 1948 until today,
the Palestinians have not brought any proposals nothing to improve their situations Like they were in 1948,
they stayed the same until today they haven’t improved in anything So they are busy destroying and fighting instead of building something That’s it You haven’t been to Ramallah
but there is a city there that they built True, they built it
and a city of Ramallah is good but industry, high tech….
– True They need to diversify How are Palestinians any different than
any country in the region? How do they show the countries around
us that they are different? They don’t
They behave exactly the same as Syria or Egypt or Lybia or any other place They only take weapons and
fight people They had an opportunity to establish a country (Oslo Accords) Olmert offered them 90%? 94% I think and nothing happened with that I don’t know why Either they left it or they didn’t… It didn’t happen They need to ask themselves
why it didn’t happen If the Italians who were the Romans would want to reconquer Israel saying “this is our land” “we are allowed” No
– Why? What do they have to do in Israel? They have nothing to do here Maybe spaghetti They barely get by in their land
what do they need with ours? Mordechai and Morris
Jerusalem This land is ours, not theirs – What?
It is our land Wow, what they would do to them We will throw them out Anyone who comes to attack us
we will throw out? We are strong Why don’t the Italians have the right to conquer this country? Because they were Romans and
this was their land once I think they should conquer It is their’s, no? So yes?
– Yes Ofer
Tel Aviv Better than the Palestinians Why better? I want to live in Italy Ariel
Jaffa “Canaanite Zionism” Balfour declaration Do the Italians have the right to
take the Roman empire back? What are you saying? There was here the Roman Empire, right? Dorron
Haifa What does that mean?
To reconquer all that land? with armed force like the Romans
did to half the world’s population? The answer is no of course Why? My answer is why would they It’s not like it was that great I don’t really understand the question The person asking is Palestinian so why do the Jews have the right
to take their land back? Ok, that’s a better question the historical parallel is not very good it is like asking if the Romans
can go back to Rome The question is… Why is there a difference? If the Romans conquered this land and the Jews did too, no? Yes, the question is the use of violence I think the use of violence
is invalid in any case If it wasn’t through violence, somehow It’s not somehow, historically the people who bought the land here
and settled it was non-violent and different The war of 1948? That’s a war with violence True With two sides (contributing) There is a difference between the
Romans reconquering all their land


  • Cee Murda

    Keep lying to the world about who's land that is,why keep that lie going, people are waking up, the world knows that you people didn't get there until 1948 ,prove me wrong.

  • Julien Berndt

    First of all, HRE is german. So it would be given back to the germans, which might make it a bit more of a sensitive subject.


    Tell the Romans that they will soon be running across the wide ,open plains of the SERENGETI. IN which form? That's their HEADACHE.

  • az8868

    actually those lands belongs to the canaanites i.e. the lebanese and jordan people. those are the original people of the land, not the jews.

  • Hanson Wong

    Let's leave away all the promises to the Jews that is given from God in the bible, because we are in a world that "we are so smart, we don't need God, we can go on our own" and all that…
    The thing is- some Jews lived here throughout the history. Other Jews, Zionists, came after 1880 and developed the land. Before that there were few old Arabic cities, some farmers and some shepherds, except that all over were wastelands or deserts. The Jews came, bought lands with money, build houses and farming. Since then the Jews didn't stop developing the country. The Arab, instead, lived their own old style life untill their revolts against the Brits, their violence against the Jews after 47', the war that they've started in 48' with their Arab "brothers" who actually came to conquer the land and to divide it, after 20 years the Jews took over the West Bank and they continue their violence until now… Nothing changed… Develop yourself first and then talk about other issues…

  • rukia ali

    This young guy he’s saying Palestine is not own land and roman can’t claim because they don’t belong here don’t he belong Palestine why he’s here than

  • Itai Filiba

    Not a good analogy. Rome is where Roman culture developed, and Israel is where Jewish culture developed, as well as the recent Palestinian culture and older Canaanite culture. Romans cant claim it's their homeland.

    The Jews are pretty much a continuation of the Canaanite culture based on language and cultural studies, but they still acknowledge the Arab Palestinian culture (25% of the state) while not acknowledging a Palestinian nation, since for all their history they were just citizens of other nations, and were not closer to each other than they were to Jordanians and Syrians of a 100 years ago.

  • Vamsi Krishna

    For this to happen every Jew should be allowed to return to Egypt, Libya and Algeria safely and be given equal rights to the land. This should be the precondition. Let’s see if Arabs accept this.

  • crypto shimazu

    Stupid question…They're all been just occupied of this land except the Jewish people. which are the real owner of Israel

  • BillieBoy Buddha

    The difference is, the 'western' world took their loss. It lost a lotttt of land that was invaded and conquered by the islamic world, that we see today. The islamic world should just swallow their pride and take their loss on this little piece of land called Israel

  • Safta Bracha

    It doesn’t belong to the Romans no matter what happened in the past G-D will not allow it it was ultimately promised to the Jewish people forever, from north ,south , east to west . It’s not what the people want it’s what G-G wants and promised. G-D does not change His mind ! When He says something that’s it He does not forget or play games or plays with words He is not like us

  • Dancedizzler

    The entire concept of this video is rediculous. Lets walk up to any random person without knowing whether he has any intelligence whatsoever and ask him what he thinks. Why not ask a random minority child from the US what they think too.

  • Botha Lissom

    True, the Israelis didn't acquire a modern civilization from anyone. From dry dust, they built something outstanding and modern. Noone else has a claim on that.

  • aristotlestudent

    Just wait until Almighty God wants it back from all the atheists, backsliders, and fakes, who live there today…

  • David Beczuk

    argumentum ad absurdum. If that would be the case we all should move and live on the moon if Neanderthal's and Homo Habilis wanted their land back. Stop making absurd remarks to defend a PC stance.

  • YMWitty

    Corey, i assume you do the Hebrew subtitles yourself. You might want to have someone go over them – there are a number of minor mistranslations. (for example, להתקדם means to progress, not to diversify)

  • Eduardo Serrão

    Can Romans claim the land? No, by our standards. Can Israelites? It's a little more complicated because there were some jews already in the land who wanted a state, and other specificities, but leaving that aside, no, Israelites couldn't claim the land if they were to do it today from scratch, according to our standards. But it all started in the late XIX century (for what we are considering, if you want to apply "biblical standards" then it all began much earlier), and went on during the first half of the XX century, when colonial and imperial standards still dominated. So now, or rather with "UN standards", we have this 'the facto" situation of two peoples, with legitimate claims for the land, in my view. Because we cannot go back in time and amend things with our standards of today. It would be the same as asking: can US claim the land from the Indians? Not with our standards, if it was being done today. But now we have to accept it. The same with Brazil. Or many territories in Europe occupied by peoples that came from outside, a century ago or less, in some cases. What about Istanbul? Did the turks had the right? After all, they came from a different continent! No, they didn't, according to our (UN) standards, but now what are you going to do?

  • M.I.A/MIA1

    How come when you speak to jews you get a definite well thought out answers with dates and times?, but you speak to the Arabs and you get a bungled up emotional response that ends in some ignorant statement like "they have the wrong religion" if for any reason i don't support "Palestinians" for continuing to sound ignorant and Ferrel as hell. signed Black American.

  • Um Maryam

    Honestly i think this was one of the best questions ever. I mean this is just what they did to Palestine, although they wouldn't agree with it being "conquered" by them. They think only zionists can "take back" a piece of land that belonged to them centuries ago. So selfish.

  • John Doe

    Lets look at this question in another way: The Roman peace was one built on imposed military force. The concept of human rights would have been foreign thinking to the ancient Romans. The conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis would not exist because the Romans would not tolerate insurrections to spiral out of control.

  • J Platinum

    By the way, nobody wanted to be conquered by the Romans. War determines land ownership. The victors own the land and decide the rules. One day Israel may lose the war but not today!

  • aenfisema

    I don't understand why sometimes you talk to people in hebrew and other times in english. Don't all israelis speak the same language?

  • Mc Doodle

    What i take from this, is that it's done. The only thing that is going to change the situation is for both sides to stop living in the past. Live now, built your live in a positive way now. Not after you conquered the other side….because you and your loved ones are going to die trying. We know both sides are awesome people who can both built beautiful and peaceful societies. Stop giving your money, time but most importantly lives to warmongers who are making so much money because you cannot let go of the past. Wish you well.

  • Steve Inna

    Ha. It's not a joke to oppress people on their own land. Have the world's strongest military , colonize and settle on the land. What an insanity for 70 years we have been in. Free Palistine. We are all Palistinians when we live on Palistine land.

  • Steve Inna

    Everyone he interviewed seemed not so religious that they want to live on Palistinians land claiming it's because their religion allowed it. Wow. Smoke a joint and put a beanie on let's squat on some Palistinian land.

  • Tim Logans

    Here is the "skinny" Corey: Mankind has never made a perfect political situation because mankind is imperfect!!! The last straw for Jews wanting to leave elsewhere was the European holocaust that killed millions and left most of the others to NOT be welcomed back to their homes and businesses and thus a mass exodus (their thinking better to die fighting as a group in British Palestine than being slaughtered more like lambs as they already had) to mandate Palestine and accept an agreement to get a portion of it for the state of Israel and a portion for the Arabs already living there!! The Jews accepted but the Arabs didn't and the Arabs attacked them to try and get rid of ALL of the Jews from there. The Arabs lost and continued new armed struggles and still lost!! From then in 1947-48 to now the victors, the Jews, have on numerous times tried to negotiate a very just and welcoming agreement in which the Arabs would run their own affairs with a fair timeline of having their complete and own country run 100% by them. What did the Arabs do? They rejected everything thrown at them and continued in many instances terrorism of Jews living there. The Arabs, not all of them but many, are stubborn "sore losers" who are often times hard core racists who'd never concede to any Jewish country among them!!! They lost multiple wars and uprisings and serious concessions that the victors would give them so the "victors" could live in peace and did not accept any real measure of peaceful coexistence with the Jews thus how can a person feel on average sorry for a stubborn group of people who on average choose war and destruction over peace, land, and coexistence?

  • S K

    Gil Schuster, you don't argue with them like you did with the Palestinians who expressed their opinion about not being ok with occupation..

  • twohanded1488

    We need more immigration to Israel, as it's still stuck in Chosen Ones – mentality that needs to be destroyed or Judea will not survive.


    majority of the israel population are not arabs…i want to correct here….arabs uncludes muslims, jews and christians….arabs doesnt mean only muslims….majority of the israel population now are eastern european people, come from outside…..even israel PM dad was eastern european, belonged to POLAND …….look at his original name….BENZION MILEIKOWSKY …but when he shifted to israel, he changed his sir name from MILEIKOWSKY TO hebrew name NETANYAHU….i got this information from his biography

  • mo bellams

    Very good question. Imagine all of us ask for a land where his religion appeared. No sens to base the land ownership on religion!

  • dragonlaughing

    What is terrible is that most of the rural population would have been assimilated into cities if the civilization were not disordered. In most parts of the world people move off the farms and into the cities (it into suburbs). Basically, the Palestinians have been denied a good life. You have generation after generation of unhappy people.
    It is crazy to claim a biblical right to Israel. The promises of the Torah were for that time, not for eternity. All of these lies, so often repeated, are only justification for continuing a cruel occupation and displacement of the Palestinians.
    I hear complaints about Mexicans in the US. But when the US took lands from Mexico, it took the people in those lands too. And those people were (for the most part) assimilated. Even the laws of those States adopted the marital laws of those regions. Israel had, and has, some nutters who just could not make peace. And it has some greedy people who profit from taking from the Palestinians. Even the settlers. The ones who come from the US are mostly losers who couldn't make a good life here. They will go, if someone will give them a cheap house, in a settlement, in Israel.

  • tFighterPilot

    If they want their land back they can try to come and get it. The Italian army hasn't really proven itself in the past 2000 years.

  • Ahmed El-Gazzar

    The stupidity in their answers shows how terrible these oppressors are. They know they are full of BS. They are clearly very unintelligent and are being manipulated.

  • Kickbackand Relax

    The Israel/Palestinian problem is further compounded by how 'ILLITERATE' Israeli Jews are about their own history, how systematically they have been brainwashed and educated with no affinity for facts.

  • Kickbackand Relax

    I have 1% Neanderthal DNA in my genes. All Europe, Middle East belongs to people like me. My ancestors were here 80,000 yrs ago. None of these chipmunks living in that land currently even existed when my ancestors lived on that land. Get out all the NON Neanderthal Europeans and Middle Easterners.

  • Katy Davidovich

    Who are talking about Italians? Honestly anyone who has a claim against jews and Israelis is a homie!
    Muslims are a similar issue, if not worse because there are so many of them but both are pure evil upon earth.
    Mizrahi jews are just arabs pretending just understand they have only arab Muslim qualities no difference.

  • jim melvin

    Mussolini wanted it back, and yes I'm Italian and yes we will take it back we will have our Empire again 😂😂

  • Yusuf Joseph

    You should ask Palestinians why they only want the land of today's Israel but not parts of Jordan, Syria etc.

  • erikk

    Anyone care to tell me, in the event that Palestinians do have a claim for reasons like “we are the Canaanites, we were here first”.
    Anyone care to tell me how come Arab nations who came from one Arab origin . Have such vast lands . And we as Jews who prior to 1948 foundation of modern Israel. Moved around from place to place after being exiled by the romans.
    How come Arab people can have so much land , and we don’t get to have a drop in a bucket of land?

    Anyone from a western country who could answer me how come modern day Israel who’s democratic, respects gay rights, respects the foreigner, seeks ways to better the world through (technology and medicine and even creates systems that are defensive like the iron dome, rather then deadly not precise mortars, so we could avoid big military operations and loss of life while they create pipe rockets filled with screws and other “fun” ricochets , how come we don’t get to have a place we can be safe in ?

  • paul Veriteverite

    Don't you understand ?? Its an arabe provocative chain asking vicious Questions !!! Ask thème if Pas lestinians existed at Moses or even Mohamed times ?? Of course not !! Arabes countries Said in 1948 : cet away thé time we crush thé " yahouds" in a single snap then you van Côme back !! They LOST !! But a fact with arabes ils : they never accepte defeat ! They triés again and again ans lose !! They are like donkeys !!!

  • Gal Zeidman

    i wish i was asked this cool question, i can think of so many great answers to it. yes, the analogy is bogus, but it does have some interesting parallels to it.

  • 0 0

    I'm an ex-Muslim and just aware how some Muslim (there is pro-Zionist Muslim tho) try to make this issue as a religious issue when it's not. It's a national issue.
    1. There are already Jews before the land partition suggestion and the British just doing their job dividing the land (maybe it's not proportional to the number of population.. That one I'm not sure). The Arab didn't agree, attack the Jews and end up losing more. And they refuse to divide land until this day.
    2. Some Muslim try to say that Masjidil Aqsa that stated one time in the Hafs Quran is the one located in today's Jerusalem.. And even if it's, I don't think that marks any sole ownership by Muslim, plus it's might even supported that it's a Jewish praying direction and most likely the reason they changed the qibla to Kaaba. Beside afaik there's even verse saying the 'Holy land' belong to the Jews.

    Btw I support the 2 states solution. The war is not about the Palestinian Arab vs the Jews, but vs 7th century ideology that had caused them to sleep all these time. (Abrahamic religions do make its follower live in dreamland and caused so much trouble not only to Muslim but Christian and Jews.. Wishing good luck to Baha'i)

  • Moshe Shadi

    you can't say it's the same, the difference is that we know what we deal with! remember that it's happened in 67 after they tried to destroy us in 48. so in 67 it was the last straw. and let's not forget that it also happened in 73. so, the question irrelevant.

  • bls001

    Whenever I talk about illegal immigration here in the states and that we in the U.S. have a right to control our borders, I get countless people who tell me "You guys stole this land from the Natives but yet you have the nerve to tell other people (namely Mexicans) they can't come here to a country that you stole and have to go back to their original country?! How about you go back to Europe where you came from?!" I always respond with this statement followed by a question similar to the one you posed here: "Americans aren't telling immigrants they can't come here and go back home. We're saying we believe in legal immigration and that you can't cross the border illegally. And by that logic, are you saying present day Mexicans have no right to control their borders and that they should leave Mexico since it was also stolen? Does this apply to every country on earth? What if someone is half white half native? Where should they go?" Nobody ever responds back though.

  • Gnawer Shreth

    The question is a fun one but ultimately also a bit silly. We know people existed long before Islam, Christianity and Judaism did so obviously those people weren't Muslims, Christians or Jews. You can always keep going further and further back until no one lived there at all. Should the land then be left empty because that's how it started out? 🙂

    There's also the difference that Italians actually have a country and land to call their own without needing the entire empire back. The Jews lost their land, without Israel they'd have no land at all.

    It's still not a great argument for Muslims or Palestinians to use though, as they're the youngest of the three Abrahamic religions and thus didn't originally own any land. If they're so worried about "original owners", the Muslims would own no land at all.. Anywhere. Not a single square centimeter of land on the planet was originally Muslim after all. So it's a pretty shit argument to use for them. 😛

  • Shevet Levi

    In a way, the Romans did more harm to us than the Nazis. They ripped us from our sovereignty over our Homeland, dispersed us and were the root cause of 1900 years of exile, suffering, humiliation that reached its apex with the Holocaust. If it were up to me and it was within my power I would treat the Romans as the Amalakites were to be treated. I would not leave a single one alive; none of them would ever return home. Such would be our debt to them.

  • Emil

    Point is, if you want to, and can, you'll most likely conquer land for yourself. No land is god given, people fight for it.

  • Nazeer Ahmed

    Love you brother for the sake of Allah SWT for the wisdom and reasoning. Your questions are a spark and it will God willing lighten up one day.

  • bineozy

    Love you all to the moon and back ✍🙏🎵🎵🎵🕎✡✡💜💜💜🎶🎶🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️💞💞💞🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️👁🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱👁🤳

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