Is Real Estate Hard?
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Is Real Estate Hard?

You want to get in the game of real estate,
you want to win and the only thing that’s keeping that from happening is your fear of
it. The fear of “What if I can’t do this?” or
“What if it’s just too hard?” My name is Kris Krohn and today, we have a
gentle man that has flown in from California to have this conversation that feels stuck
in his life because he believes that real estate is too hard and yet feels it actually
might be the key to his financial freedom. So your flight lands and your looking down
and you see a team of people coming out to take your bags of your the gear, of the runway
and get them where they need to go. And Andrew might be that guy that’t making
that happen for you. Everybody, this is Andrew, we’ve actually
met for the first time. And Andrew actually flew here from California
to actually make this video and have more importantly this conversation of what do you
do when you know that real estate could hold the key to your financial independence? And yet dude, it seems big, it seems hard,
it seems scary. And we’re going to have that conversation
right now. So dude, how are you doing? Doing good. It’s a great trip to get over here and it’s
beautiful just to be here and see this. Thanks man, I appreciate it. So now, I’ve just learned just a little about
you. You’re 28 years old, is that right? Married? Yeah. And how many kids? I have 4. You got 4 kids. I got 4 kids too by the way. But you got a new born. 3 weeks old? 3 week old. Dude, he’s got life going on and yet life
in LA, that’s not inexpensive either right? No. How much money you were making working on
the system over there? With my job, I probably pulling in a month
at least after tax like 2700. So after tax, $2700. And when you got a family and you got 4 kids,
that a lot of responsibility but that’s not a lot of cheddar. No. You actually kind of found me on YouTube how
long ago? Like on July. Earlier this year in July. And when you did, you start watching some
of those videos. What changed for you? The only changed for me was realizing in the
sense that of how you put it like, all you need to do is get your hand on hows and work
with the equity and you can just work from there step by step. And like, to me it came out in a sense where
it’s like “Wow, it’s that simple?” But like, most people to a regular person
like… See like, when you buy a house like used people
think to rent but from what I’ve learned from you, it’s like, “Wow, I didn’t know all those
other options or strategies that you can do with a property.” So, look what I am dealing with right here. I got Andrew. Andrew you’re a tall guy, right? Stand up for just a second here. Dude, this guy. This guy is a big guy. But I don’t get a chance to always meet all
the people that are watching my videos. And here’s a very real human being. I could tell that you got mad love for your
family. Yeah. And with 4 kids, you’re trying to figure out
how to take care of them. You got huge responsibilities and yet financially,
you don’t got a lot going for you. No, not really. And if you can relate, this video is for you. Because it is so easy to get yourself stuck
in a pattern of life where you want more for your life and your like, how do you actually
break the chains of where you at that that isn’t working for you. You ready for that journey today? Yeah. Okay, sit down. School is in session. Okay. So, when I was starting out my journey, my
wife and I gotten married and this before we had kids, we actually hard time having
kids. And the reality is I had no one in my corner
that was saying, “Kris, I believe in you.” I had no one that was really showing me a
financial path for a plan or something that would actually help me get where I want to
go. So I just want you to know, I relate. Like I know what it’s like to feel that and
if I can be so bold, I’m also feeling some nerves from lack of confidence. I mean right now if you look at where your
life is headed, where are you going right now? Probably nowhere. I mean we laugh but there’s no laughing matter
like… Yeah. That’s the energy that I kind of get from
you. And so when you think about trying to take
care of this young family that you’re raising up on that kind of income, where do you think
it’s going to put you 5 or 10 years from now? Not that far ahead as I would like to be. Yeah. And dude, those are the scary times that we
live in. What I want to do is I want to take this time
with you and I want to say, “Okay.” I were in your shoes and I needed a financial
gameplan. Give me some confidence, to go where I needed
to go. What would I do? Can I share that with you? Yeah. Alright, awesome. Now, obviously, I am only speaking to him. Only him. You should probably tune in this next part
out. Check it out. When you get in the game of real estate, you
got confidence that isn’t all time low. Because you’ve never it before. You’re living in LA. Real estate is freaking expensive. How are you suppose to get anywhere, right? Yeah. When I was feeling that exact same way, I
want to share with you the fastest path that I am aware that can get you where you want
to go. First thing I want you to do is I want you
to get yourself with just this one thought in mind. I got to find a way to get a house. And not just any house. You need a house that’s going to give you
a massive lucky break. A house that can actually load you up with
a whole pile of equity and do something amazing for your financial future. To make that happen there’s a couple of things. One, you’re going to need that job. And once you have you have 2 years work history,
the banks are going to start saying, “Hey, that’s actually a house.” And you already have your work history. The next thing is… The banks are going to say, “Well, I need
to see that you’re credit worthy.” I will say, good. Okay, awesome. Credit is okay. And so what we’re going to do is we’re going
to talk about what you need to do there. And the last thing is the banks are going
to say, “Well, you have to have some type of downpayment.” Now let me get specific on how simple this
is. Firs of all you’re in LA right now but if
you start moving out to the Suberbs the price of real estate starts dropping right? Okay? So you’re renting an apartment right now? Yes. Okay. So, right now I don’t want you looking at
buying real estate that’s half a million, million dollars. That doesn’t abosulutely line up. We got to find a way. You’re not maybe going to like the commute
but we got to get you far and enough of the way that the price of real estate starts dropping. Does that make sense? Because I know that when you start getting
out of on some of those countries, you can start hitting the areas where now the price
of real estate drops below 300,000, below 250,000 dollars. That’s the zone that you want to be thinking
in whether you’re going to live in it, move there or not. Okay? Watch this. Downpayment on a house like that? Banks are going to want somewhere between
5 and 10 thousand dollars. So now, you got a goal. The goal is how do I start saving my money
and paying my self first. I got all these bills. I got these kids. How do I find ways to save up 5 or 10 thousand
dollars? Now, I want to ask you. Given time, is this doable? Yeah. This is totally doable. There is a reason now. Credit. The banks are going to want to see you have
at least 3 lines of credit. So do you have credit cards right now? Yes, I do. How many do you have? I have 2 major line of credit card. Okay, I want you to get a third revolving
line. The reason I want you to have 3 is because
many banks out there will say, “I need you to have 2.” But I would prefer for you to have 3. Here’s your goal with the credit cards. Don’t let them wracked up. Don’t let the balance get over 30%. So if the card is a thousand dollar card,
then keep that balance under $300. And better yet, work towards keeping it paid
off. But I want you to use it and pay it off , use
it and pay it off. Last thing is they want to see 2 years at
the job. You already got your time at the job right? 4 years. Okay, you got 4 years there. I want you go apply for one more line of credit. Keep using the 2 responsibly. And then here’s the goal. You want to put you entire mind on how do
I save 5 to 10 thousand. Here’s why. This first house that you want to get, there’s
something really cool. When you get in to the investment world, you
got to flop down 20%. They’re going to want to a whole pile of this. But when you’re buying a house for you and
your family, it’s a different story. They want a 3% downpayment. So 3% for example on $200,000. That’s %6,000. So all of a sudden, you can get your closing
cost wrapped in and we’re not going to buy just any house here. We’re looking for something like this. Now, this might be too far out of the way
from where your job is. Where you’re like, “Dude, Kris, I don’t think
I want to have an hour commute or what like traffic. It could be 90 minutes. Or could get crazy.” What the bank wants to see is they want you
to have an intention that you would live in this house for 12 months before moving on. So you either make that long commute for a
year or you buy it, you move in and your intention changes and you go back to an apartment. And this house automatically now becomes a
what? It becomes an investment property. But you put 3% down. Not 20%. That makes sense? So banks are going to say, “Dude, if you got
2 years of job. You got…” Now, by the way, 2 line of credit, you can
get a loan. I want you to get that third so we can open
up more bank options. And then I just want you to put that small
down payment together because once you got that, you’re in a house. You do all of this work. You need this house to count. Would you agree? Yeah. Here’s what that looks like. I do not want you to buy a house for a place
for you and your family. I know that sounds really counter intuitive
right now. This house is not about you. This is a house that’s about your financial
future, right? So the destiny, the destination is how do
we get you a million dollars. And that’s what really this gameplan is. And so, for that to happen, what we got to
do is we got to find a house here that has a pile of equity. Let’s say this house has a value of $250,000
and it’s something that you can purchase for $200,000. Do this deals exist? Yes. I am telling you this deals exists. And I want you to know something. I am going to give you access to this entire
system because you chose to get on the plane and get here. And you know what you’re going to have to
pay for that? Nothing. So I am going to give you that training. I am going to help make this happen for you
in your life, okay?Yeah. Here’s what we’re going to do. We are going to look at getting access to
a property that we can get a 20% discount on. And here’s why. This $50,000 that is different between the
value and what’s owned. This becomes the seed money down the road
for doing some really cool things. First of all, when you move out of it, we’re
going to turn this home into what’s called a lease option. You’re watching some of my videos. It means we’re not going to put a renter in
the home. We’re going to put a future owner of the house. That’s someone that says, “I am going to rent
it now until I can buy it.” And the reason why we want to do that is because
on this house, I want 3 things to happen. Number 1, on average, you’re going to pick-up
$5,000 of a downpayment. So guess what just came back to you? A lot of the money that you put down on the
property. The second thing that’s going to happen is
$500 a month. That’s the cashflow that we’re looking for. So by the way, if you have an extra of $500
a month what would that mean for your family? My wife would probably stop nagging me about
getting kids clothes and groceries. Booyah! We are done with the nagging, okay? I love it dude. Good for you. That’s awesome, right? So we’re going to create a little bit of… That’s actually a piece of freedom. There’s some freedom that comes, right? Dude, I know all about that nagging but I
don’t want get started on my journey. My life was just… Dude, she was scared. I get it. But we’re going to prove them right… Or wrong. So, how do you look at it? 5 thousand, 5 hundred, when we go to sell
this house we got this 50 grand that we can make on it but then that home is going to
continue growing, it’s going to continue appreciating, it’s also getting paid down. There’s tens of thousands that you’re going
to be making on this. All together at the end of the day, when it’s
all done, when you take that all into account, you know, the goal is to make 70, 80, 90 thousand
dollars on this house. Now, the reason why that’s important is because
we want this house to make babies. It’s asexual. Doesn’t need another partner. It’s going to turn in to 2 houses. These 2 houses do what we did right here and
we want to take these 2 houses and then we’re going to turn them into 4 houses. I’m not going to explain how that happens. But one became 2 and 2 became 4. They doubled. Does that makes sense? Yeah. If you’re doing $500 a month here. do you know what we want these 2 houses doing? We want them to make a thousand a month. We have 4 houses, we want them doing 2,000
a month. How I won my financial freedom Andrew was
I bought 25 properties. These properties were making me $12,000 a
month. Because I was averaging about $500 dollars
a month per house. Does that make sense? So, right now when you take a look at your
job after taxes, you’re taking home $2700. If we can get you lined up with 6 houses,
you know what’s that going to do for you? It’s going to pull you 3 grand a month. You can keep your job but you technically
have replaced the income. So you’ve doubled your income now. You can stay at your job and just have that
extra money go into more real estate faster. But the reality is once you’ve done this,
I want you to move into the phase 2. Phase 2 is partnering. This is when you can say, “Hey, I’m no longer
waiting for my real estate to give birth to more real estate. What I am doing instead is I am saying, look
at all of these kiddies I have made. Look at all of these homes. There are all working well for me. They’re producing this residual income. How do I now, go and do more?” Well, you find people that can admire that
track record that want to get behind you. And all of a sudden they’re bringing their
money to the table. Their bringing their credit to the table. And for this whole thing to work, 2 years
at your job, you got it. You already got 2 lines of credit. We can make that work. Now all we got to do is save some money. Save enough money that can be used for the
right purchase. You don’t have to live there very long at
all. And then we’re going to allow this home to
become 2, 2 to be 4. And then you get into the game of partnering. Does that make sense? Yeah. You got any questions in this so far? With the downpayment. I could use the credit for to take care of
that downpayment I want to right? Well, the banks are actually… The banks aren’t going to want to see the
money come from that. They’re actually going to do verification
on the deposit. And they’re going to say, “We want to know
that that downpayment comes from your banking account and not from a revolving line.” So, I love the way that you’re thinking because
that’s the creativity that gets this absolutely doing and rocking out real estate the way
we are. So, you’re going to want to see that. Now, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t form
an alliance with a friend or a parent or a sibling or someone that you know. And listen, I want to tell you. I took the slow road. It took me 14 months to save up my $5,000
so I could do my first deal. Knowing what I know now, I get way more creative. And I just think anytime I lack of resource,
there’s someone else out there that has it that can benefit from working with me. So, if your life depended on it, could you
get 5 to 10 thousand dollars in the next month? Yeah. If your life depended on it, I totally hundred
percent I know you can. It’s just all about that motivation. And I hope this is motivating for you, right? Like this is some exciting stuff. And I’m going to give you my course that I
have with my serious group of investors. I am going to give you the training on the
lease option. That’s going to help you know exactly what
needs to happen with that house, what you need to do to make that happen. And then you’re going to get full access in
that program. To me, you got my cellphone. So dude, I’m here in your court now to help
you freaking crush it in real estate. Yeah. Dude, are you excited? Yeah, I’m excited. Crack a smile for me. You excited? Yeah, I’m excited. Now, that’s good. Did my own blueprint personally. This is your personal blueprint. And for anyone starting with nothing, this
is the blueprint that got me started and this is the blueprint that can get you started. But the truth is everyone’s blueprint looks
a little bit different. If you’re thinking, “I’m in a different situation
than Andrew, Kris.” You can click the link in the description
below and have a conversation with my team about your blueprint. We’ll give you your customed blueprint. And they get you started on your journey to
creating wealth, your style, your way. Andrew, dude. I am pumped for you man. This right here, this is the makings of everything
that you need tor really get the lucky break and the start that you’ve been looking for. And I just want to commend you because when
you responded to my post on social media and said on the phone, because I just got to tell
you dude. I’m just like, “You’re in California.” And you’re like, “That’s okay, I’ll look for
the airline. I’ll fly down.” I’m like, “That’s pretty big show of commitment.” And gets on the plane, you showed up here. And I am just telling you right now that that
embodies the most important characteristic I look for when I want to invest with someone. I am looking for an action taker that will
stop at nothing to execute. Even if the woman of your life is nagging
a little bit, right? Because in the end, she married you not to
follow all her rules. She married you to lead. And what you did here was lead. So, I am inspired by that. I hope you guys are inspired by that. You got a plan now and you have a mentor. Congratulations. Thank you Kris. You’re very, very welcome. For the rest of you, go ahead and click that
link. If you don’t have a mentor yet, get someone
in your corner that’s going to help you get where you want to go. And if you’re not, you got to make sure that
you are a subscriber because I got next video coming in your way tomorrow. Ring that bell, ring that dinner bell. We got ding ding coming in you way tomorrow.


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