Is Real Estate a Good Investment?
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Is Real Estate a Good Investment?


  • lara Acct

    As usual, a great educational video. Thanks alot for combining those reasons. Maybe other people would thing we know all that, but I believe we need that from time to time as a reminder & motivation. Can't wait for my call on May 1st.

  • Sami Elchakhchir

    what are the main differences in owning real estate properties under your name or under an LLC how much different in taxes

  • fireson23

    Just have a question for you. I am a Canadian thinking about investing in the US real estate market around the Gulf States. The reason , our real estate market right now is in a bubble right now. Anyways, my question is can a foreign invest in real estate in the US? Can I as a Canadian buy, hold and own rental properties in the US?

  • Phi Nguyen

    I have scheduled a call with your team in May. I just have a couple of questions. Can you really get a monthly rent of $700 on a $40K property? I've also come across HomeUnion and their website lists several properties including some in Indianapolis. None of their properties are in your 40-50k range. They're much higher for a C neighborhood. Any thoughts on that? Thank you in advance.

  • agusdev1

    Hi Clayton, how long is the eviction process in Indiana, and also the total cost for that, including the attorney? Also has that been factored in the 40% of the $700? Thank you for your time. I have been enjoying your podcast and videos. God Bless.

  • Charles & Shara C.

    Where's your wife? The two of you together are so funny to watch!! Plus she seems to really know her stuff. I've got kids too, get them on the camera, we don't care. Maybe I'm biased because I'm a mom. 🙂


  • Francisco Gil Rivera


    I live in the road for work, I'm in the 40% Bracket and don't have any write offs, so I want to buy a property and rent it out through a property manager, do I buy it as an investor or homeowner and what percent to I put down ?

  • Nice pants

    You are grossly exaggerating the
    volatility of the stock market. It didn’t take anywhere near 10
    Years for buy and hold investors to bounce back. The S&P 500 never drops to zero either.

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