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Many believe real estate investing is for
people with plenty of cash in the bank and super credit
scores. That belief couldn’t be further from the truth, not to mention that that belief
could be devastating to your real estate investing
potential. There is more to real estate investing than the
conventional approach of bank financing and 20% cash down payments. The world of “creative”
real estate investing is a world of which anyone can participate regardless of money
and credit resources. In order for it to work for you,
you’ll have to make a decision to work “it.” As an educator, it never ceases to amaze me
by how many people looking to join the ranks of the
pros in creative real estate investing will jump into a new strategy, try it out for a
few weeks and after they realize they haven’t produced their
“overnight” millions they jump to a new strategy. I’m sorry to tell you that there isn’t a strategy
in real estate investing that will make you rich
overnight. However, I’m happy to tell you that you can get rich investing in real estate
much quicker than just about any other option available.
Step One — Learn How There are an abundance of “how to” books in
the realm of creative real estate investing. As well,
you’ll notice there is no shortage of infomercials, audio programs, online programs, workshops,
boot-camps, academies and programs competing for your dollar to show you how.
Some programs are more credible than others, but what I’ve come to know after experiencing
so many of them is that they all provide good
information for the most part. I continue to educate
myself as you’ll never know everything, and more importantly… as the economy and real
estate market changes, so do the rules of the game.
To be successful in creative real estate investing for
the long-term, make a commitment to ongoing education. The investment I’ve made in my
education is by far and away my greatest investment. What separates the good educational
programs from the bad, in my opinion, is the pre- and post-education support. The better
the support system, the easier it will be for
you to bridge the gap between the classroom and reality,
which brings me to Step Two… Do. Step Two — Do
Adopt this philosophy and success will be yours. Make a commitment to move at the speed
of instruction, meaning… when the instructor
tells you to mail postcards to generate leads, do it.
Or, when the book suggests you join a real estate club to network, do it. Or, when the
audio program advises you to analyze ten properties
a day, do it. Do it now. Do it as soon as you are
instructed to do so. That’s what I mean by moving at the speed of instruction. Creative
real estate investing is one of the unique industries,
under the right mentorship, of which when you travel as
far as you can see… when you get there, you’ll see further. You don’t need to know
everything before you can begin. Get real clear that
you’ll never know everything. If you wait for that moment, you’ll never get started.
So, move at the speed of instruction, ask questions as you go
and notice what’s working and what’s not… and that brings us to Step Three, Receive
Feedback. Step Three — Receive Feedback
After three and a half years of full-time real estate investing I’ve come to know every
completed transaction had a new lesson within. After
each transaction you complete, make a note (whether
written or mental) of what worked and what didn’t. Do more of what worked and stop doing
what didn’t. There are no limits to creative real estate investing and I guarantee you
will learn invaluable wealth building lessons in every
transaction. So, the first part of receiving feedback is
from your actual results. The second part of receiving feedback is by networking with
fellow investors and sharing your experiences. There
is a lot to be learned from others’ experiences. Join a local real estate investing club and
make it a habit of swapping war stories. You’ll gain
insight that all the books, audios and seminars combined couldn’t provide. Always be open,
never stop learning and welcome feedback… and make adjustments in how you invest in
real estate.
These three steps will get you started on the right path of becoming a creative real
estate investing success.
In closing, if at first you don’t succeed, do it again, and again, and again. Don’t be
so quick to utter, “This strategy doesn’t work” and jump
to a new strategy. Pick a strategy that interests you
and stick with it. Conversely, if at first you DO succeed, don’t be too surprised, either.
I’m Matt Theriault of Epic Real Estate, and this has been another episode of Financial
Freedom Friday. See you next week.

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