Introducing First Lady of Realtor® Discipline

And for our channel I like to introduce
you to the spokesperson for all the real estate councils across North America .Give it up for Colonoscopy Jane. Who is on the line from the Real Estate Council. Right now. Ring Ring Ring. Oh, it’s Colonoscopy Jane from the council What’s that Jane? Council’s upset because
I’ve been making disparaging remarks. and you slated what? four days of hearings $2000 a day
or four consent orders $5,000. What a deal Jane. Tell me Miss Colonoscopy. How did you get your job with Council? Oh The Colonoscopies are a huge clan and council always hires from the Colonoscopy clan and you’ve got the biggest Colon and they always hire the biggest Colon. Laughter ….Jane I believe you. Which explains why council is so full of…laughing Oh, It’s a family Channel. (laughter) June. Alert the Property Management Department The Maintenance Fees will be going up again next month

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