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Interviewing A Realtor | Realtor Orlando | Orlando Realtors |407-902-7750

How to Interview a Realtor Hi this is John Conde with ORC and today I want to give you some tips on how to interview
a realtor when you need to sell your home. Hiring the right realtor is crucial when listing
your house for sale and it could save you a ton of headaches as well as thousands of
dollars, so you don’t just want to hire the first agent that comes along. There are currently
over 8,000 active real estate agents in Orlando and choosing the right one can get a bit confusing.
So…at this point you may want to pause the video go grab a pen and paper to take some
notes. When interviewing an agent, you have to ask
the right questions The first question I would ask is …Do you
work as a realtor full-time or do you also have another job?
This is an easy one. If the agent tells you that they only work in real estate part-time,
then you say “have a nice day…and move on to the next candidate. Because, if they
only work as a realtor part-time it means that selling your house won’t be a top priority
for them. So that one’s a no brainer… The next question is actually a 3 part question-
How many listings do you currently have, how many of those are under contract and how many
houses have you sold in the past 6 months? The answers to these questions will tell you
how hard of a worker the agent is and what their average turnaround time is to sell a
house. Now… If the agent only has a few listings
or if they have listings that are several months old with no contract, then this is
a sign of a lazy agent. You want an agent that is a go-getter and
someone who is determined to get the job done ASAP, NO MATTER WHAT. And By the way, an agent
will be able to show you proof of their statistics through the MLS. And don’t ever be afraid
to ask for these things. Getting a clear picture of the realtor’s
recent track record will give you a very good indication of what you can expect if they
list your house. Next question… and this is a big one…Do
you have some references from past clients that I can call to ask about you?
In my opinion…This is absolutely one of the best ways to find out how you’ll be treated
if you decide to list your house with them. A good agent will be happy to provide you
with a list of past clients along with their contact info. If they have no references to
present to you then something’s wrong. In my 10 years in the Orlando Real estate business,
I’ve never had a client who has told me not to use them as a reference. It’s simple, if
you do a good job for someone, they’re always gonna be happy to recommend you.
4- Do you have a team or an assistant, or are you a one person show?
A Top Realtor will always have a team or an assistant at the very least. There are a million
details that a successful realtor has to deal with on a day-to-day basis and if they have
to handle every tedious detail on their own, then they aren’t good at managing their
time. Or they have too much time on their hands. Neither of these scenarios is a good
one. 5- How will you market my house other than
putting it o the MLS? Now… unfortunately, The majority of real
estate agents will list the house on the MLS and…that’s about it. They’re done! They
wait for someone to submit a contract and if no one submits a contract then they just
keep waiting until someone does. And that’s just being lazy… There are soo
many effective ways to market a house in addition to putting it on the MLS. I’ll give you some
examples of some of the things we do… Video marketing [that’s where we create a
professional video of the home] , social media marketing, We blog about it, target marketing
with postcards, email campaigns, press releases, Open houses… it goes on and on. It’s important
that a realtor use every single tool in their toolbox to get that house sold for top dollar
in the least amount of time. If you ask these questions when interviewing
a realtor, then you will know exactly what they’re about by the answers that they give
you. Also, don’t interview just one or two agents, I recommend that you interview at
least 3 agents and pick the one that you feel the most comfortable with.
If you still have any questions or concerns about how to hire a top Orlando realtor or
if your just curious about how much your home will sell for, then… feel free to contact
us with the information at the bottom of your screen.
… Thanks for watching.

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