Intellectual Property Rights: A Management Perspective | IIMB on edX

PROFESSOR DAMODARAN: Hello, everyone. I am Professor Damodaran from the Indian
Institute of Management Bangalore. I am here to give a snapshot
of my MOOC [INAUDIBLE] on intellectual property rights. For about a decade, I have been
teaching intellectual property rights in classrooms. But it was not until very
recently, maybe a year ago, that I realized that intellectual
property rights are about your life. All of us are fond of
surfing the internet. Many of us are particularly
fond of YouTube clips. So I have this habit of browsing
or going through the YouTube to find out pieces of music. So there was this day when I chanced
upon a great live performance of Sir Paul McCartney in Tokyo. It was an electrifying performance
because of the audience that Sir McCartney had to face. The audience was like a sea
of red luminescent batons which were being waved
like the wipers of a car. It was an electrifying effect. And when I was going through
it, one image struck me– Sir McCartney playing piano of Yamaha. And the words Yamaha
and the logo of Yamaha, which is basically three fountain pens–
two crossed and one vertically faced– left a great mark in my mind. So at the end of the show– it was right about five minutes– I could see three things said Paul
McCartney playing the piano and singing and, of course, Yamaha with its logo. And come to think of it,
what is this Yamaha’s logo? Yamaha’s logo is
nothing but a trademark. It was then that it occurred to me
that what I was teaching in classrooms was about intellectual property
rights as a legal system, as an economic system, or
as a business proposition. It never struck me that it
is very close to my life. A few days later, I wake up on a
Sunday morning to an unusual idea– let me count the number
of products that I use. So I started off at 5:30. I started looking at
every product that I used, looked at the brands
that underlaid these products, and also examined these products
for perhaps the technological that it gives. For instance, my android phone– a brilliant trademark is
there, a brand is there. There’s a casing, and
the casing has a design. There is a patent, not one, many
patents embedded in the system. And at the end of it, what did I find? I would be using brands which have
a plethora of intellectual property rights built around it. I counted 33 brands that day,
and I never fancied myself as a brand conscious person. It was then that I realized that
IPRs are something that we live on, something which surrounds us,
something that’s just internal to us, which is external to us. And we live and breathe
it, and we experience it. I felt that I needed to
do a MOOC course, a MOOC course on intellectual property rights,
which says, in essence, that it relates to your life. Whether you like it
or not, it is with us. Whether you’re conscious
or not, it is with us. Sample my MOOC on IPS. I’m sure it will have something
different to tell you. Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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