Inside Simone Rocha’s All-Female Fashion House | In The Studio
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Inside Simone Rocha’s All-Female Fashion House | In The Studio

I was never a girly girl. I think femininity today is
about practicality and reality. We are actually a
studio of all women, which just kind of
naturally happened. It’s really
empowering, actually, because being a woman,
designing for women, you’d think that a lot of
women are part of the process. And that’s actually the
case in this building. This is the only room in the
building which has four walls and a door, so
it’s quite private. This is my golden Irish
potato, because I’m Irish. This is my lucky money. I was very fortunate to
grow up in his studio. It was my absolute
favorite place to be. I don’t do mood boards for a
collection, but on this wall, I have things that are
always inspiring me, or that I’m connected to, like
Louise Bourgeois and her big pink boobs — which is so amazing, because
it’s something very feminine, but they’re hard, and
it’s very sculptural. I love that contrast. When I’m in here, it’s usually when I
have my little sticker on the door, like do not disturb,
which most people ignore. So this is our sample
room, where we do all our construction
of the garments, and all our pattern cutting. We’re working on all our
invitations for the show. But this season, they’re all
stitched within the studio. So you can see the girls
here are working on it now. And then inside here, you
can see we’re doing handwork on the collection. I did one show eight
months pregnant, so it was impossible for
it not to really influence the collection. We did all these
red drippy earrings, which were supposed to
almost be like blood. And it was all very,
very grotesque. Yeah, but it’s a reality. I want to be very
honest with what I do. I don’t want to
create a fantasy. I want to tell a story, and
I want to create an emotion. I really love working
alongside my mother. She is kind of my partner. And what I’ve really learned
from her is her attention to detail, and that refinement and elegance
is something that is so her, and something that
I love working with her on. I do feel that
slip is very dark. True. The fashion industry
changes all the time. Whatever you do is always
going to be going in or out of fashion at some point. I’m very lucky, because I
have grown up around it. I’ve seen the industry in so
many different guises that it’s given me the
confidence to go, this is how I want to do it.


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