Inside Romelu Lukaku’s House: Take a Tour of Manchester United Striker’s Pad with Taylor Rooks

I am here with Mr. Romelu
Lukaku on his off day, right? Yes. So we’re gonna spend the day together, show us around your house and we’re going to
get to know him a little bit more. Can you mix? Yeah. I know, my hearing, my song
is pretty good. This is the pool room? This is the pool room, yeah. You have a real jacuzzi? Yeah, but teammates of mine
have bigger ones. Here is where I play my Xbox and PlayStation. Ok, so when you’re playing FIFA,
are you playing as you? I play with Real Madrid. Really, why? Because… I’m in Real Madrid, yeah. I might get into trouble because of that. The kitchen. This is your chef, Elo? Yes, Elodie. She is from Paris. Ce soir c’est poulet rôti? Poulet rôti, oui. Merci beaucoup. So you guys speak French? Yes. You speak seven languages? Yes. Very impressive. This is the cinema. This is some fancy technology? It’s so fancy, you can’t even work it? No, it’s because I haven’t been here in a while. You have Sir Alex Ferguson’s book here. Is that somebody you
would have liked to play for? Yeah, obviously, yeah. He’s a nice person and one of the best who ever done it . Is this like a cellphone fridge? Yeah. It’s a smart fridge? Yeah. This is bougie right? It’s a very bougie fridge. Does Romelu even know
how to use this fridge? I don’t really know. So this fridge is just fancy for the
sake of being fancy? It’s just fancy, but it works. So this jersey is one of the first things you see
once you get into the house. My first game for
Manchester United. Do you play anyone on the team? One time Jesse Lingard came
last year and we played. Who won that game? Don’t ask questions. No, no, did you really win? I came second. You’re going to have to
explain this keyboard. Can you play it? No. Why do you have it? Because I like beats. Now I know that sometimes you and Pogba, you’ll do the beat, he’ll rap. Yeah. Is he a better rapper, or
are you a better beat maker? He’s a rapper but I’m the beat maker. If you want to have beats or a mix,
you have to come to me. Would you guys ever release
some of the things that you’ve done? No, no, no. That’s a dream
that will never happen.

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