Inside Michael Jordan’s House in Chicago: Vlog
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Inside Michael Jordan’s House in Chicago: Vlog

So…what’s up guys, we’re in Chicago for the Jordan 29 Wear Test Experience and they’s taken us to a very special place, I guess it’s kind of, say hallowed ground and it is definitely private and that being said I’ll quit stalling and show you guys where we are. This is uh… So yeah, the house that Jordan built, I don’t know if he like literally built it, but he paid for it. He paid a lot of money for it if he didn’t build it himself But I guess he kind of built it by playing for the Bulls and making a lot of money So this is in a sense the house that Jordan built with money But those are the gates and uh look who else is here all sneaker guys got Lance fresh George keel regolith Homer Simpson MBA Oscar from modern notoriety yeah holes and you can medium offices here Trayvon’s back to the air Jay Jones Yeah It’s pretty efficient, so it’s raining somewhere to the camera where it’s ruined, and I’ll see you guys inside Pop over here, let me get you They’ll be like who’s that random guy in the bushes? (I stopped here, got tired) Right now sprinkling a little bit, but we’re walking down towards a MJ’s house. Let’s get is. Let’s get it Everybody is like all super hyped Like I definitely want to play now if I did earlier like about my interview at the wolf is like rip through the roof its raining and I don’t even care so Your first look and J’s house, yeah So that’s MJ’s house Back there he has a golf tee Putting, putting green over there man after my own heart when it comes to the golf me and Jay have more in common than our amazing dunks apparently if you like to play golf – There’s a look at this house I walk by MJ has a one two three four five six car garage With the guest house with the 6 car garage so 15 in Hence right now. I don’t agree in there for like what to say, but yeah Similar to the house in Korea There’s like a thousand cars here imagine this nothing those aren’t all his cars, but Probably for like the help If you couldn’t work here that property All right, we’re going into I’m not sure with mr.. Jim. This is the guest house. This is the guest house. We’re going to MJ’s guess which is not Check this out You know keep the pipeline Because it’s only appropriate for Chicago wool to have a wool inside his house Rooms into like a Jordan the 29 experience Like we have set up here for us to play Sorry Where’s my Jersey Our Twitter names on the back, and then it has our initials That’s not I feel like I want to take this whole Locker home. Can we Kimber tickets take the whole Locker home? My god, I’ll throw by the Georgia keel right there G. Okay. Three is the under industry Insider in days truth. I main societies in total more crazy all right let just show you has only one thing I didn’t show you guys this For they’re going 29 has the date, Chicago, and then we watch the John man logo All the sneaker media wanna Nellie foamer everybody switching up putting on the gear Yeah So right now we’re going to get to Jordan and Jim We’ve got directions are here The Georgia ginger have a TV room. This is where we’re gonna watch tape later about the game What’s a little tape on our game later on on that TV there? This is the chimp guys yeah He’s got wood ceiling what feelings So the day is over and We have to leave the gym I just wanted to do one last quick video for you guys to show you What it looks like when nobody’s here, but people are actually cleaning up. I’m like the last guy here, but Kind of don’t want to leave the space How often, are you gonna be able to say you were in Michael Jordan’s personal gym Well guys, Guess it’s time to go all right Dude guys. I’m sure you’ve seen before but they actually reversed the way it fits in the shoe and first thing that I noticed when I played in the shoe is that you don’t feel it as Much on the ball of your foot when you play not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just something that I noticed when I plays


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