Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s House Of Horrors
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Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s House Of Horrors

>>Following Jeffery Epstein’s arrest and
the very serious charges he faces in relation to his sexual relations with minors, we’re
now learning about what authorities were able able to uncover as they raided his home. So he has this giant mansion essentially in
New York and authorities did raid it and yesterday when we reported on the story, we mentioned
that they had uncovered images of what appeared to be young girls, but we weren’t sure yet,
whether or not those photos contained minors. Well, now we know. During the search of his townhouse, investigators
seized photographs of nude underage girls. So I want to just quickly go to a video that
gives you more detail into what the raid was and how it took place. Take a look.>>New raid video showing federal agents as
they bust open the door of a seven story $77 million home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. In a dramatic news conference on Monday, the
US Attorney seen inside investigators found hundreds if not thousands of female nude or
partially nude photographs, some of the photos seeming to show underage girls and inside
of a lock safe, compact discs. One allegedly labeled Young Miscellaneous
Nudes 1, another titled Girl Pics Nude.>>So there are now reports about those CDs
that were uncovered and how they could contain information or dirt on individuals that he
would be able to extort.>>Yeah, so look, let’s talk about that a
little bit. So number one, it could just be his own personal
stash and maybe he didn’t want to go online for fear of getting caught online and he actually
bought the CDs and then put them in a safe and they have underage girls. That’s what it’s like. Basically partly they labeled as you just
saw, or it could be that he’s got pictures of people, other people with underage girls. And so if you’re for example, the sweetheart
deal he got down in South Florida for the same crimes was unbelievable. I’ll just remind you of what that was. He was put on the sex offender list, but the
rest of the plea was well just not for underage girls, not for statutory rape, not for any
of that, just solicitation of prostitution. So 13 months sentence you might say, well,
okay, 13 months sounds well, depends. I mean, if it’s statutory rape of dozen of
girls, it doesn’t sound bad at all, sounds amazingly lenient, but it gets way worse. He was allowed out of prison for six out of
seven days to work because he’s rich. So like, well, he runs a hedge fund so we
gotta let him out of work, if you’re a mechanic, sad day for you, they’re not gonna let you
out of prison to work, you actually have to feed your family. He doesn’t. Anyway, you know how many hours they let him
out of prison to work, 16 hours. So basically prison was a hotel room that
he went to go sleep at. He spent the whole day at his office, his
house, et cetera. So it was a joke. It was a total joke. And Alexander Acosta who is a current labor
secretary is the one that made that deal when he was district attorney down in Florida. By the way, why is he labor secretary? A bit random, ain’t it?>>Right. So-
>>And one of the guys that I’ve seen he’s been connected to is Donald Trump. Now, we don’t know what’s in those, and we
don’t know if Trump did anything and even if he did anything whether Epstein had anything
on him. And remember he gets a sweetheart deal many
years ago well before Trump’s in office. But Clinton is also associated with Epstein,
Bill Clinton is. And Acosta’s a Republican and all of a sudden,
he winds up as Labor Secretary, fascinating how that worked. So I want to focus a little bit on the mansion
that was raided because the New York Times wrote a pretty lengthy piece about what people
have seen within those walls. First if all, the mansion is out of control. It’s gigantic. That building used to serve as a private school
and the way that he purchased it, there was no cash exchange. It seems like he kind of stole that property
which is insane.>>Yeah, we don’t know that. So what we do know is that a lot of these
incredibly wealthy folks, play a lot of games to avoid taxes, and avoid the government. You can’t avoid taxes, but they can because
they’re rich, they’re corrupt, they buy out politicians etcetera.>>Yeah.>>He bought this from a guy who originally
started a company that includes Victoria Secret, and they did it in a transaction offshore. So it’s unclear if he paid anything for it,
he paid a lot for it. It’s totally unclear. Did he have something on that guy and that’s
why it doesn’t look like he paid anything? No one knows. Now that guy says whoa, I cut off ties with
Epstein 10 years ago, Trump, of course, I’m sorry, Clinton jumps and goes, I cut off ties
with him 15 years ago.>>Everyone apparently had a falling out with
Epstein about a decade ago.>>Right.>>Right? And Trump now jumps in and goes to me too. Me too. I had a falling out with him too. Yeah, that’s what happened just like the other
guys say.>>So let’s talk a little bit about that mansion. I want to go to graphic nine just to give
you a sense of the tax games that Jank alluded to earlier. Prosecutors say the home is valued at $77
million, but the city’s Department of Finance estimated this year that the mansion was valued
closer to $56 million. The 2019 property taxes for the home though,
which are based on a much lower assessed value, were estimated $347,000.>>So look, this house is mental and I want
to describe it to you. And give you a sense of how little, when the
rich say, no, I can’t pay more taxes, it’s outrageous. How much of a lie that is? Okay, so first of all by evading taxes and
the higher assessment value there, he saved about $200,000 a year on property taxes. So that’s another trick that the rich used
to get their way. Now, what’s in the house? First of all House of Horrors, weird weird
stuff, which is unsurprising. Like a real life sized mannequin of a woman
hanging from a chandelier.>>Yeah, let me give you more though. Okay, so, again, this is from the New York
Times. On the second floor is a mural that Epstein
had commissioned in recent years, a photorealistic prison scene that included barbed wire, corrections
officers and a guard station with Epstein portrayed in the middle. Now, there was a public relations specialist
who gave The Times a quote about this. And he said to me, that’s me. And I had this painted because there’s always
the possibility that could be me again.>>Okay, so that’s weird and I wouldn’t want
to look at a picture of me inside a prison, but maybe that motivates them, whatever, right?>>So the visitors each said they were greeted
by a tall woman who spoke with an Eastern European accent who led guests up a marble
staircase which by the way, sounds really nice, to a study on another floor. At the base of the stairwell, one of the visitors
said Epstein had placed a chessboard with custom figurines dressed in underwear. Each piece, he noted, was modeled after one
of his staffers.>>That’s insanity. Okay, look, first of all, what are you, Dr
Evil? So your Eastern European henchman or henchwoman
leading people up. Okay, that could be random. The chessboard, could you imagine if I said
to the staffers here? Okay, Edwin, I need you to pose in your underwear-
>>Gross.>>Because you’re gonna be one of the pawns
in my chess set. What, like what? And if you have this much money, I guess people
will do anything for you. And so I guess they suffered through that,
they get paid. But I mean, that’s insanity times ten.>>Well, The Daily Beast did one of these
where are they now articles on various women who worked for him.>>Mm-hm.>>And there was one woman who really stood
out to me. She’s a pilot now, but she was actually brought
to the United States from Eastern Europe by Epstein, and he would brag to people about
how he basically paid her parents who were living in poverty for her. He bought here to be his slave, that’s how
he would refer to her.>>Okay.>>So that gives you a sense of how he treated
his so-called staffers and the people around him. It didn’t necessarily have to do with money. According to accounts, he had real power over
them.>>So obviously he bought that through the
money, etc. But lastly on the house and this is the one
that really put me over the top. So let me give you a quick description and
then the over the top part. So it’s on between fifth and Madison Avenue
on 75th Street, which is an amazing area of New York. So already any house there is gonna be really
expensive. It’s seven floors. I can’t, my mind cannot comprehend our expensive
that is? I get it that it’s the prosecutors thinking
$77 million, but wow, holy cow, right? But this is the one that’s the finishing touch. The sidewalks outside the house, not inside
the house, the sidewalks are heated.>>Well you gotta melt the snow, Jank.>>Well of course you do.>>The snow’s gotta melt.>>I mean Epstein can’t slip on the snow like
commodores do, he’s gotta have it heated as he steps into his limo or one of his 15 cars. He has at least 15 cars. What does that tell you? People this wealthy, they literally don’t
know what to do with their money. I mean heating the sidewalk is like, like
almost literally burning the money.>>No but look I didn’t bring up the sidewalk
because I actually get it.>>No, no.>>No, I hate the snow.>>No.>>Like who wants to shovel snow in their
sidewalk? No one does. So, if you have the money to heat the sidewalk
you’re gonna pay.>>He’s not shoveling the sidewalk, are you
insane? He’s gonna hire people to shovel the sidewalk. He just doesn’t wanna have any risk of slipping. It’s such an unbelievable waste of money.>>Okay, fine. That’s a good point.>>Okay, 70%.>>Of course.>>I was against 70%. For every dollar above 10 million, Alexander
Cortez is right. And then when I say it was against that, when
I was younger those are one of the reason I was a republican 70% seemed high, but it’s
for every dollar above a certain amount for above $10 million. Let’s go to 70% they’re burning it in the
streets anyway.>>Right, look, you know I agree with you
on that. That said, if I could warm like heated floors. Heated floors are amazing. How do they do it though? How do they do it?>>You put the thing on the, okay. Look, it’s extravagant, I get it, I’m drawing
the line at the side walk, okay? And I know that it’s too much to ask for. Anyway, back to the important stuff. Why is Acosta Labor Secretary? I mean what an unbelievable coincidence.>>That’s a great question and that’s the
next story.>>Yeah, so we’re gonna get to that too and
we’re gonna get to everybody’s reactions about Acosta. But the reason I bring it up in the context
of the of this part of the Epstein story is because this is what happens when you have
too much money influencing politics. It corrupts everyone, and next thing you know,
there are public officials looking out for and doing favors for a guy who’s accused of
molesting, sexually assaulting, etc., dozens of underage girls, who’s got eyeballs in his
walls. And this is not what America is supposed to
be about. And unfortunately, that’s what it’s devolved
to. Where the richest people in the country can
buy everything including justice. Epstein also has not only a number of apartments
in Paris, New York, South Florida, etcetera and these giant homes and mansions. He owns an island, a whole island in the Caribbean.>>It’s a small island.>>Yeah, and so you wonder why Alex Acosta
made that deal? You wonder why he kept getting promoted after
that deal by the powerful? Epstein’s has got pictures in his apartment
of Bill Clinton, Woody Allen, Mohammed bin Saman, the The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Trump says he used to pal around with him
but broke off relations 15 years ago. Sure you did, and then yeah, then I went up
randomly, out of all the 330 million people in the country, picking Acosta as my Labor
Secretary, the guy who let off my buddy from the molestation charges. What a wonderful coincidence. And all those right wingers who are always
like, my god, the child molester, the child molester. It’s the Democrats. When it’s their boy all of a sudden, no, no,
no way, no way, it wasn’t Trump. He probably picked Acosta because he was the
most qualified. It was probably random, total coincidence. Interesting.


  • lekkki1

    I am in the finance industry, and the running riddle about Epstein is "precisely what did he do in the finance industry?" It's becoming incredibly apparent that he was a conman and a grifter who charmed his way into rich men's pockets and then bilked them. He was also in the worldwide arms trade for many years. Everything he touched (except for stealing and puffery) he failed at, but these wealthy men kept him by their side(s). For far too long. Every "venture" he talked someone into failed, and in some cases spectacularly. But Epstein came out way ahead. This power and influence is what gave him the ability to perpetrate his pedophilia and abuse, yet all this power was given to him by bamboozled billionaires. Unbelievable.

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    You guys suck at the news-

    The investigator from the case in Fla literally went out of his way to say that Trump was extremely cooperative, the only person ever associated with Epstein to help. LITERALLY DID AN INTERVIEW!

    How about mentioning Bill Cosby lived across the street? How about mentioning R Kelly lived next door? They all have heated sidewalks-

    People like this don’t give a crap about money- it’s the power over people they crave. You guys are actually slow….. heated floors? How do they do it??? It’s just not that hard.

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    A good point was made in this video when the guy said that Epstein and other mega rich people have so much money that they don't know what to do with it. I have thought this for many many years and because they have every possible thing, they get bored as they cannot be satisfied so they end up resorting to unacceptable various behaviors. I'm not saying it happens to every rich person. I've always wondered why these hedonistic, selfish self centered types don't look towards
    helping others less fortunate than themselves for a change. They may get the biggest surprise at just how fulfilling it can be
    Peace and Blessings 💖

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    This guy doesn't do any research he just flaps his gums with sarcasm and lies, you're nothing but a clone of MSM – CNN. You have no clue about anything you're reporting on. And BTW… Trump never had ties to cut with Epstein. He reported him to authorities for being at his resort in Florida with a 16 year old girl! There is video of the girls lawyer telling a reporter how helpful Trump was by giving a lot of information that would help her case and his accounts matched up perfect so they didn't need to bring him in for a depostion. All you have to do is a Google search. Trump has never been on that plane or that island either. The flight log proves it. His name is not on it. Clinton is 27 times.
    You suck at reporting real news and the truth…like I said, do some research before you jump on the Democrap wagon and start rumors for our President that are lies. It's not EVEN ABOUT POLITICS! ITS ABOUT THE WOMEN GETTING JUSTICE! Y'all need to be defending the girls and President Trump! He's draining the swamp! You would know this if you paid attention…and fact check it yourself instead of trusting CNN to do it for you. Everything you say is BS. You don't Report the truth.
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