Injured on Someone’s Property? Dallas Premises Liability Attorney
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Injured on Someone’s Property? Dallas Premises Liability Attorney

If you’ve just been injured on someone
else’s property, whether it’s a commercial establishment,
or a private property, or even government property, it’s very
important to look around, pull out your smartphone, take photographs of what caused you to
fall. Let’s say for example purposes this was a slip and fall, and there was
clear water on the floor… well take pictures of that water so we can
show how much there is, if your clothing is wet, take pictures
of your clothing to show there is, you know, quite a bit a water
there that caused you to fall. If there’s any witnesses around definitely take their statement. If you have a recorder on your phone, record their statement. If not, get a pen and paper and
have them write it out and sign it. At the very least, get their name and
phone number and address, that type of information. Let them know that you or your attorney
might be contacting them for their statement later on. Ask them to stay and explain to any employees that hopefully will
come and aid you after you’ve been injured in a store or anywhere, have the employees speak to the witnesses. Ask for an accident report. You
definitely want an accident report ask to be able to see the report and make
sure that you agree with what’s on it. If not, then you take and write out a
statement that you don’t fully agree with those facts. Just remember, we have to prove that it’s
their fault you were injured. So, it’s not enough to say, I fell. It’d be better to say, I fell on water
leaking from a cooler, there was quite a bit of water, must have
been leaking for a long time, the water was clear, that’s why I couldn’t
see it. That would be better than I fell in
water. Each fact pattern’s gonna have its own
unique set of circumstances and thus my advice would be different for each
fact pattern. Call me, I’ll be happy to explain to you and
advise you what the best way to tell your story is.

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