Indie Movie Guide – La La Land, Frank & Lola, Sugar Mountain
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Indie Movie Guide – La La Land, Frank & Lola, Sugar Mountain

The movie so good I’ve seen it 6 times Aquaman turns mountain man! Michael Shannon gets paranoid Hello, and welcome to Indie Movie Guide I am Alicia and I cannot sing! Yeah, I shouldn’t give up my day job But this week in the theaters I can live by curiously through Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and live out my fantasies of being in a musical by watching ‘La La Land’ I’m gonna tell you all about that film coming up soon but first… let’s start off with a little psycho-sexual drama, shall we? In theaters and on video on demand this week you can catch a movie called ‘Frank & Lola’ and I encourage you to seek it out It stars Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots and it’s all about a relationship that turns very paranoid Clip: -You really look out for me, I’m not used to it -Well, get used to it -Every morning when I wake up, first thing I think of is you -You fall in love usually Frank? So, Frank is a talented chef, but even then he’s not quite sure he is good enough for Lola the flighty fashion designer, and that insecurity spills out into something quite dark. Now this movie is best when it looks at the complexity of relationships particularly from the male perspective It does go a little bit out there with the plot but the person that grounds it all is Michael Shannon I cannot believe how good he is on every single film Just think about this year alone He’s been in ‘Midnight Special’ He was in that small but important part of ‘Loving’ ‘Nocturnal animals’ for what he probably will get a Best Supporting Actor Nomination at the Oscars I hope he does, and now ‘Frank & Lola’ That plus the cinematography and the way it looks at relationships through the psychological thriller lens is the reason why you should try to see ‘Frank & Lola’ *Clip* -No man should be expose to that -I love you -Me too Another smaller film that you should try to seek out if possible it’s called ‘Sugar Mountain’ This is another twisted drama about two brothers who decide to fake a missing person in the mountain story so they can sell that story to the media, make some money, pay off their debts and also pay off this thug who is after them played by Jason Momoa *Clip* -Caught you little runt! -I want the money -10,000 bucks -We need cash -You know… and fast The plot of ‘Sugar Mountain’ moves at a really great pace and the brothers get a lot more trouble that they bargain for when they go on this venture And… Jason Momoa… he uses his huge physique, in full force to be this very scary thug, which is exactly what that role needed -It’s a hoax -Pardon me? -A hoax It’s also shot beautifully and very entertaining So try to seek out ‘Sugar Mountain’ if it is playing near you this weekend If it’s not, I’m sure it is gonna be on video on demand very soon. *Clip* -Hope for finding the young man alive is decreasing… -Who has said again that there’s no evidence of foul play in the disappearance. Now to the film I might possibly be addicted to, because I’ve seen it 6 times Actually I’m pretty sure that I am addicted to it I’m talking about ‘La La Land’ and when you see this movie… if you know me at all you will understand why I love it so much Because ‘La La Land’ is an ode to classic musicals It’s an ode to classic movies It’s about Los Angeles it’s about chasing your hopes, ambitions, and dreams… Also love, and the choices we make and how those choices affect you in the future and it also stars my favorite Emma Stone *Clip* -Maybe I’m not good enough -Yes, you are -Maybe I’m not -It’s like a pipe dream -This is the dream. It’s conflict and it’s compromise it’s very, very exciting Big awards watch on this one! Possible Oscar nominations for Best Picture, for Best Lead Actress for Emma Stone Best Lead Actor for Ryan Gosling Best Director for Damien Chazelle Best Production Design Best Score, Best Song So many more! It’ll probably sweep most of the awards this Award season and it definitely deserves to It’s a bloody joy to watch it looks beautiful, it will hit you in the feels Everyone can relate to this It’s got great songs and dance numbers Have I convince you yet? If not, here is our modern day… Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone to tell you more -I love this movie so much, as someone who grew up watching classic musicals and dreaming of moving to L.A… I know you didn’t just make it for me, but it feels like you did. -You’re welcomed. It was just for you actually, that’s the secret. -This is all just for me, I appreciated. -After doing this film with something you have to be out of your comfort zone for Do you feel more fearless in a way about movies in general? -I had such an incredibly deep experience doing it because when you put so much of yourself in something and you rehearse for so long… you really give… you know, you give it your all. I just fell in love with that element of the process -I would’ve thought it would be hard to look indignant while wearing yellow 80’ pants but you pull that off pretty well. -Just wanted to say that -Thank you -What do you relate to with the character of Sebastian? Or was there something in particular that you loved about him? -I love the time in his life that you meet him in the film because he’s experienced a lot of failure and rejection… and he is right on the coast of becoming a very angry, bitter, person which is the worst time to meet somebody, a potential love interest but that’s the way it happens in the movie. -Congratulations! -Nice jazz hands So… with ‘La La Land’ now in theatres my Top 5 looks like this: My top best movies are: Moonlight, Manchester by the sea, La La Land Arrival, Nocturnal Animals… Sorry Lion, Lion still fantastic but it just goes down a step or two… and so many more movies coming out towards the end of the year so I’m sure it will change once again I know I’m gonna get a lot of comments like: Why you love ‘La La Land’ so much but it’s not your number one? Hard to explain, but I think I look at these as the best made movies and I just thought ‘Moonlight’ was something I’d never seen before Here’s what I see for the top 10 contenders for the Best Picture nominees: Arrival, Fences, Jackie, Hacksaw Ridge, if they’re ready to forgive Mel Gibson and they should La La Land, Lion, Loving, Moonlight, Manchester by the sea and Silence by Martin Scorsese… Silence it’s the only one on this that I haven’t seen yet but it’s getting good buzz from the few screening that it had so far. To recap once again what you can see this weekend: Check out ‘La La Land’ in theatres if it’s not playing near you right now it will be expanding in the next few weeks Also in theatres and on VOD make sure you catch ‘Frank & Lola’ and try to see ‘Sugar Mountain’ in theatres Once again that will probably be on video on demand later on… so don’t fret if it’s not in your area just yet That’s the end for another Fandango Indie Movie Guide Let me know in the comments below what you think of this week’s movies What you think of ‘La La Land’, whether I hyped this movie up way too much I probably have, but I don’t care I’m gonna go see it for a 7th time and I’ll see you next week. Bye! I’m just rumbling now so, shut up Alicia!


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