iMovie Editing  – Easy iMovie Tips for Realtors®
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iMovie Editing – Easy iMovie Tips for Realtors®

Hey everyone, today we’re gonna talk
about iMovie editing. This is a tutorial of very basic things that you can do with
editing if you’re kind of a beginner and you don’t want to spend a ton of time
making a Hollywood-style video. We just want to do basic editing to make our
videos that we’re putting on YouTube a little more interesting. So the first
thing we’re gonna do is go into iMovie we’re going to import the video that we
want. I’m gonna use this one right here. It was me in my home office just
standing there talking to the camera. There was really very little going on
except me talking. (I’m gonna delete the whole audio for this so that you
don’t hear all the talking in the background.) I’m gonna delete the very
beginning part where I was getting myself ready, making sure that I looked
presentable for the camera. I’m just gonna delete all that part and then as I
start playing I do a little intro. “Hey everyone welcome to my channel… and we
are starting right now.” Then I’m gonna split the clip and let’s say that the
next section… I want it to be more of a close-up. So I figure out where I want
the close-up to start, where I want it to end, and I split that clip. (Command B.) I’m
assuming that you know the very basics of iMovie, you know how to split a clip.
We select it, we go up here to that crop tool and say crop to fill. When you do
that you get these little grab handles to be able to resize the frame. So then
back it up and press play and see how it looks. Now hmmm,
I didn’t zoom in enough. I think I want it to be a little bit more so I’ll go
back into crop, I can zoom in a teeny bit more, I can drag the area around and then
start back and boom. So now I can see that I was able to zoom in a little bit and
then when I’m done it’ll zoom back out again. You have to remember when you’re
filming that you have to stand far enough away from the camera that you will be
able to zoom in. If you’re very close to the camera when you zoom in it’s going
to be an extreme close-up, so just keep that in mind as you’re filming. Stand far
enough away that you would be able to do that. Here we’re doing it again. We’re
just going to grab the the handles. Now this time instead of
centering it I’m off center and watch why I do that. Now that I’m off center
I have this empty space on the right side where I could put in some graphics. What
if I want to drop in my logo? I have this file over here called intros and outros
it’s basically just an album that I’ve created in the iMovie library where I
put in graphics and little… you know, “be sure to subscribe” that sort of thing.
Things that I use over and over and over again. So let’s say I want to drop my
logo in here. I can just go find it in the album where I keep all of that stuff
and now boom! Because I’m off-center there’s a place that I can put in a
graphic. I could have text, I could do a picture-in-picture, anything like that.
Let’s talk about the Ken Burns effect. That is apparently some famous
photographer where he has you start out and you zoom in
during the clip. It’s hard to describe. I’ll just show you. So you hit
play, you start out farther, and the thing just zooms in as the clip is playing.
It’s very subtle. You can even do it vice-versa so you start it in tight and
you zoom out. It’s just something to make the video more interesting so
it’s not just you standing there, talking to the camera in one big long
take with nothing really interesting for the viewer to look at. So let’s see,
what’s another thing that I could do? We could do a transition. So
here’s something where I said, ” Imagine this,” and I look for a transition. I
drop this one in there so when I play it it’ll do this. “Picture this,” and then it
does that little ripple effect. It’s nothing crazy, it’s just enough to give
the viewer something to look at, keep their attention. Because on YouTube if
they start to get bored they’re gonna hit the back button. We want them to
watch as much of the video as we possibly can. Now let’s talk about how to
change the speed of a clip. You’re going to split it at the
beginning, at the end, highlight the one that you want to affect. Go up to this
little thingy right here that is speed and you can change it from normal to
slow to fast. If you pick fast you can say is it twice as fast, is it four times,
is it eight times, is it 20 times as fast? I use this a lot when I’m doing a
driving tour of a neighborhood and I’m just holding my camera on the dashboard in a mount
as I drive through the neighborhood. Then I’ll speed it up so that later when I go
back and watch it it’s, you know… it’s 20 times as fast. We’re seeing a little (vroom sound effect) as we drive through the neighborhood. But it speeds it all up. And
last but not least this is how to drop in your intro or your outro. Again, have a
folder with all of this stuff in it. All you have to do is highlight it, drag it
down, drop it in, and boom. So now at the very end of your video your automated logo,
your animated outro will play automatically. Thank you so much for
watching. If you found this helpful go ahead and give me a like and write a
comment down below about something you learned today that you didn’t know
before, and consider subscribing to my channel.
I teach real estate agents how to use YouTube to grow their businesses because
that’s what I do. I get most of my business from my Youtube channel and I’d
love to share with you how I’m doing it so that you can do it in your market as
well. Thanks again for watching! We’ll see you on the next one.


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