Imagineers Bring Wheezy to Life at Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World Resort

(upbeat energetic music) – It was a great day
today, we got to celebrate actually bringing Wheezy
and putting him in the scene here at Slinky
Dog Dash in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. – This is the first Wheezy we’ve ever done in one of our Disney Park Attractions and it’s just super exciting. He should be facing me
here if that’s his neutral. – When we’d start talking
about how did we want our guests to finish up
their Slinky Dog Dash experience, well we wanna
give them a big hug goodbye. And we threw around a lot
of different characters but in the end we said
it would be so great to have Wheezy there
and his charming little squeaky voice but then bursting into song and singing You’ve Got a Friend in Me. – It’s gonna be so great
for everyone to hear their favorite song and it’s actually my personal favorite and
Wheezy’s just such a great character to bring that story to life. – [Nick] This is the culmination of over 3 and a half years of work. – I didn’t know if it had
been changed yet or not so. – [Nick] The last time we
spoke was at Central Shops where we actually built the figure Wheezy. – We’ll have a sculptor come in and create a maquette to look like the
Wheezy from the film reference. From there, after that
we’ll get him scanned, we’ll do a foam version of
him as well and the foam will then again be detailed, cleaned up, and then from there we go
into the fabrication stage. Fabrication involves
fiberglass, steel armatures and then eventually into
paint and installation. – At Pixar, we collaborate deeply with Imagineering and
this project has been an absolute dream from the beginning. We started with one little idea and it grew into this and it’s been great. – It’s been such a benefit
to have their expertise. Who knows these characters better than our partners at Pixar? So being able to have that dialogue back and forth with them has been fabulous. It really helps bring
these characters to life. – [Dave] Pixar brings the
whole film world to us. WDI are the experts in
staging attractions around the world so our combined
efforts are really come together to make this amazing thing. – [Nick] Now that we have him built, bought off, creative reviews. Now we actually brought him
to the site, installed him and now we get to do our
final animation profile on him to again bring him to
life for our guests to see. – [Dave] So after all
the design and the years of develop and fabrication,
it’s amazing for me to see the guests having a
great time, laughing together. – [Nick] What I want a guest
to experience when they get to ride Slinky Dog Dash is actually feeling as though they’re
in Andy’s backyard and they’re able to see
Andy’s toys like Wheezy, Mic, and Mr. Spell right there in front of ’em. – I’m so excited to show
my family this attraction. They’re gonna have so
much fun on this ride. They’re just gonna be
so excited and it’s just gonna be a great wrap to
this wonderful attraction, Slinky Dog Dash. (upbeat energetic music)

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