I’m A Realtor. How Can Investor Techniques Get Me More Business? – Real Estate Investing
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I’m A Realtor. How Can Investor Techniques Get Me More Business? – Real Estate Investing

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. Welcome back. I’ve
got more questions here. This time, I’m going to take two questions because they’re both
from real estate agents. I’ve got a lot of real estate agents in my program because the
techniques that I use can actually help real estate agents get more business.
Joe: If you’re a real estate agent and you’re interested in a longer audio about how to
do this, I’ve got a free audio that teaches realtors different things that they can do.
It’s at joecrump.com/realtor. It’s all lower case. Go to that domain name and you can download
this free audio. I think its 70 minutes long or so, and it explains all the different things
that you can do, or at least a few of the different things that you can do.
Joe: Now I’m going to read both of these questions because I think they’re also applicable to
real estate investors, even if you’re not an agent. I think you can use some of these
ideas that I’ve got here. Joe: This first one here is from Aaron Gardener
from Mankato, Minnesota. He says, Aaron: “I’m a real estate agent. How can I
use what you teach to benefit my conventional real estate buyers and sellers with whom I
have representation agreements?” Joe: The main people that you’re going to
be able to help with these types of deals are people that are having a problem qualifying.
I’ll bet a lot of your conventional buyers these days don’t qualify for loans anymore,
and if you could figure out a way to get them to qualify, I’ll bet you could sell a lot
more properties. These are the things that I teach, using these lease option techniques,
using seller financing techniques; it’s a great way to do it.
Joe: And as far as listings that you’ve got that aren’t selling and the people can’t drop
their price because they can’t afford to, and they can’t afford to pay a realtor and
drop their price or maybe the values have dropped below what the real value of the property
is, if you’re in that situation, these things will help as well because you can help these
sellers sell their property, on a lease option or maybe on a land contract or “Multi-Mortgage”
or even a “Subject-To”. Joe: It’s possible that they can sell them
to you and you can take them over and it’ll make sense for you to keep them long term.
So, there’s lots of ways to do this that can make you a lot of extra money. Plus, the techniques
that I teach on how to bring in buyers, sellers and investors are all leads that you can use.
Joe: And, I show you ways to use expired leads. For those of you who aren’t realtors, typically
you go to different types of leads to try to get them to list their property with you
as an agent. You go to for sale by owners, you go to expired listings (properties that
have been on the market for a while and they haven’t sold and their listings have expired)
— you try to get those people to list with you because they didn’t get them sold previously.
Joe: And when you go to these people — when you go to for sale by owner, when you go to
expired listings, none of them are happy to talk to another realtor. They’re not interested
in listing their property. They may be and it actually is a pretty good source of leads,
but they don’t like you and they don’t want to work with you. What if you went to that
seller and said, ‘I’m a realtor. But I want to buy your property rather than just list
it for sale.’ Do you think you’d get their attention? I know you would. You’d very much
get their attention because that’s what they’re trying to accomplish. They’re not interested
in listing the property — they’re interested in selling it.
Joe: So, you can use all of the techniques that I use to find these buyers and sellers
to be able to expand your business. This is the perfect time to do it because there are
so many people that need this. Joe: This other email is also from another
realtor and I’m going to read this a little bit later and I’m and get into this one as
well because I think its specific to — I think it’s an important point that I need
to make. Joe: This video’s getting a little bit long.
I want to address the next realtor question in a separate video because I’ve got a lot
to say about that one as well. So, I’m going to cut this one here. Tune in for the next
one to hear the next realtor question which I think also applies to real estate investors.
I think it will be very helpful for you to understand pricing, which is what I’m going
to talk about next. See you on the next video.

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