I’m a Mormon, Canadian Realtor, & Noble Uruguay Native
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I’m a Mormon, Canadian Realtor, & Noble Uruguay Native

Misha, food. She’s blind now. Come on. My name is Adonal Noble.
I was born in Uruguay. We moved to Montevideo
when I was 22, and in 1969 I came to Canada. For years I wanted to be
a real estate salesman. I didn’t speak the language that
well, but I went, and it took two weeks to
get the license. I had to go twice. I’ve been working for myself
since I was 14 years old. I used to have a store
in Uruguay. I’m a hard worker because
I love it. When you’re a realtor, and
when you’re working with the public, you have to learn
how to serve the public. I like it because that’s
helping people. Being married to Adonal Noble
is busy, busy. He’s got a heart of gold, always
doing things for others. Even for his age, he’s
go, go, go. I began helping people in
Uruguay by taking to my family. But then if I find someone
in need, I give it to them. It’s nice giving. You feel good, and you
keep on doing. I think it’s incredible that
other people give me something that I can take and help
other people. When I get the things, I say,
“Oh, I can give to these people. I can do that.” So I enjoy it so much. I’ve been doing this for
15 years. Now this is growing bigger. It takes money. It takes time. Last year I almost quit because
it’s so much work. But when you see someone
that needs it, you can’t stop. When you get there and you
open those boxes, and people start seeing that and take it
and they go, “This looks good; oh, my shoes,
my pants; I’m going to put this on the wall; oh, I
needed this”—it’s just a joy. When I drive on those country
roads, all the families—“Hola, hola, hola,” as I’m passing,
because they know I’ll come back with things
for their family. Last year I talked to someone,
and she said, “No, that’s OK.” Then as I was leaving, she
came running and said, “You are giving them? Is that free?” I said, “Yes, this is free.” And she said, “Oh. OK. I want it. I want it.” The Lord has given me so much.
I think that’s the way I have to give back to where
I came from, a country that I really love. If I don’t do this, I think one
day I could feel really bad that I didn’t do
something I could have. I have the time. I have the money. I have the desire. And I have the blessing. I’m a father, grandfather,
a husband. I’m a realtor. I love to give service. My name is Adonal Noble,
and I’m a Mormon.


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