Ilhan Omar Comments Spark House Vote on Anti-Semitism
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Ilhan Omar Comments Spark House Vote on Anti-Semitism

tomorrow the Democratic controlled House of Representatives is set to vote on and expect it to overwhelmingly pass a
resolution rejecting anti-semitism as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values that define
the people of the United States. Now, though, it doesn’t mention her by name,
the measure is seen in part as a rebuke of Democratic congresswoman Ilan Omar in response to her recent tweets questioning US policy on Israel,
especially this one answering fellow Democratic leader Lowry: Our democracy is built underbake congresswoman I should not be expected to have allegiance
pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in Congress
or serve on committee. Now, that remark alleging, some say, the anti-semetic
charge of dual loyalty among Israel supporters has fought condemnation
across the political spectrum from liberal Democrats to, of course, President
Trump. Well, for more we are joined from Washington by Ariel Gold — she’s the
national co-director of Codepink Women for Peace. It’s a group that, among other
things, does support the boycott divestment from its sanctioning of
Israel over its policies toward the Palestinians. Also joining us from
Washington is Halie Soifer. She’s executive director of the Jewish
Democratic Council of America and a former senior policy adviser for US
Ambassador to the UN Samantha Powers/ Halie let me start with you is the
Democratic leadership right to both introduce this resolution and also to
condemn those who are more those remarks not her but I should say there are marks
of a Congresswoman Omar absolutely we strongly support this effort led by
Democrats in the house to both define and condemn acts of anti-semitism is
contradictory to American values it’s important that it’s it’s not just
specifically referring to representative Alon Omar because while her statements
did invoke stereotypes that we consider to be anti
medic she’s not the only member of Congress to have done so we’ve seen the
same from Republicans as well and we’ve seen similar remarks from the president
over the past few years so this is a condemnation that is long overdue and we
appreciate the Democratic leadership for bringing this up at this time Ariel did
Congress woman almost statements evoked as Haley says these stereotypes of
anti-semitism well first of all let me say that this began at an event in
Washington DC that I personally was at and when representative Omar talked
about that we shouldn’t have allegiances to a foreign country let’s remember that
during the government shutdown the very first piece of legislation introduced in
the Senate by Senator Marco Rubio was one to protect Israel from criticism now
if that isn’t allegiance to a foreign country I don’t know what is ah Haley
let me ask you about that she is saying that these expressions of support for
Israel and some of these resolution sees referring to resolutions against and it
takes various forms of boycotts of Israel or in fact pledging allegiance to
Israel we disagree with that but I also disagree with Ariel’s assertion that
this began with the event last week in Washington it did not it began on
February 10th with their tweets by representative Ilhan Omar in which she
referenced alleged Jewish influence tying it to money she referenced
Benjamins referring to money and it yet again invoked an anti-semitic trope last
week at this event in Washington she invoked yet another reference to an
anti-semitic trope talking about so-called duel loyalties while Ariel
might have used with regard to Israel as does representative Omar that we may
disagree with include support for the BDS movement those who
have such views have every right to express their views even even supportive
BDS however when it crosses the line into anti-semitism is when you’re
invoking stereotypes and discriminating that have been used to discriminate
against the Jewish people and that is what we’ve identified with
representative Omar’s got remarks going back to February 10th I really just want
to rephrase that slightly to you if you have Americans perhaps of Mexican
descent and if they support immigration from Mexico wouldn’t progressives call
it racism to start saying whether they have a dual loyalty or allegiance to
another country why would that not also apply to American Jews who also do
believe as Americans Israel should be supported because Israel is the only
country in the world that America gives 3.8 billion dollars to every year Israel
is absolutely singled out by the US for unquestioned diplomatic cover and for
endless amounts of financial support for a endless military occupation and I want
to say that what we really have here is a thinly veiled targeting of the first
Black Muslim member of Congress who is a fearless champion and leader not just on
issues of Palestinian rights but also calling out such things as the necessity
to not support a u.s. orchestrated coup on Venezuela to end US support for the
saudi-led war on Yemen so this is a really ugly smear attempt and we see
right through it and we stand with representative Ilhan author I do want to
add area eriell to respond I do want to note that
for example other countries such as Egypt received generous US aid and the
the u.s. defense military but I do want to have Hallie respond this is
absolutely not about representatives Omar’s background her religion her
ethnicity her anything this is about what she stated and we’ve actually
publicly said that we celebrate the diversity in the hundred and sixteenth
Congress including the fact that both representative Omar and representative
Talib are the first Muslim women to be elected to the House we celebrate that
diversity this is not about their religion this is about the views that
they have expressed and the the anti-semitic tropes that they have
invoked that is what we disagree with in fact this past weekend what this
presentative Omar was unfairly attacked by Republicans they falsely accused her
of somehow being tied to the 9/11 attacks our organization the Jewish
Democratic Council of America called that out as completely inappropriate and
unacceptable we absolutely reject and Tommy I want to
give did start off I want to give just time for a brief response this is what
this is about is a thinly veiled attack on a Black Muslim member of Congress and
this is an endless successful attempt to silence Palestinian the Palestinian
struggle and that has gone on for far too long
any time that the Palestinian struggled the denial of equal human rights to
Palestinians is lifted up the conversation gets shifted in order to
silence that debate and that is the shunda okay Holly is this an attempt to
silence a debate on the Palestinians absolutely not nor is it an attack on
representative Omar because of her religion or her background this is a
denunciation of anti-semitism and the remarks that she has made via Twitter
and at this recent event invoked generalizations and negative stereotypes
that have been used to target Jews for decades that we deem as anti-semitic
again those who have views whether it’s criticizing our own government the
Israeli government or any government may do so this is a free country we believe
in freedom of speech however when you cross the line from free speech into
invoking hate-filled stereotypes then that is anti-semitism and we’re going to
call it out and we’re going to see Congress call it out tomorrow okay this
is clearly a discussion that is I think going forward we’re going to be hearing
a lot about in Washington as relations to as it relates to a representative
Almar perhaps other progressive Democrats and of course we will be
following that and hope to have you perhaps back on again Halle sulfur of
the Jewish Democratic Council of America and Ariel gold of code pink


  • Sir Loxley Mendoza

    Diversity means to divide, Soon no laws or government business will be heard because of issues like this. Omar only wanted a position of power to exploit the resources of America to attack Israel.. Even Stevie Wonder saw it .. You are groped at airports because of jihad not Israel

  • Szandor Szoze

    The lady in pink is just another naive lefty, self-hating Jew who doesnt realize that Omar is making an effort to destabilize the US consensus in order to create a path for Islam. In the near future Jews like her will be leaving the US for Israel just as they are in Europe. If you want to see what Omar is up tp just look at whatIslam is doing to Europe. Talk about dual loyalty, Omar hypocritically is doing for Islam what she accuses Israel supporters of doing for Israel.

  • Rob Mangone

    Why do both sides feel the need to justify how tolerant the are. This need to just give at no cost is destroying our patriotic rights to stay individual. She should have never been elected and we are giving our country away because of weak women like this!

  • Marilyn garito

    So the termoil in other countries, because they can't get their shit together, makes the US citizens and congress at odds with each other? Letting enemies of this country in Congress is the first mistake. Their needs to be more draining of the swamp. New slime has surfaced that needs to be cleaned and disinfected so no new slime will resurface!!! This country is headed for serious trouble if we don't weed out the Non-Americans. Immigration is good, as long as they become American. Why are they here? To live like us but not think like us. Take advantage of our resources and disrespect our people. Go back home you don't belong here!!!

  • kshalhoub

    This Israeli news channel (I24 News) is more fair and balanced than all the American news channels combined. Thank you Ariel Gold for speaking the truth and exposing the Zionist lies.

  • ivy kkb

    Omar is a congresswoman…she has to be responsible for what she said….hateful remarks….sorry…..she choose to be and elected to parliament Congress…no longer an activist…so she have to watch the way she talks and the words she choose…all subjected to background check….. sorry…. without prejudice.

  • Aleks Klev

    who is this anti-Semitic cunt on the right side? This is a leftist multiculturalism. This is what happens when creatures of the "most peaceful culture" from the 4th world shithole failed countries where they eat each other allowed to invade the West.

  • Samuel Wolfe

    @ Erin Levere –

    When you attack a country a rule is this. You live in it – you can speak for it. But you cannot speak on the actions of others by invoking a stereotype and accuse blame on a single group of people.
    I swear no forced allegiances to a country but stand by a country. Whoso makes the law if it be someone politically corrupt like the democratic opposition we face in terms of not associated to republican blame but anti-American, or dual loyalty of countries. It should apply to us American Jews and those if you are actually Jewish and or anyone who thinks they are.

    Israel is a foundation stone. And I will be one as many others to call out Omar. Diversity should be good as a strength in terms of character but not practice in association. We do not stand for terrorism to that of what is described in this video. The Palestine struggle does not involve some of us like it did many in the past to their persecution and sacrifices to that of many others around the world.

    But we of people were stuck to serve in your countries and or persecuted worldwide and those people deserve their peace. The Jews who make the laws and are rich big gets and cruel leaders are called Zionist, but you forget about the people whoso people are not just common. I speak for those with a Jewish heritage. They will have a memory speak in defense of them to the lives they so live.

    The US has been treated as such and taken advantage of by people who want a better living yet you of those people or others within try to take advantage.

    It has nothing to do with the background or religion, but stereotypes of how certain groups are accusing Jews to that of others of particular backgrounds are targeting a group of people in contrast. We believe in speech, but there are lines crossed therefore it will be called.

    I stand by Israel and do not serve them. Yet we have an obligation of respect. It does not mean to serve a country but rather there is honor and dignity in both. Thereby, in one way one is correct but in another way one can disagree. It does not matter what color one is to nationality. Anyone who judges a person without looking in a mirror is considered intellectually a fool and the words I stated in my immaturity to points. – A nationalist to racist cunt or hypocrite.

  • NaturalNikkiSmile

    She never once said "Jewish" people or referred to their religion.  If anyone knows racism and stereotypes, its black people. Omar specifically asked why is it okay for "large lobby groups" to push for allegiance to a foreign country. Maybe instead of allegiance she could have said "support". But Marco Rubio had just tried to pass a bill that would penalize anyone from protesting issues on policies in a specific country and that isn't American.  None of this was related to the "religion" or a specific group but the policies of a newly established country. What if England or other countries banded Abolitionist who spoke out against slavery and Jim Crow in US. This is probably why history had to separate church and state. It just gets to confusing.  We have to remember we have to fight this fight together or none of us will ever truly be free.

  • NaturalNikkiSmile

    Where is the outrage at Trumps offensive comments in 2015 speech to Republican Jewish Coalition which was a horrible display of stereotypes.  Check out the video it's truly offensive.  What about the Minority Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy Tweet "We cannot let's Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg BUY this election, get out and vote Republican" referring to all Jewish men.  But oh right, that's "white privilege".

  • NaturalNikkiSmile

    I truly pray we realize that this is just meant to divide us and what we should be doing is coming together to prove "supremacy" or "separatism"  isn't needed.  We can come up with a better way to protect each other from extinction as human beings and we have to start with stop assuming that we don't have to "teach" love and tolerance.  If African Americans, Africans, Native Americans, the Aborigines and all other groups who have been colonized can learn tolerance and forgiveness, then any group can.

  • Shirley Jones

    This bill as it's written is only designed to cover the Democrats anti-semitic and racial behavior they are so full of crap it's not funny& carpooling no one with this feeble attempt to try and prove they're not anti-semites, bullies and hypocrisy people. This bill does nothing for anybody but them.

  • dave evans

    This reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. If the Israeli lobby is working to cast all criticism of Israel as anti semitic then the term will lose its meaning and will result in a rise in real anti semitism.

  • sandhogssundays

    Not American but let me ask. So in the US, you have freedom of speech. That allows you to criticize anyone you see fit to criticize. Except when it comes to Israel or AIPAC. Because then its called anti-Semitism. So when you want to boycott products made in the occupied territories to protest the treatment of Palestinians, American politicians are going to make laws against that? When you raise an objection to the influence of a Jewish lobby's on American lawmakers, these same lawmakers are going to pass legislation to shut you up? Because, hey that's anti-Semitism and we can't have that. Criticize the president, our founding fathers, anyone but Jews or Israel.

    If Americans can't see what's wrong with this picture, you deserve what's coming to you. Who are these politicians representing?

  • Joefest99

    Well then what IS a civil way to criticize another nation without being "anti" whatever nation?!?!? Give me a specific example of criticism of Israeli policy that is civil and acceptable?

  • Joefest99

    Soooo, a representative of a Jewish organization is responding to Jewish stereotypes by trying to (((Shut down))) free speech and descent.

    Not helping your case with the "stereotypes" lady.

  • Joefest99

    No Republican member of congress or any other Republican elected official that officially represents the Republican Party EVER claimed that Omar took part in 9/11!

  • Sweet but a Psycho

    My representative in Congress voted for this bill. It appears the only Representative to address our concerns is Mo Brooks of Alabama. I emailed my Congressman stating: I am very disappointed and concerned that you joined the crowd and voted  YES to the so-called anti-Semitism bill that protected Zionists, Muslims and others, but provided NO protections for, or mention of, Caucasian-Americans and Christians, a part of society which is beaten down more every day and persecuted more and more for our belief in Yeshua haMashiach, Jesus Christ. You should have stood with Mr. Mo Brooks of Alabama who addressed these concerns in his refusal to vote for this bill. You can redress this wrong by submitting a bill which directly addresses this omission and protects the Christian population of America from increasing threats and violations. Please respond letting me know you will be addressing this issue. Thank you.
    Please contact the representative of your Congressional District and let him/her know of your concerns on this matter. There is strength in numbers. Let them hear your voices, it will soon be too late.

  • justgivemethetruth

    If Omar has something to say … maybe should ought to think about it a bit more than President Trump things about his Tweets, and author a statement she can be proud of and stand by instead of steady blurts and mistakes she has to apologize for and that turn Americans way from the Democratic party … the hell with her if she cannot do her job right … that is what most of us are complaining about Donald Trump about … we do not need it in an unthinking loud mouth Muslim Congresswoman that when she says stuff like this makes us think she is the one with divided loyalties..

  • A Mango

    Politics is a complete mess because most of these scumbags in Congress cannot handle the fact that America can't stand them and voted an outsider into the Presidency in Donald Trump.

    Congress's approval rating is in the pits for a reason.

    These congressmen (women) care NOTHING about you or I and hate the people that voted for Trump and want to destroy them.

    Those are the facts.

  • Jaleh Hendizadeh

    Ihan Omar United State does not need you and your negative thoughts here it is better you go to your home Somalia and make your country a better place do not make here like Somali. Somalia needs you there.

  • Kayla Montanez

    What a wicked generations!!! Now, things are getting extremely ugly!!! In the view of politics, it's not all about certain parties. But since throughout so many years America crashed and the times of Obama's 8 year damage destroyed the economy and totally wrecked our beautiful country, it is about parties whether democrat or republican depending on the power of who all's there! Assholes!!!! Party about party in Trump's presidency isn't actually on some one-way party like everyone seems to think cause they don't know any better! Party about party is about depending on the use of power, whether for good or evil!!! It was always that way before, it's just a bunch of dumb youngeon ameteurs out there today just don't know right from wrong when it comes to common sense! I don't want to sound so political and tick all you idiots off, but Trump, his Vice President, and everyone else with him supporting him are smart people who actually know what they're doing compared to many who are either just a bunch of failures or don't know what they're doing! We have a president for once in all the years doing anything to take care of our American people and smarter than other presidents, of course! Someday, much will be expected for future presidents after Trump's terms are finished. And I don't have to be so afraid to say it no matter who all you are that hate him so much even up to now and so on forth continuously in your ignorances! The country is being taken care of already, since 2016 before even the election! Anyway, why it matters who's democrat or republican is because it depends on who all is in power and their use of it, which all you idiots who hate Trump or are maybe afraid of him and don't understand should know better by now and Trump doesn't need any more time left to keep explaining to you stiff hardheads!!!!!! Democrats, shame on all you!!!!!!!!! Nobody knows who exactly, other than the President and Vice President, are all there in power and it all depends on if power will be used for good or evil!!! One thing I already know is an example of people of bad power would be the democrats today against Trump! Often of the times, people will use power for evil while several others are so weak, which won't help the President! That's why the democrats are a big example of what we call the left, as of the crooked-headed! And the Democrats against President Trump are a perfect example of people of bad power, using power for evil, the Democrats hating Trump so much no matter what at all he does are all evil!!!!!!!!! The Democrats are pure evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All they want is power, while Trump, the Vice President, and everyone else that are with him supporting him want to help and take care of our country!!!!!! The republicans support the president on what all he wants to accomplish, but the democrats only want power and money and are abusing everyone in the White House, especially some of the republicans who are gentle and maybe even sort of weak, which is why they need to be strong no matter what seems convenient of the democrats, but everyone there has to be strong not to give in to the evil democrats who only want power beyond all else! And everyone, including the President and Vice President, has to be extremely strong and tough and not be weak especially most of all this year after a terrible midterms we just had last year in November! That was a total rip-off only lucky to have the Senate because of the target of the radical mainstream media moreover intentionally giving the landslide for the evil democrats to have so much power in the House, which was totally opposite of what the American people wanted!!! Hope this crap gets fixed as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, speaking of this Muslim b** who don't respect worthwhile anything of the Jews at least a little bit whatsoever, that wicked IIan Omar, how on the earth did the stupid mainstream media figure to get HER in there, huh?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Total ameteur choice, how stupid, and they know very well better how bad that is not to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mainstream media's 2018 midterms and 2019, very sick assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla Montanez

    Hey Muslim b** IIan Omar, leave the Jews alone and get out of our country if you care so much about respecting Allah instead of Israel!!!!!!!!!! You don't belong in power to come here and run our country and nobody's going to deal with you as long as we the American people can help erase and remove you from power!!!!!!! IIan Omar, swear your soul to Allah instead of the Jews all you want and go head on straight to Hell evil b** and leave the Jews and the American people alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joiejoie100

    She didn't say anything anti-semitic. The US is controlled by the Zionists. And about the aid the US sends to Israel? For starers, Israeli per capita income is higher than US per capita income. Israel not only gets several billions of $$ from the US, but is also still collecting reparations from Germany.

  • Rena Cohen

    Omar pledged her loyalty to the USA. Yet she raises money to support Hamas and Hizballah both of who are out to destroy both the USA and Israel. They have both been designated as terrorist organizations by the USA. Hizballah in fact has over 100,000 rockets aimed at Northern Israel
    . Yet, Omar gets away with spewing hatred towards Israel and Jews while no one is allowed to criticize her for her actions?

  • Henrik Sparre

    If a white man had said this he would have been called a nazi. Learn the truth about Islam from Christian Prince, David Wood or Bill Mahner.

  • nawlulu

    How can an Anti-Americans became Americans .
    Americans love Isreal all along the history.
    Can she glet a chance in her stupid Muslim country.⁉️

  • oldtimedrumcorps

    Why ? Because she spoke the truth of the influence AIPAC (Benjamins) $100. notes Benjamin Franklins . money corruption, has on the political system to promote Israels agenda. While billions of our Tax dollars go to Israel ? Why? Because Israels security apparatus is deeply embedded in our national military, computer, and foreign policies ? With allies like that we have more than our share of enemies .

  • james williams

    Speaking out against the evils of Zionism is not "anti-Semitism". Thousands of Orthodox Jews speak out against Zionism every day and the Zionists treat them like scum.

  • Kae A

    Isreal is a small – tiny- country surrounded by countries who openly say they want to annihilate it.
    The USA supports ISRAEL.

  • dbltrplx

    If a dog shits on the floor and the dog learns that there are no consequences for its action of shitting on the floor?
    It continues to shit on the floor .
    Now when you beat that dogs ass for shitting on the floor ?
    It learns that there are Consequences for the action of shitting in the floor, and depending on the dog, eventually after it get it’s ass beat enough times, it learns not to shit on the floor .
    Same with that Muslim dog.
    If she doesn’t speak English, or knows NOTHING about our culture ?
    is she in Congress?
    She needs her ass beat until she understands and learns there are consequences for shitting on our house floor, because if you don’t beat her ass?
    She will CONTINUE to shit on our floor because she learns there are NO CONSEQUENCES for her action of shitting on our floor.
    That’s as simple as it can be explained to you simple country ass fks in congress to understand.

  • dbltrplx

    If they vote yay?
    We will know we have a communist congress .
    If they vote nay?
    We will know that we don’t .
    This bitch needs to go.

  • Barbara Keats

    Islam is a geopolitical religion and they are trying to concur this world. Omar and Cortez are in Congress to disrupt this government and of course enrich themselves. Look at the scandal that Cortez is already caught up in. These two AntiAmerican AntiiIsreal schemers need to go. This isn't NAZI (national socialists) Germany yet and these disrupters need to go. As far as I am concerned the devil hates America and wants to destroy it and this is one of the ways he is doing it.

  • Frerot Saint Jour

    Stop killing paslestinan bastard Zionist 🐖 time coming too and end the real Zionist is Haitian black American Jamaican we coming home soon.

  • oldtimedrumcorps

    Did you listen to what she said ? You obviously didnt if you bought into the controlled offense . And thats the reason this nation has been on the skids for far longer than Omar has ever been around or the Muslims for that matter . Must have an enemy or corruption? First take a closer look at the gang in DC for starters and the lobbies selling the people down the tubes . You knew that, yet the Turban and Race and Religion and gender is the offense .

  • jaswant khalsa

    How is it that the Republicans, conservatives and Christians support Israel and in return we are mocked and abused.

  • 1yabeyabe

    All these anti-Israel, anti-Jewish efforts are doomed to failure. Here's why: My family was recently invited to share Shabbat dinner with some Jewish friends, and the underlying theme of this dinner was quite apparent. They were honoring their God by setting apart the end day of their week to worship Him but more striking, in my eyes, was that time was taken during the dinner to bless the children (descendants) of the house and of course, those of the guests', but I digress. My understanding is that this practice takes place week in, week out throughout their lifetime. What effect does that continuous blessing generation after generation have upon a society? How many of us take even one time a month to bless our offspring? Or do we more often than not, curse them at least once a day? How many so-called religions of peace set aside any time to bless the children? How can any one even dare to go up against such a people, much less harm or destroy them?

  • Russ Clay

    OMAR supports "CAIR" which is a Musilim Brotherhood known as "HAMAS" which is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. "HAMAS" was founded in 1987 which has its headquarters in Gaza City. "HAMAS" is a Palestinian Sunni-Islamist fundamentalist organization linked to TERRORIST ACTS. If you support "OMAR" your support PURE HATE and support TERRORIST. If you are American you should rethink supporting OMAR. OMAR = CAIR = HAMAS = TERRORISM = DEATH

  • Griffin Chalem

    Although I am Jewish and do not like Ilhan Omar, this bill is unconstitutional. It shows favor for a religion, which the government should not do.

  • ss ss

    It amazes me how this didn't include any protection for white people who get constantly berated for just being white….of course the radical democrats wouldn't think to include all Americans in this, just their very own protected professional victims, no matter how racist they are

  • shahid Raihan

    Americans needs wake up about their support for Israel's
    Whole world against Israel's occupation of Palestinian

  • jonny malayil

    ISLAM IS CULT AND CURSE ALSO CANCER. Congresswoman Rashida Talib and Omar are stooges of terrorist organisation called CAIR Islamic radicals and worse than Taliban and Russia

  • spiceyfood52

    Omar is Poison Yes, but you see where you are it, is a america, and if you were back in your own country, you would not be where you are. Who's ben-jermans america's , you sure wouldn't get them in your country. The thing is no one is looking at you with grace, The only ones you have in that room are people from your religion.Which is fake also. Jesus know's you, and know's how your heart is, because he made you. he died on the cross for you, and beared all your sins, What has your Mo humid did for any of you guys but lie, and make you believe a fake god. My jesus died on the cross for me and rose in 3 days, your Mohumid died 600 hundred year ago, what sin did he bear for you. he lied and makes you one to. Your in our country trying to change it, and it will not happen, You will know the truth, because jesus will show you the truth.

  • ted4ps ted4ps

    You really should see Omar’s police arrest record:   If you haven’t already signed the impeachment petition, please do so:

  • Edward Harshaw

    This woman is a disgrace, her religion is a disgrace and I would LOVE to take a bucket filled with the blood and guts of a pig and throw it on and then present her with a copy of the quran smeared in swine shit.

  • Eric Hitter

    this african bad woman called omar is a disgrase to all civilised countries.she is a racist antisemite. in the states she can be deported for inciting hatred.

  • Eric Hitter

    this stupid omar will be arrested for inciting hatred..or being deported to her own country in africa..

  • teodora shaw

    . I can’t watch this hateful anti Semitic jihadist terrorist, Omar. They can’t see the truth behind Omar”s words. Omar is the one trying to silence the Americans. WAKE UP!. She makes me sick. This isn’t about her religion or her color. I’ll have to stop watching videos regarding this bigot, arrogant, ungrateful refugee before I have s heart attack.

  • Cookie Cindric

    Impeach her She is a terrorist. Omar is antisemitic. Get rid of this Muslim terrorist. She show allegiance to the Hamas and cair. Terrorist all the way

  • John Wiley

    Send this disgusting whore back to her country to be gang raped and then her head chopped off for the whole world to see. That's what would happen to this disgusting foul bitch if she lived in Somalia. She should be kissing the dirt of America for saving her raunchy disgusting ass

  • Ed P


  • Ed P


  • Robert Patterson

    Why is she wearing my underwear on her head? I like air dry , not hair dry., silly camel jockeys🐪🐫🐪🐫🐪🐫🐪🐫🐪

  • Kenn Ashley

    I wouldn't mind never seeing a Muslim again in my life.
    Same thing with Jews,Dual citizenship in politics should be a no no.Thats blatantly obvious.
    The Muslim woman was dead right on this point.
    You want anti-Semitism,The Hell with you murderous ,deceiving,instigating Jew filth as well as you womanizing child abusing pedophiles called Muslims!!

  • Freedom 4all

    She's already broken laws, marrying her brother!? Anti semitic rants are totally unacceptable! Get this 'enemy within' Out of American politics

  • Manuel Gallego

    Accusations have been leveled against the U.S. for having profit motives tied to polical policy. Cannot those same accusations be made against any republic with out having countercharges of racism being leveled?

  • Sören Nilsson

    I find it ironic that criticism of Israels shooting of unarmed Palestinians is called antisemitic in the USA. We all know that Hamas was behind the demonstrations however this does not excuse the killings by Israel.

  • Sabi

    Her mistake was to apologize. Where's the freedom of speech? Is it selective? She's criticizing a foreign government and not its citizens. Does that make a person antisemitic? She's anti-abuse of power and cruelty, period!

  • M.I.A. Tyson

    I dont consider her remarks antisemitic. I dont believe any politicians should be taking money from foreign countries, or lobbyists at all. Also even if she did hate Jews, isn't that protected by the 1st amendment? I mean if the KKKs hate speech towards non white races is protected, why wouldn't comments about a politician taking money from a foreign govt?

  • Anti War

    Palestinian leaders…..

    Each and every Prime Minister of Israel comes either directly from Eastern Europe or is removed by one generation therefrom. These Prime Ministers are not leading their “people” in their native land, but rather are part of a European colonial system implanted in the Middle East by Zionists. They are all originally from the dispanded Khazar Khaganate.

    David Ben-Gurion – real name David Grün – Ashkenazi Khazar from Poland
    Moshe Sharett – real name Moshe Shertok – Ashkenazi Khazarfrom Ukraine
    Levi Eshkol – real name Levi Shkolnik – Ashkenazi Khazar from Russian Empire
    Yigal Allon – real name Yigal Peikowitz (Paicovich) – Ashkenazi Khazar from Grodno, Russia
    Golda Meir – real name Golda Mabovitch – Ashkenazi Khazar from Kiev, Ukraine
    Yitzhak Rabin – real name Yitzhak Rubitzov – Ashkenazi Khazar from Sydorovychi, Ukraine
    Menachem Begin – real name Menakhem Volfovich – Ashkenazi Khazar from Brest, Belarus
    Yitzhak Shamir – real name Yitzhak Yezernitsky – Ashkenazi Khazar from Ruzhany, Belarus
    Shimon Peres – real name Szymon Perski – Ashkenazi Khazar from Wiszniew, Poland
    Ehud Barak – real name Ehud Brog – Ashkenazi Khazar from Pushelat, Lithuania
    Ariel Sharon – real name Ariel Scheinermann – Ashkenazi Khazar from Brest-Litovsk, Belarus
    Ehud Olmert – 'kept original foreign name' – Ashkenazi Khazar from Buguruslan, Russian Empire
    Benjamin Netanyahu – real name Benjamin Mileikowsky – Ashkenazi Khazar from Poland

  • Your Father

    No European Jew are not Semitic. If they Semitic they would look like Mrs. Omar. Semitic people are dark skin, jet black hair, wavy hair… These are human dominant traits and pass on for generations. Instead European Jew look Caucasian Central Asian with little mixture of Mongolic. Look at Mark Zuckerberg, Barbra Streisand, Gilbert Gottfried…. There nothing Semitic. They look like Goth and Magog as described by Chinese, Turkic… ancient texts. Looks is everything. If European Jew are Semitic they would look like Arab people.

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