If Action Heroes Had Your Resume
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If Action Heroes Had Your Resume

(lighthearted music) – Before you say anything, the other guy started it. – I don’t want to hear it. What the hell is wrong with you, Max? Another bar fight? You’re better than this. God, in all my years of sector command I’ve never met a prospect like you. This is one hell of an impressive resume. Bachelor’s degree in English
with a minor in film studies, a 2.92 GPA, proficiency
in Microsoft Office. – I know what I can do. – And you’re throwing it all away, Max. America needs you. What if we need to do a mail merger, build our macros in Excel? – I guess you’ll just
have to find someone else, because when I said I was
proficient in Microsoft Word I just meant I used it
to write a few essays. – No, you’re selling yourself short Max. I can see here that you’re a fast learner. That you’re a real go-getter. We could sure as hell
use someone with your attention to de-taple. – Why do you care so much? – Because we need someone
who has your training. I mean you’ve got
bartending certification, improv classes, couples cooking. Member, a full-fledged
member, of the chess club. Sales associate at a Cinnabon
for 30 whole days one summer. And don’t even get me started
on your special interests. – Boats. – That’s right, just the word boats. – If I come back this
time, what’s different? – We want to give you your own division. We’re impressed by your leadership skills. – Secretary of the high school anime club? – That’s an important role. Must be, it’s the only bullet
point under the huge heading that says leadership experience. – If you make the top part bigger, it makes the one thing
you have seem better. – That’s smart thinking, Max. – I’m sorry, I can’t. – Damnit Max, I need someone with your problem solving skills. I mean look at this,
you couldn’t figure out how to print double sided
so you stapled two pages back to back. – So you noticed that, huh? – You’re damn right I noticed that. I noticed that it’s two
different paper stocks too. Where the hell else am
I gonna find someone who’s comfortable with Spanish? That’s almost fluent, Max! – Well as they say in Mexico, no. I’m sick of your rules. – I’m not giving up on
you until you say yes. – Well you know where to find me. – That’s right,
[email protected] – Actually that’s an old email. – Oh, that’s what you have
written down on the resume. – I forgot to change the header part. – Oh. – I have a new one
that’s more professional, it’s [email protected] – Then I guess I’ll be
contacting you there. You know, would’ve expected a lot more from the son of Bruce Action. – My father? – He was a good man. – Wait. What’s the gig? – It’s an unpaid internship. (intense music) Hi, it’s Mike Trapp from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe, click
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