I Figured Out ALL 340 Returning Gen1-7 Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield
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I Figured Out ALL 340 Returning Gen1-7 Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
we’re all Austin John plays here and today we’re gonna be going over the 340
pokemon then I believe we’re gonna be in Pokemon sword and shield also we are
still doing a giveaway for a Nintendo switch and a copy of Pokemon sword and
shield be sure to stay tuned to the end of the video for more information that’s right pokemon sword and shield
with the motto of the game is no longer catch them all but that’s right I have
come up with an algorithm to determine the minimum of 340 Pokemon that we’re
going to be seeing from generations 1 through 7 and pokemon sword and shield
now why is this a big deal mostly because genichi Masuda literally just
said players will be able to transfer their Pokemon from Pokemon home only if
they appear in the gala region pokedex not all pokemon are going to be able to
be brought over into this game they just introduced pokemon home which is going
to be Pokemon bank but also works with Pokemon let’s go Pikachu let’s go Eevee
and mobile pokemon go and pokemon sword and shield on the Nintendo switch in
other words there’s no national dex and there probably won’t be one ever again
however pokemon that don’t appear in the glory and pokedex are not going to be
able to transferred into the game so essentially if the game only has 500
Pokemon those other 400 cannot be brought into the game what are those 500
Pokemon well I know 340 of them how do I know that because I came up with my own
algorithm based on common sense the internet and what I like to call Pokemon
sense which is much different from common sense just to be clear this is a
hypothesis and how I strategically figured out the 340 Pokemon that we’re
going to be seeing in Pokemon sword and shield returning from their previous
generations this is not guaranteed this is a theory of games it’s a game theory
thanks for watching that’s right it’s finally time the game freak’s said
you can’t have every Pokemon in your Pokemon game and you know what I’m actually not mad
at that I don’t need every Pokemon in my game like there are already so many
Pokemon that are so easily forgotten to time and featured in so few games that I
don’t think anyone really needs them so I’ve scanned over every piece of
website video and press release regarding pokemon sword and shield and
I’ve come up with all the pokemon that are confirmed to be in the game and then
using my new patented algorithm determine the additional ones that we’re
gonna see in this game and after the game releases November 15 of 2019 we
could look back at this video and see how accurate I was first rule of this is
that if we see one form of a Pokemon we can deduce that we’re also going to be
able to obtain its pre evolution or following evolutions if it has any in
addition of a Pokemon has a counterpart like milk tank astute or Osen we could
assume that they’ll both be in the game in the first trailer we saw on February
27th 2019 we saw the following Pokemon in addition to the new starters Mancino
wishy-washy who dude grubbin Zhu alias bravery Flygon wailmer meowstic Lucario
Tyranitar munchlax and the space chicken if we exclude the
space chicken since we don’t know the name of the space chicken feel free to
check out my space chicken theory video for more info and we include all the
pokemon and their evolutions that brings us up to 27 Pokemon in total it’s also
fair to include manda buzz and bouillabaisse since we have bravery and
those are repair as I previously mentioned so that brings us to 29 the
next trailer we got was June 5th 2019 just before e3 and that I bought us the
following Pokemon and also sorry if I say some of these wrong bounce wheat
sock Wobbuffet stuff ‘l hipa POTUS right on golurk gastly Duskull Gyarados muds
dale seismitoad avila hawlucha Milotic mem Tyco and I’m also including
throw because we saw a sock and remoraid because we have Mantine and all the
evolutions or previous evolutions of all the pokemons else listed that’s an
additional 39 so total of 68 in the trailer we also
saw a road on camera and Rotom phones but we never see an actual road um and
in Sun and Moon we have a road index but no Road um to catch so I’m not counting
Road it’s a very Pokemon sense thing to include Rotom memorabilia and
accessories but not make it catchable next up is the pokemon sword and shield
gameplay nintendo treehouse live at e3 here we got Wingull bunnelby Metapod I
always have trouble with this one Calvin Chawla Machop
Snover Castform vanillish freely sh Goldeen Pancham snorunt Arcanine
Togekiss Lucario and steelix with all their evolutions that’s 36 more Pokemon
which brings us to a hundred and four in total on the e3 showroom floor there was
a water gym that had a Vulpix in it for some reason thanks he drive for this
video and so that and 90’s brings us to 106
in addition pokemon.com features vespiqueen electric Ralts Esper and
swirlix with them in their evolutions that
brings us to 117 as a final count when it comes to the new generation a pokemon
we’ve seen there’s score bunny groupie savile core of a knight lu lu yam / gasa
fleur and it’s evolution ëtil gross impede imp and dreadnought we could
assume that the starters will have two evolutions each so that’s 16 added to
our 117 for a total of 133 pokemon now for all of the starters not including
gen8 we have seen so far Charizard Pikachu Raichu and Eevee I think it’s
fair to say that we’d be able to get Bulbasaur and squirtle to go with our
Charmander line so all of them together and the evolutions assuming there’s no
new ones those 20 Pokemon bring us to 153 now it’s time that we get out our
educated guessing and Pokemon sense what is Pokemon sense me in Austin I’m glad
you asked me creating dialogue first I want to look at item evolutions the
Thunderstone makes three pokémon evolve Pikachu Evie and electic all
we are already confirmed in the game so obviously we have the Thunderstone the
Firestone is used on for Pokemon in total Volvox growlithe Eevee and pan
sear the first three have already been confirmed so if Game Freak is going to
include this item in this game I’m going to use Pokemon sense to deduct that the
fourth pokemon in the game pan sear is going to be in the game so let’s add him
in and the two other monkeys and their evolutions that brings us up to a
hundred and fifty nine in total with that logic applied to the Waterstone we
can also add in poliwag shelters Staryu and its various forms which include
politoed and the Kings Rock so we’ll add in slowpokes line as well
so that’s 11 more which brings us to 170 again we’re going to apply the same idea
to the leaf stone for Bellsprout execute seedot oddish and gloom into blossom who
needs the Sun stone so we’ll add in sunkern cottony pedalo and with all
those in place all eighteen of them that brings us to one eighty eight in total
all of the dawn stone Pokemon are already confirmed in the game so let’s
add in the remaining shiny stone Badou and floette slime so we’re at 194 and we
also saw right onto the game so we can assume that we’ll have access to the
protector and by Pokemon sense also the elector Iser and the magma riser I’m
probably saying this wrong so we’ll add in those six Pokemon and we have the
metal coat which is confirmed with steelix so we could add in Scyther and
scissor those eight bring us to an even 200 we also saw grubbing in the trailer
so we know that there’s going to be special magnetic field somewhere in the
game so we can add a Magnemite and knows passes lines for a total of 105
in the gameplay demo we also saw that there’s a day/night cycle in the game
which is Neeta from Breanna and Espeon so we can add in the other 7 Pokemon
that requires specific time of day to evolve including chingling young goose
rock rough romantist gligar Sneasel and happening with all those in the game
that’s 15 more so that brings us to 220 of those 7 Pokemon evolutionary lines
three of them require pokemons specific items to be held to evolve like the Oval
stone for the chancy line so there’s a good chance that we’re gonna see the
deep sea scale and tooth the Dragon Scale the dubious disk the upgrade and
the sachet those 11 Pokemon bring us to 231 and this one I’m a little iffy on
its fossil Pokemon while two of them do require a specific time of day for them
to evolve and for other reasons that I get into later I do feel like we’re
going to have some fossil Pokemon so just for argument’s sake let’s add all
21 of them into the game that brings us to 250 – I know shiny hunters love those
fossil Pokemon now it’s time for a big jump from our 252 pokemon and I strongly
feel like we’re gonna have all 153 can Tony and Pokemon in the game from let’s
go Pikachu and let’s go Eevee now I don’t think that they would have
Pokemon from the one other game on the system not be able to be transferred
Plus Pokemon always has a soft spot for Gen 1
so far I’ve included 64 can Tony and Pokemon so we’re gonna add the rest of
them in the other 86 and mu Melton and Mel metal that brings us to 341 also
quick note of any Pokemon that I missed before mostly pertaining to cross
generation evolutions including Gen 1 so pshew cleffa a Glee buff crobat ty rogue
hitmontop licky licky tangrowth mime jr. Smoochum and also wind up because I
forgot wobbuffet got a baby form and since we added in most of the pokemon
that require a moonstone we should add in delcatty skinny Munna and mu Sharna
so our grand total after all that is in place is 356
now in case you were thinking about commenting right now that I didn’t
include the popper Legendary’s that’s fine we’re gonna admit them and the 16
galore Ian’s Pokemon that we’ve seen so far so drop it from 356 back down to 340
so by my calculations common sense and more importantly Pokemon sense we can
predict 340 Pokemon from generation 1 through 7 to return to pokemon sword and
shield from here it’s just a matter of the total number of Pokemon and new
Pokemon that we don’t have any leaks or rumors to appear to be somewhat accurate
as to how many Pokemon would be included in the game but Sun and Moon had 300
ultra Sun and Moon had 400 and we already have 340 returning pokemons so
we’re gonna deduce that this game will have between 450 and 500 and Pokemon
with 65 to 100 of them being new so if it’s 500 Pokemon with best-case-scenario
100 new Pokemon and 400 returning which we figured out all but 60 of them a lot
of Pokemon that we’ve included requires special means to evolve such as held
items evolution stones so we can deduce that a good 80 to 95 percent of Pokemon
not included in my prediction will have a very simple evolution requirement in
other words most of the 60 Pokemon are going to need very basic levels to
evolve or be one stage Pokemon like poor far fetched at this point I also
cross-reference Arabi for any Pokemon that I may have missed from the trailer
in any information we have regarding sword and shield and there were 24 of
them including mimic you drift loom drifblim RocknRolla bold or a giggle
a–the chin chow lantern inkay malamar Axew Axew Axew roar bronzong bronze or
goomy sliggoo goodra rubbish garbage or Wooper a Quagsire wimp out english lapad
so that’s 360 for returning Pokemon who those 36 Pokemon gonna be it’s funny how
that number went down really fast well I’d say a hefty amount of them are
likely to be fan favorites and Pokemon whom in previous generations had mega
evolutions like absol Ampharos heracross houndoom
all while Agron medicham and banette there’s also a handful of Pokemon that
have appeared in every generation since the reveal such as bascule in Sandile
scraggy Zora Emolga Alma mola mine Fuu and porn award so we
may or may not keep their streak up we can also look to detective Pikachu for
some Pokemon that we’re going to be seeing such as snubbull or dino a pom
octillery Exploud and bouffalant and we may see an emphasis on generation 7
Pokemon from the olé olá region and I do think that the Pokemon chosen would be a
mix of the creators favorites and Pokemon that could realistically migrate
and thrive in the Galore region example being picky Peck as a tropical bird
canonically it’d be less likely to see a bird like that thrive in a colder more
climate based region like galore then say for example Pidgey pigeons are
everywhere they just don’t die when it comes to the legendaries I don’t think
we’re gonna be getting any ultra beast in the game since their existence in Sun
and Moon was heavily story based and when it comes to the mythical sun
legendaries themselves I don’t feel like we’re gonna see a lot from previous
generations we might get some showing up like I don’t know the roaming beasts or
perhaps and less likely the lake Guardians my current number already has
the three legendary birds mu 2 and mu as well as Melton and Mel metal so it’s
safe to say you’re not gonna be able to bring Keldeo over so there we go that’s
360 for returning Pokemon to pokemon sword and shield by my super duper
sophisticated calculations what do you think about the 364 pokemon that I’ve
listed is your favorite here is it missing from this list leave a comment
down below if you’re mad at the rule and not this video itself please don’t hit
the dislike button you can just leave a thread of comments down below about how
you’re not happy how all the Pokemon can’t be brought into this game and
you’re entitled to your own opinion I’m personally not mad at it really not like
there got to be a point that Pokemon like drill burr weren’t special it was
just something to fill up a box with I don’t think I’ve ever used drill burr
and I don’t know why I keep using him as an example he’s very forgettable but for
some reason I remember to forget him these guys I’m wrapping this up we’re
still doing a giveaway for Nintendo switch or $300 of eShop credit as well
as a copy of Pokemon sword or shield be sure to check the link down below if
you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications until
next time Austin John out


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