How Zillow Group Cultivates a Culture of Career Development

– People want two things
out of an organization. They wanna know that you care about them, and they wanna know that they
have an opportunity to grow. (gentle electronic music) Our culture around growth and development starts from the simple idea
that we enable our employees to own their career. – There’s a culture and an environment of constantly learning,
and learning as you go. You can talk to different
people in different arenas to say hey, what do you do, and
can I learn more about that? – We also know that it’s important that your manager helps support you, so it’s this relationship of employee-led and manager-supported. They understand that, like,
I can’t be on the team doing the same thing
for the rest of my life because I won’t be able
to grow in that way, and they really want us to grow. – For them to be able to be proud about how their developing
their career is, for us, in Learning and Development
really important. – HR and L and D are the two
most important departments within Zillow Group. This is something that inspires us and really enables us to
go and think about learning in a very different way. – When we first started the
Learning and Development team, which was four years ago, our focus was mainly in-person training. However, we needed something broader, and we wanted to have an
offering for all of Zillow Group for all of our employees. – [Lauren] They needed training that was diverse and comprehensive, so we looked for a platform, and that platform had to be engaging. – We found, and we really felt that
that was best in class. It offered over 5,000 courses
and every different topic, and it really tied in with our philosophy of having a culture of learning. – I don’t have to sit on in the sideline and say to myself, I don’t
know all these things. I’m able to take courses that I can apply immediately
to my role at Zillow. – In our last employee survey, the largest positive jump
anywhere in our survey was our employees’ awareness
of career opportunities, and Lynda’s a big part of that. – Our executives are hearing
about use case stories, and so for us, that’s really valuable. – I’ve took finance
courses, marketing courses, some tech courses, like
developing courses, and so with that, it
really helped me cultivate what it is I wanna do
in terms of my career. – [Corina] We’re so excited
to know that our employees are feeling supported, and they know that they
have this great resource that they can use anytime.

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