How Top Grossing Realtors are Using Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Apps
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How Top Grossing Realtors are Using Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Apps

Hey I am Naomi from cloudHq.
Cofounder here. And cloudHQ is helping to solve two really
large issues. One is protection and your information.
Your data. All your business apps, everything
you’re using to be able to conduct your business properly is risk of getting lost And we’ll teach you how to back up properly Also, collaboration is such a nightmare right now. with all these different people using
different apps to be able to their their most efficient self but because
working in a team it’s really hard to see with the other team member has done. Right? So we’re gonna show you how to sync this apps together so that Lets say you’re using Google Apps and I’m using Evernote and I wanna talk to you and talk to me.
Well.. every note that I make in Evernote
you can see in Google Apps and vice versa anything that you write
in Google Apps will show my Evernote account which is fabulous for our Realtors And We’re dedicating this entire episode to our Realtors because we have many of them and they’re really successful and we’re going to share with you what they’re doing. Their secret to being their most efficient selves you were to sell more than it already can. So a lot of them we’re using Google Apps. First step. Really important for you. Is
to go ahead and make sure you have your own domain. you can do it through Google Apps. You shouldn’t have address. It’s not
professional. You can have your own domain like ten dollars go and go daddy or here you know through Google Apps. So Go to Google Apps,
Set your domain. Perfect. You get that first step out of the way Then what can be used to be able to get your business going Well.. you have Google Apps. So you
can use Google Drive, Gmail, Google Contacts, Google calendars. This is like the infrastructure for your business. And then you know your Realtors you’re gonna be mobile and what you’re gonna use if your gonna be mobile? Well Evernote. Evernote is fabulous for taking pictures great for taking notes putting notes on
pictures I mean Evernote is like your go to if
you’re realtor if your Realtor and you’re not using Evernote or perhaps Onenote which is also a fabulous mobile app if you are not using one of this two apps you need to start immediately.
Immediately it will help simplify your life so much. So Evernote. Let’s say you’re on the road and you are going to take a look at a house. You label this house. Let’s say you label it 5163 Clark Street That your property you can so you’re
going here and your meeting the inspector. So you’re
going to take a look at the house, the inspector is there you’re taking pictures of everything And you notice the inspector sees a Crack. So, the inspector says “Okay this is an
issue. We have a crack here you’re taking pictures. Your inspectors
can take pictures too trust me. You know that. So yeah. So you need to
take pictures as well. You take pictures of the crack, you take pictures at the house. and you save it in your Evernote notebook called whenever the address is of the location. And for this particular instance we’re using 5163 Clark. Okay? So we have this set up. Now, were gonna sync all this back to
Google Apps EverNote is gonna sync back to
Google Apps because you probably have been in there who’s
gonna go ahead and take a look and everything you just wrote inside
your Evernote notebook they’re gonna be able to have access to in Google Apps and real time and as soon as they see Oh.. There was a crack happening here at 5163 Clark immediately whoever is back at the office will be able to give you a list of all these contractors. To go ahead and fix the crack. Uploads it here and you immediately
get it in your notebook in 5163 Clark in Evernote even though she’s or he’s put that information Google
Apps. It’s kinda cool. It’s totally synced in realtime. So there’s no loss of time for you. It’s immediate your teamates can see exactly what you’re doing you can’t exactly what they’re doing and you can work together as a Team. So we have that set up. And the last thing you really should
know is, once you had all this set up you really should take all your Google Apps and back it up to something just to have a safe backup location we suggest Dropbox that’s currently where are very very
successful realtors are doing. They’re doing Evernote synced with
Google Apps and they’re taking Google Apps and syncing it out to Dropbox. Now when they always have Dropbox here as their safety pillow or safety net if anything
ever happened to Google Apps or to Evernote, they always have a copy in Dropbox. Doesn’t happen often times that platforms go down but it’s good to have multiple locations to have all of your information ready for you So you just never lose time. If Evernote goes down or Google apps goes down it doesnt matter you’ve got a copy in Dropbox. and vice versa this is the ultimate triangle any of our Realtors you must
try this. And if you’re really not sure about
how to set things up or if you have specific needs go ahead and call us or contact us [email protected] we normally respond immediately. worst-case scenario we can take up to 12 hours but normally respond immediately we have up to a dozen Cloud IT infrastructure specialists who’ve dealt with many of our Realtors and help set up their infrastructure to. Go ahead and give us a call or email. its completely free to talk with anyone of us we’re here to help you make your
workplace flatform agnostic. CloudHQ making you efficient in selling more homes.

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