How to Use Zillow to Sell Your Real Estate FAST
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How to Use Zillow to Sell Your Real Estate FAST


  • Mr. Deeds BuysHouses

    hi seth, good vid, thanks however quick question, …what's the difference between posting direct vs using like postlets??

  • HP H

    Hi Seth, I just bumped into your channel and was interested in your land investing course. Is there a way to see some of the modules before actually starting the course? Perhaps like a 3 – 7 day trial? Thanks.

  • Summer Snow

    Zillow and Trulia suck. Both sites are misleading with prices and you can't get anyone to follow through with any inquired homes that they are trying to sell.

  • firstnamemike

    I am using Zillow FSBO and it looks like I don't need to list this with a broker and get on MLS. Right? Am I missing something?

  • Anon Anon

    Hi, I listed my property but it says I have to wait 48 hours for it to show. I had it in Zillow 5 months ago listed by a realtor but I don't have a contract any more with her and I want to try For Sale by Owner. It has been more than 48 hours. It says is lock. Could it be that my last realtor lock the property? I tried contacting Zillow but I get no answer. It shows my new pictures, but not the price, it gives me the estimate price. Please help..
    Thank you

  • Ash Vecchio

    People who are using this are getting ridiculously lowball investor offers with no representation and opening themselves up to lawsuits with the buyers. It's a disaster. From the last study, maybe 15% are successful. I don't think it's worth the risk and you won't save in the long run.

  • Ginger Morris

    For COSTA RICA PROPERTY FOR SALE CONTACT…. …. They are honest and cheaper than Zillow…Here is their USA number 561-693-5509. or Costa Rica 506-2495-0149 MUCH BETTER THAN ZILLOW. We have invested into 3 homes with this company and love them. Zillow was terrible.

  • Jim Mareno

    Hi Seth,…if i list fsbo on zillow, and then later if unsuccessful, decide to use a realtor, does my zillow fsbo “days on market” count towards my days on market with a realtor later?,…see what i mean?

  • Gary Howell

    This information seems to no longer be valid. When I follow these exact steps, I receive a message that says New listings may only be posted via listing feed. Check if your MLS provides a feed to Zillow Group. Since I don't have access to the MLS I can go no further.

  • Elyse Mims

    Zillow can't even distinguish a manufactured home on rental lot vs a brick home one block over; no offense but they still have the homes in my area stating a value over double what they actually were bought for NEW this year

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