• NexusAnalytix

    Hey Seth, another step will produce better results in the data analysis. Scrub the Data. Cell D13 and D30 are already expressed in acres. Therefore, it does not need the formula to be applied. This is the reason that the $/acre on these two data points are way off from the others. You can manually overwrite the formula with =C13 and =C30 to use the results or remove (delete) these two comps from consideration. I would also recommend only using this analysis as an early screen in a more comprehensive due diligence investigation before a potential investment. An onsite appraisal would most likely be a better indicator of current market value and marketability.

  • House Flipping Guide

    Hey Seth is there a paid for service that I can use that would be comparable to the MLS? I'm getting leads from all over the US

  • Jordan Maffuccio

    Seth, thanks a ton. One problem I ran into is that the downloadable CSV did not include a last sale price (though it did include a last sale date). Any ideas why this would be? (used the same area in Nevada as you did, so I don't expect this is a regional exclusion)

  • lewisHelps

    This is a great tool for every real estate investor. Thanks for sharing how to use this resource for our real estate investments. I made a similar video on my channel with an example of a deal i was in. Great video!

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