How To Use Other People’s Money To Buy Real Estate – Vancouver Real Estate – Gary Wong

[crowd] Hi, I’ m more interested in real
estate as a business and real estate investing, so quickly, if you can summarize how to use
O.P.M., other people’s money, to start investing
in real estate. Sure. Lots of different ways to use OPM, other people’s
money. Let’s say you find a deal. Most common way is, you find a deal and then
money will come. So you find the deal, and then you have to
pitch the deal to the real estate investors. This is a great deal because the return is
this, the return is that. It’s rentable like this, rentable like that. You put in the money, I put in all the work. [crowd] More like a connector like.. Yes, you are the mediator, basically. [crowd] get the contractor in whatever the.. Yes, you do everything and they just put in
the money. So how are they going to trust you? It depends on how good your pitch is. So are you pitching them or a script deal? Why? I don’t know, it’s great. Those guys are sophisticated. They’re all about numbers. You better have this pro forma for them, and
explain all the return, be conservative. You will provide the sensitivity analysis. Meaning best case, worst case, medium case
scenario, that kind of thing. Especially if you have no track record. If you don’t have track record, you provide
an extensive analysis. And then if they believe you. They work with you and then great. Once you have a track record, then people—
you don’t have necessarily have to like– You still need to be comprehensive but it’s
not going to be as difficult. Yea. Does that answer your question? That’s just one form. There’s like joint venture and that kind
of thing. [crowd] Do you have it in your book? Yea it is. Yea. It’s in the last 7 chapters, Investing. Yea.

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