How To Use Business Credit To Fund Real Estate
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How To Use Business Credit To Fund Real Estate

What’s up my friends. Kris Krohn here. And
listen, we are back. And today we’re talking about how you can get funding
for your deals? And how you can line up business credit? Because bottom line is
you got no money or you going out there doing real estate, you’re getting serious
about the game. The question is how do you actually get the money to the table
to make your deals land? So you can make that 10 grand, 50 grand, a hundred
thousand dollars. I like to make a hundred thousand dollars and I’m
introducing you to the man today. This is going to help make that possible. This is
Mr. Mike banks of fun and grow. And Mike is a part of my personal and private
wealth team. Now he’s a part of yours. You’re going to watch this entire video
because especially at the end we got a special bonus of what we’re going to do to
actually help you get the money that you need for doing your very next deal. Mike, how you doing, man? -Doing great. Thank
you having. -Yeah, thanks for coming out all the way from… -Tampa, Florida. -All the
way from Florida. Avoiding some of the Hurricanes out there, right? -Yeah.
Absolutely. -So Mike, I mean bottom line, right? What you do is your company goes
out there and you basically line up funding for people that are doing real
estate deals that actually don’t have the money? -Yeah, absolutely. That’s exactly
what we do. We do all the legwork for our clients and folks get funding within 30
days. -Now, this is a little different. We’re not talking about like credit
cards or like, “I got a personal credit card.” You’re talking about actually this
is legit. Getting a business and getting credit for a business, right? -Right. Can you walk
us through a little bit what that means? -Yeah, absolutely. We set up business
credit lines for our clients. We then apply, negotiate, set up the entire
account for our clients. And it doesn’t show up on their personal credit report.
Which is a huge deal. If you don’t want your business debt to show up on your
personal report and that’s something that we really take seriously and teach
all of our clients. -You know some people are out there saying, “Man, I’d love to
have a 5 or a 20 thousand or line of credit. But we’re actually talking
about money and lines of credit for business. But we’re not talking about 20
grand. What would you see your average clients are actually getting? -On average
clients, within the first 30 days are getting $50,000 on
average. Some clients get over a hundred thousand. It really depends on your
credit in your business. -And over the course of the year, how much would you
say on average of getting set aside for people? -On average, we’re bringing in 150
to 250 thousand over that 12-month period. Some some folks get more than
that though. -Okay. So just pause for a second because I want to make sure
you’re hearing this. I’ve actually been through this process. These why as part
of my wealth team. Yeah, in fact, we were actually here at one of my live events
happening which you got to get to the next one. The next one, oh my gosh, hands
down got to be there. But we just had a woman in the audience that just said, “I
just went through fun and grow. Got all my business lines of credit.” You know, this
stuff works but we’re talking about much larger sums of money. And I want to share
with you one strategy right now in real estate why you want this tool in your
back pocket. When I’m out there doing deals Mike, I mean I know you were just
telling me about a wholesale deal that you did made it how much money? -5
grand. So $5,000. Whether you’re wholesaling, whether you’re buying
properties longer term for lease options or you’re buying a property and you need
to turn it. Sometimes it’s a lot easier if you can just buy that property cash.
A lot of people are using Mike’s services. And they’re using business credit
instead of a bank to actually buy the property. And buying it outright because
with 200 grand, a lot of you are actually doing real
estate in areas where if you’re following my system and you’re doing it
underneath the median, you can actually buy that home cash. And often with the 0%
interest rate, if you sell it a short time later, you got minimal fees compared
to you know, hard money lending and things like that. All the sudden, you
became your own bank. That’s one of the things that I love. I’ve got my partners
as a resource that will fund things with. But sometimes, a deal is so juicy
Mike that I don’t want to split 50-50 so I actually can use my own private
bank which is my business lines of credit. And you can have your business
lines of credit. You just got to get with Mike and his team to show you the
ropes. And the best part about working with you guys is there’s no risk because
you guys will even actually… There is I think depending on their situation.
There’s like a small upfront fee to help get all that credit but you give all
that money back if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason. -Right, exactly. We
have the 60 day money-back guarantee. So if they don’t get any results, they get
their money back. So, if you’re sitting here thinking well, Kris, I want to do
real estate or I have done real estate, or I want to start a business. If you
need business money for any reason especially real estate, I want you to
click the link in the description below and I want you to reach out to Mike’s
team and basically say, “Hey dude, can you see what I qualify for?” And Mike’s team
will get you taken care of and show you exactly what you can do. Now for those of
you that are young. We got a lot of young viewers here. We got some older people. I
want to ask you, are you helping both old and young people get their credit
established and get this thing going? -Yeah, absolutely. A lot of the younger
folks, we tend to start with building their personal credit if they don’t have
any personal credit yet. A lot of folks haven’t started applying for credit at a
young age. So what we’re able to do is we’re able
to strengthen their whole personal credit profile and build that foundation
so that they can get business credit shortly after. Now, you need to listen
this right now. Especially if you’re kind of of that younger variety. I was told I
was too young when I started launching in a real estate. And if you’re like, “Oh,
my gosh. I’m just too young.” No, you’re not. You need to get your credit balanced and
you got to get it building. And you can watch my other videos on how to build
credit. Mike’s here to actually get you the credit. So in that situation, you want
to especially fill that out, reach out, talk to the team and reveal. “This is my
age, this is where I’m at.” Just never let anyone tell you that you
too young because I bring people on my team that will actually support you. The
younger, the better when it comes to actually building wealth and actually
making things happen for yourself. Mike, can you just share a couple of stories
of what people have actually done in the world of real estate with their lines of
credit? -Yeah, absolutely. We just had a client actually. He went on line and
posted a testimonial on a real estate forum called Bigger Pockets. And he
talked about how he went through the program and he purchased a duplex using
the funding that we got him. Rehabbed it and then put some tenants in it and he’s
now refinancing into a longer term. Well… -Now, what’s really cool about that is he
is the bank. Sometimes I use but Bank banks. Sometimes using my partners as a
bank. Sometimes I’m using my business lines of
credit as a bank. And the more resources you have, the more reasons you
can actually jump on deals when they present themselves. Now, what will someone…
What will happen to someone if they actually click the link and talk to a
member of your team? What can they expect? -Well, we’re going to give you guys a call
immediately. As soon as you fill out the information, we’ll call you. Maybe not
immediately. Within the same day. And we’ll go over everything with you. We’ll
discuss your business and your credit and see what you qualify for and let you
know right then and there on the phone how much you actually qualify for. -Even
if they don’t have a business and they need to start one? -Yeah.
Exactly. We’ll set up an entity for you guys. So if you don’t have a tax ID or
any LLC’s set up, we set that up for you guys. -And I dare say. I know you guys. Most
of you don’t have that and I don’t want you to use that as your continual excuse
why you’re not getting started. Mike’s in my wealth team because it’s not just
about getting business credit. He’ll actually get your business started so
that you can actually get that credit going. So you have that consultation you
find out how much and then you decide you know, the fees will differ. You
know, but basically you pay the money if you’re actually going to move forward with
it and then over the course of the year, you just get all this credit. -Right. -And
then boom, you’re out there just rocking it out and you’re doing everything.
-Absolutely. And one thing we haven’t really talked about is we have 2
different ways that you can sign up with us. One way, you don’t have to put any
money down upfront. So you can literally sign up with us. We do the work for you
and then you pay after you have the credit. -Awesome. So here’s the thing that
I want you guys to walk away with. I want you to put Mike in your tool belt to do
that. All you got to is click the link, talk to his team and find out. Hey, you
know, no matter how young, no matter how old, you want your business credit
established as a tool in your toolbox. And then when you do get your business
lines of credit, I’m going to encourage you to do a couple
of things that you should classify as a business expense. Number 1, get on a
plane and come out to the event. The mindset training that I’m going to give you
and the real estate training that I’m going to give you, like you come to liberate
and you come to my to real estate con, our convention, you’re going to learn the
valuable tools that you need to actually take action and jump on it. And so that’s
one of those things that you can do with your business. And the second one is, you
could actually have me become your mentor and boom, I’m they’re actually
doing the deals with you the way you’ve seen our other YouTubees, as I call
them. Dude, they’re out there. They’re watching the videos, they join my team
and now we’re crushing it together real estate. This could be a way for you to
make that happen or just when you’re doing your other deals, boom, you got the
money so that you can jump in there and freaking crush it. Mike, is there anything
else you think they should know you know, before we get to the special bonus? -I
just wanted to say that, that personally happened to me.
By getting access to this credit, I was able to start a real estate wholesaling
business and I literally just signed my first assignment’ agreement yesterday
and you know, I’m starting that now. So, for me, it really allowed me to to build
that business. -That’s awesome. Well friends, Mike, I want to thank you for
being here man. Thank you so much. And for you guys,
listen up. If you click that link the special bonus. I’ve worked out a deal
with Mike which means that when you work with his team, you get access to some of
their additional resources and price points that you’re not going to get
anywhere else. This relationship is going to take you further than you’re
certainly going to go on your own. So make sure you click the link of the
description below. If you’re not a subscriber, fix that right now and then
we’re going to look forward to seeing you on the next video. Talking to my team and
it’s time to make those deals happen when? Right now.


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