How to target and reach realtors and mortgage brokers on Facebook | Tip For Tip Episode 53
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How to target and reach realtors and mortgage brokers on Facebook | Tip For Tip Episode 53

On today’s episode we are going to talk about how to really target and reach those realtors and mortgage brokers hello hello hello and welcome to episode 53 of Tip For Tip where you ask your marketing question in exchange for a tip in your industry my name is Aaron and my name is Christian and today we have Eric and Adam from CLR National Title and Appraisals. Hey everybody Adam Bell Eric Stewart from CLR National Title and Appraisal we’ve just have a quick question for BitBranding Eric, yes so on our Facebook advertising how can we direct it towards our clients to our Realtors our mortgage brokers and make sure that we’re capturing those that we want to spend our advertising dollars on. Ok so my tip for you in order to reach Realtors and mortgage brokers it’s honestly to be unique with your content and even venture out to something else rather than just facebook I remember we were at one of your guys’s talks that you do with the Realtors okay and I remember talking to this lady who’s a realtor and she was talking to us about another realtor that stood out like crazy and it’s because she was doing funny videos on snapchat i think it was and then she was posting them on her facebook wall so that right there the fact that we know about that lady that does snapchat videos and put them on facebook you know that’s unique that’s something that nobody else is doing and that’s something that will definitely draw attention to you and your company so don’t be afraid to venture out to other platforms and don’t be afraid to doing some unique working stuff I mean that gets people going right use the emotion but you can always curate the content for something and put on another platform is right and then the easy answer for that on advertising is that you can literally target people who are Realtors and mortgage brokers who list that as their their title on facebook so you can target them that’s easy part the hard part is that you can’t do that from just boosting a post you have to go to power editor I would encourage anyone who’s watching this to go to youtube look up what power editor is and find out how to use that in the most basic terms create a campaign and you can actually click the detailed targeting and target Realtors and mortgage brokers the contents the most important part though yeah yes exactly all right let’s hear your different well thank you good branding for the inside now for a two-part tip because we are CLR National Title and Appraisal Eric you wanna give a Title tip? Yes I’m title when selling your house make sure that you provide all the information to your Realtor as soon as possible your last four of your social security the any liens that you’re aware that way the title company can address those as soon as we get the contract make sure that closing goes smoothly and everybody has a good time selling or buying their house thanks Eric homeowners when you’re preparing your house to be appraised it’s really important that you make the house presentable too often we walk into homes and they’re just in complete disarray you have to kind of think that an appraiser is just another human and has a perspective based on how the house looks immediately so it can kind of help the appraisers mind to think the way you want them to think I’m making sure your house is picked up clean and things around the exterior of the house are put away and everything’s tidy so happy home line guys have your old selling we look forward to working with you Thank You Erin thoughts thanks Christian yes I do have two thoughts one Eric your tip was very helpful for me because I’m not a homeowner yet so I don’t know the process don’t know anything about that so getting that done ahead of time and those little things you don’t find out and to Adam your tip was really good because I didn’t know why we do this but back in Kansas when my parents were getting the house ready like us kids had to help clean up the house and I hated it for the appraisal person to come there so I never realized why they made us do it I thought it was just an excuse for them to make us clean the house so thank you for letting me forget my parents from 15 years ago yeah the only thing that came up to mind whenever we’re talking about making the house presentable if you watch the honor of you already seen over in are you CN b oj simpson versus the people documentary was like a six-part series but the cops goes to the house and they basically clear the house out and then they put like family images all around the house and make oj seemed like he was a family man like it wasn’t yeah you got really like pictures of like girls and all the stuff all over the house anyway that was a reminding me of making the house presentable for the cops. Completely different stories are there this is that way it kinda dark but hopefully buying all but you needa left that you know you you need to watch that documentary its really good alright and Adam Eric thank you guys for coming on the show we will have your information in the description so other people can find out more about to you and your company and if you are a business owner looking to grow your business in 2017 with Facebook advertising for free and you’re watching this far into this go ahead and click the link Christian is going to put us there in Franklin’s going to put it below to Fill out a submission form and lets get you on the show We’ll see ya next week!

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  • Steve Mannenbach

    Except that I'm looking right now, AND typing in the job title Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer doesn't bring up very many brokers to target… I nailed it for Real Estate Agents with a sneaky move.

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