How to take great real estate photos with an iPhone
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How to take great real estate photos with an iPhone

– Hi, and welcome. My name is Simon Cohen, and
today I’m going to give you a quick introduction to using an iPhone for great real estate photos. Real estate pros know that hiring a professional photographer
is a surefire way to get great photos for your listing. But this option can
also be very expensive. With prices that can easily
reach hundreds of dollars. Plus, you’ll have to
wait for the photographer to edit and curate the best shots. Thankfully, today’s
smartphones, like this iPhone 6, are packed with technology
that can deliver professional quality images
if you have the right apps, the right accessories,
and a little know how. The iPhone’s camera has
more than enough resolution for real estate
photography, and couldn’t be easier to use. The phone’s built in
camera app lets you choose between regular photos,
square photos, and panoramas. You can choose when to use the flash, and focusing on a specific
area only takes a single tap. To take your photo, tap the
big, white shutter button, or for a more traditional
feel, you can use either of the volume buttons
on the side of the phone. Of course, you can shoot video as well. That’s the basics, but
there’s much more you can do. The biggest challenge in
real estate photography is indoor lighting. What looks like warm, appealing
lighting to the human eye, often looks dark and drab to a camera. The best solution is,
use as much natural light as possible. But if that’s not an option, you’ll need an external light source you can control. For less than $75, accessories like the Manfrotto SMT LED light can help brighten your shots. Another solution for dark photos is the high dynamic range, or HDR feature, on your phone. It can dramatically improve
problems with deep shadows or bright windows, by
automatically combining three different exposures into one photo. But to get the best result with HDR? You’ll need a tripod. Nope, not one of those massive tripods you see the pros use. iPhones weigh next to nothing, so your tripod can be much
smaller, even pocket sized, and cost less than $50. The key is to be able to hold
your phone perfectly steady. Of course, if you have to touch your phone to take the photo, that’s not ideal. Experienced iPhone users know they can use the volume buttons on their ear pods. But for a truly touchless experience, wireless bluetooth camera
buttons are available online for about $15. Finally, no activity on the
iPhone would be complete without saying, there’s an app for that. But it would be more accurate to say, there’s hundreds of apps for that. Photography is one of the
most popular categories in the app store. Free apps, like Snapseed,
give you way more control over photos than the built in app, while the $2.99 Camera Plus
app has even more features. But, for real estate
photography, a truly killer app might just be Curb Appeal. Its main attraction is its amazing low light HDR setting. But realtors are going to love the fact that it can automatically
organize, re-size, and send your phots to MLS
directly from your phone, though a small fee
applies for this service. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different angles
and different heights, and take lots of photos. The best part about digital photography is that mistakes don’t cost a thing. Thanks for watching, and happy shooting. (upbeat instrumental music)


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