How To Stay Relevant As A Realtor in 2019
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How To Stay Relevant As A Realtor in 2019

– With all of the marketing
platforms out there from Zillow to Facebook to Instagram, there’s a lot to keep up with. That’s okay though. In this video, we’re going to break down how to stay relevant as a
realtor in 2019 and beyond. (jazzy music) So the first thing we have to do is identify where our audience is. In the nineties, our audience
was reading the newspaper so newspaper ads were
great for generating leads, great for staying relevant. Today, if you guys are
running newspaper ads, you know that’s not the case. Staying relevant as an agent starts with understanding
where your audience is online. So, if you’re looking at selling
to the older demographic, chances are, they’re gonna be on places
like Facebook and LinkedIn. If you’re looking at
the younger demographic, they’re on things like Instagram. Now, it’s important in this, to also understand where
people are leaving. A year and a half ago, I would’ve told you that you had to be on Snapchat. Today, that’s not so much the case. And for those of you guys who have ran things like bus bench ads or flyers, those are catchall efforts. They cost a lot of money
and they aren’t targeted, where advertising efforts on social media can get really targeted in front of potential
home buyers and sellers. The next thing you need
to do to stay relevant as a realtor with marketing,
is commit to learning. The technology landscape’s
always changing, marketing is always changing and your customer behavior
is always changing. But, the good news is, there are plenty of resources on the web. You can lean on real estate publications, like maybe the one
you’re watching this on, or go to any marketing website or education website on the net, and learn about the platforms
that you need to be on. Next, to stay relevant as an agent, we’re gonna wanna make sure we don’t bite off more than we can chew. A lot of us are one,
two, three person teams and we don’t have a lotta time. Pick a couple social networks
and become a master at those. If you try to do all of them, you’re going to spread yourself too thin, and you’re going to end up
producing mediocre content and a mediocre return on
investment on those platforms. Chances are if you’re a realtor, you’re also a people person,
and we wanna make sure that we let your personality fly, and there’s no better way to
do this than by creating video. Now, it might feel weird the first time you record yourself speaking into a phone. But, it keeps you top of mind
when you create that content and put it out on the web, and it helps people get to know you, strengthening that relationship before they call you
to buy or sell a home. And lastly guys, if you
feel lost, ask for help. Chances are there’s an
agent at your office who’s killing it on Instagram or Facebook or wherever you need to be. Or, maybe you have a
family member or a friend who knows how to use those platforms and can teach you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Usually people are more than
willing to lend a helping hand. Alright guys, I hope
you enjoyed this video. If you want more content like this, make sure to hit that subscribe button. And, if you want the
exact copy that we use to convert leads to listings, we actually put a link to that down below in the description, so make sure to pick that up too. Until next time guys, I’m
Jordan Scheltgen, take care.

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