How To Start Making Videos – Yes, You, Realtors!
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How To Start Making Videos – Yes, You, Realtors!

– If there’s one thing I love about being in Southern California, is that everyday is 71 degrees
and it never ever rains. (thunder) (techno music) if this is your first
time on this channel, my name is Trevor Jones. I spent 18 years in Hollywood
editing creative content for companies like Marvel and Disney. And just over a year ago I became a full time real estate agent and was able to really grow
my business using video. Now on this channel I devote my content to helping other realtors like you grow your businesses, using video. In today’s video we’re gonna
talk about getting started. Sometimes you feel like you’re not ready and that life doesn’t
give you what you want, or you don’t have the tools you need to get started doing things. Like, today, I would’ve loved
that beautiful sunny day, but I’ve got rain, so instead
I’m making a video in the rain and doing stuff like (upbeat music) ♪ I’d run a thousand miles ♪ ♪ If I could run with you ♪ a lot of agents are really
hesitant to start making videos because: A, didn’t know
where to start and B, they don’t think they
have the right equipment. Well let me address B first. If you have one of these, you have all the equipment you
need to make stellar Videos. A smart phone, iPhone, google pixel, Android, doesn’t matter. Most of them have 4K, slow motion, the sound is great if you’re talking, you know relatively close
to the mic like this. You can make amazing videos,
using just your iPhone. You don’t need a fancy camera,
you don’t need fancy lights, you don’t need a fancy mic. What you need to do is
show up and just start. So the first thing is, use the
equipment you already have. Whether it’s a cellphone or
you happen to have a DLSR or a mirrorless camera, just
start with what you have. The other problem people have
is getting ready to get ready. They feel like, well I need
to be a little more polished, a little more practiced, I’m really not comfortable on camera. The best way to overcome
all of those obstacles when you first start out
is to simply just start. But you say Trevor, I don’t
even know what button to push how to start. Well, let me show you. Here’s the button you push. You break out your iPhone
and you put it in video mode and you push that button right there and you start recording. Now, you don’t need to
create edited content that’s got music and sound
effects and special effects. All you need to do is show up on camera and talk to your audience
like you’re talking to a regular person. Talk to your potential buyers and sellers. My number one tip for starting
to create video content, for you target audience is
to get on Instagram stories. If you don’t have Instagram stories, if you don’t have Instagram,
download Instagram right now, and create Instagram stories. I have a couple of tutorials about using Instagram stories right here. That’s where you should start, because you can create 15 second videos that go away in 24 hours and
it’s a great way to practice. It’s okay to be raw,
it’s expected to be raw. It doesn’t need to be
polished and professional, the great lighting and sound and music. It just needs to be you. Start with Instagram stories. When you’ve done maybe two
Instagram stories per day for a couple of weeks, it’s like okay, I can talk to a camera, it’s
like talking to a person. Think about that person
you’re gonna talk to and then upgrade a little bit
and just break out your phone, stick it in front of you on your desk, sit in front of a window so
the light’s kind of pretty and frame it properly, you
know, just a quick tip, keep your head like you
know, at the top of the frame like mine is here. You don’t wanna do this or this for Instagram
stories or any video. You wanna keep it framed
or you know better yet, you can go off to the side
a little more artistic. If you’ve got something
prepared to offset you, that stuff doesn’t matter too much. What’s really important is
that you let the car pass by so you don’t hear the sound of the car as you’re watching me
record in my front yard. What’s most important is that
you start creating content. Now, here’s what I suggest
in a class that I teach. I suggest that once per week, once you’re comfortable
on Instagram stories, once a week go live on Facebook. I know it’s terrifying, here’s why. Number one, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, they all love live videos. They promote it more than
any other kind of content. So the boost you get from social media is the first reason to go live. The second reason is, once you’re done, you just click upload and you’re done. There’s no need to edit,
add music, sound effects, do anything fancy, have
a fancy camera, nothing. Just go live for one minute, once a week at a regular time and talk
to your target audience. But Trevor, what do I say? Well, there’s a bunch of videos
that I’ve made to talk about the things you should
talk about in your videos. Here’s one, no, here’s one right here. One basic idea is to talk about what the market’s doing right now and how that affects you personally. The reason that you create video content is to create a personal
connection with your audience. So just do a tiny bit of research, figure out what’s going on, talk about how it’s
impacting you personally and just go live once a week for a minute and you’ll be, I promise,
you’ll be the only agent in your entire market doing that. You’ll get more comfortable
and later on you can, you know, maybe go to
creating more edited content, but this is an amazing way
to start creating content. Instagram stories then, Facebook live, talking about things that
are happening in your market, or talk about things that you know about. Answering questions that your clients ask. You’re an agent, you’ve been
doing this for a long time, they all ask they same questions. Just go hey, today I’m gonna
answer some questions for you such as what’s earnest money? How much is it? Do I get it back? Answer questions that you know your audience
already wants to know about and be yourself. Don’t be the news reporter. Don’t be all stiff and
perfect and wearing the suit. I mean if you wear a suit
all the time that’s fine. I show up on videos like this. Now I used to wear a suit
when I did my videos, but it wasn’t me, it wasn’t genuine. Be the genuine you and
connect with your audience. So those are my tips for getting started, creating video content. The other thing is creating
video content is fun. It’s so much more phone
than making cold calls and I believe way more affective, especially in the long term. If you haven’t done already, go ahead hit that subscribe button below so you don’t miss out on future content where I’ll teach you to grow
your business using video the way I have. I can’t wait to see what you create. (upbeat music) ♪ To paradise ♪ ♪ All I know is that I
need you in my life ♪ ♪ Let me show you how it feels to ♪ ♪ Roll the dice ♪ ♪ You know you want it ♪ ♪ Just say the word ♪ ♪ Oh ♪


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