How To Start A Real Estate Business From Scratch
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How To Start A Real Estate Business From Scratch

Can you imagine if you weren’t elk and
you had two of these on your head? And what a dirty trick like… You got to go
through the forest and then you’re getting branches and stuff and you’re
waking up all the hunters and then the next thing you hear is that *PFFT* That’s super
random. But you know what? That doesn’t relate at all to what we’re talking
about today. So, today we’re talking about how you
actually build a real estate business from scratch. And here’s a couple things
that you need to be aware of. If you’re watching this video you’re thinking, “Why
wouldn’t I get out there and just build a business from scratch?” Now, take it from
someone that has done thousands of deals. Literally thousands of deals over the
last 15 years. And here are the biggest – misperceptions that I find. People will
either say, “Oh, you’re going to need some money if you’re going to do that. You know,
money credit .”aAd then the second thing they say is, you know, “And you’re going to
need some experience.” And I’m like, “Wait a second.
That doesn’t make sense.” Are you saying the chicken comes first or the egg?
Because you can’t get experience until you actually get out there and do
something. And then they’re going to say “Yeah. But if you mess up because you
don’t have experience, you’re going to lose everything bro.” You can see why this is
what keeps people from from starting the real estate business. And I want to show
you how to kind of get over that today. I’m going to introduce you to some acronyms.
And here they are. The first one is OPM. Did you know the stands for? It’s not
opium. For the masses. This is OPM. Stands for other people’s money. So, when someone
says, “Oh, I don’t have money. Oh, I don’t have credit.” I say, “Great, then what you
need to learn how to do if you’re starting a business from scratch. Your
job isn’t to possess the resource. Your job is to gather the resource.” That
distinction my friend is worth a million dollars to you. Your job isn’t to possess
the resource. Your job as to what? Gather the resource. So, OPM means I got to go
out and find the people who have the money. And by the way, why would someone
give money to you? I mean you’ve never done any of this before. Easy. Because if
you find a really good deal, then the money talks and then people jump in and
that’s how people and real estate get started every single day. The next thing
that you want to leverage is o-p-s. This stands for other people’s systems. Do not
reinvent the wheel. If you’re going to start a business in the game of real estate,
then don’t be like, “Oh, yeah, yeah. We’re going to flip a property then we’re going to
do, you know, multifamily then we’re going to
a rental.” Listen, you want to specialize as quickly as possible. And if you’re
going to do your first 5 deals, do not do 5 different kind of deals. You want to
pick the best strategy and then do that one strategy 5 times. You want to that
for a couple of reasons. Reason number one is that if you learn how to do real
estate this way and on your next deal you try it that way, you’re diversifying
way too much and you’re having experience and nothing. You need to
collect experience because with every single deal in the same experience field,
you get better and better and better and better and your profits get bigger and
bigger. You do not want to be the jack-of-all-trades in the game of real
estate. You want to be the master of one, okay? Now, in a moment, I’ll show you a
system that you can leverage. There are many systems that are out there. My
system is simple. If you’re a beginner, you should be doing lease options and
you should be doing no money down real estate. Because if you don’t put any
money up and something goes bad, guess what? You’re protected, right? I want you
to be insulated. And I don’t want you to have this excuse of “But I don’t have the
money.” Some of these deals take maybe like 4 or 5 grand. You’ll find
amazing deals it’ll take 10 grand. But you’ll find deals that don’t require any
money or like a very nominal amount, right? So, leverage someone else’s system.
The next thing that I want you to be aware of is that you want to leverage O-P-E. Other people’s what? Experience. What you need is a guide. Sometimes they’re
called Mentors. And I want to give you the definition of
a good guide. The guide has already been where you want to go many times. Like
imagine for a moment that you want to climb Mount Everest, right? Like you have
a choice. There’s 2 guys available ones like, “Dude, this is like my first time up
Everest but I got certified online. It’s going to be awesome.” And you got the other
guy who’s like, “Alright. You’re going to prepare. You’re going to do everything that
I tell you to do. I’ve helped 300 people up the mountain and no one has died on
my watch yet. Not one. And you won’t be the first.” It’s like… Which guy would you
pick? I’d probably pick Mr. crotchety, right? Like crotchety over surfer dude,
probably going to be a safer pick. Similarly in the game of real estate, an
experienced guide has done what you want to do at least ten times over. So, for
example, if you’re like, “Hey, I want to make a million in real estate.” Then go
find someone that’s made 10 million dollars, right? That already exists. Do not
reinvent the wheel and don’t be out there alone like the lone wolf.
So many people are like, “If you want something done right, you do it yourself.”
That’s how you get killed. Do not murder yourself. What you need to do is you need
to say, “If you want something done right, you get a pro, you get a team, you get an
expert.” So, O-P-M, O-P-S, O-P-E leads to O-P-D. Other people’s deals. Listen, if you have
other people’s money, other peoples deals, leveraging other people’s systems, other
people’s experience, guess what you have now? You have everything that you need
for making tons of money. Your job is to be the deal maker that pulls it all
together. What you need to do is get the resources. Now, if you’re starting from
scratch and you don’t know what that means,
then this is your guide. This book the Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth is
the first of many books that I’ve written. We just came out with the next
edition. We’ve moved fifty thousand copy this it’s created millionaires that
documents, have done thousands of deals. And the reason why this book is
important for you as a beginner, is that if you’re starting from scratch this
book basically says I’ve compared the top 30 strategies in real estate. And I
whittled it down to one that’ll make you the most money, with the least time the
least effort in the least risk. This book is free. It’s a gift from me to you as
long as we have excess supply. We do run out from time to time. But if you click
the link, just cover the shipping and this book will get mailed out to you.
When it gets to you, here’s what you’re going to get: You’re going to get my system
for how you start from scratch. Number 2 is I’ll share with you where
you go and find the money. And number 3, I don’t even share how you get a
guide. When you get this book, it also comes with a complimentary no BS
consultation. That means talk to a member of my team.
They’ll put themself in your shoes and figure out what scratch means. And then
help you get started on whatever your first steps look like. Or just do it
alone. All I’m trying to do here serve you with all the resources and tools
that certainly have the power to help you be crazy successful at this game. So,
we’ve talked about today the 2 biggest misperceptions. We’ve talked about the
reality that every resource you need already exists. And as long as you have a
system, other people’s money and a guide, dude, you are home free. There’s no reason
why you can’t do a deal this year or 20 deals this year. Because I have students
actually doing that. If this was useful, do me a favor. Subscribe
and ring that Bell. Because I come out with the video every single day designed
to help you address left brain, right brain, right? I’m going to help you develop
the mindset of wealth. AAnd I’m then I’m going to give you the tools for how you
make it happen. Best wishes, See on tomorrow’s video.


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