“How to Sell Your Home Privately in Charleston SC” | Charleston FSBO | Charleston SC Real Estate
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“How to Sell Your Home Privately in Charleston SC” | Charleston FSBO | Charleston SC Real Estate

Thanks for joining me in this video where
I’ll share with you the things you need to know as a homeowner selling your home but
may not even be aware of. Stay with me for just a moment and I’ll walk
you through a couple disaster stories as well as what you can do to avoid
becoming one of them. Most homeowners are aware of problems that
can happen during the sale of their home, but what about once the house is sold? I can remember a story that came up a few
years ago, a person sold their home privately, and after the sale, the buyer discovered some
important facts about the home that owner had not disclosed to them during the sale. Because there were state laws requiring the
owner to disclose those facts, the seller was now facing legal action. Now let me ask you, if you were the homeowner
would you have known how to best resolve this and avoid it in the first place? What if a buyer says to you after the deal
is nearly complete, that they want you to pay for costly upgrades to the crawlspace
of the home or they will back out of the deal? Would you know what to do? Are you in a position to pay for those upgrades? Would you know how to deal with this problem? Suppose you spend all this time, energy and
money to sell your home to someone only to find out that they’re just a looky-loo or
couldn’t get qualified for financing? Wouldn’t it be better to know that you’re
working with a qualified buyer? But how do you find out if they’re qualified? Another story comes to mind. A couple was moving out of state and had signed
a contract to purchase a new home there. They had to sell their current home that had
been in their family for generations. Because of the memories and their fondness
of the home, they priced it base on sentimental value rather than market value. Months passed with no offers until one day,
someone sensing their desperation made them a very low offer that they had to accept. What did that seller do wrong? You see the first couple of weeks that a house
is on the market is critical for showing to potential buyers. As time goes on the buyer pool gets smaller. So, if your first impression is not positive
then those first potential buyers don’t usually come back and you’ve lost a potential early
sale. So how do you avoid becoming one of these
disastrous stories and become one of these success stories instead? That’s exactly what I’ll go over with you
in this free report, so click on the button below to download your report and I’ll be
happy to share this with you. Thanks for watching. Now I’m sure there’s other people out there
that want to become successful selling their home just like you. So please feel free to
share this over all your social media sites and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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