How to Sell a House : Find a Realtor

Now how do you find a realitor the realitor
that’s going to work for you of course you can call me Monique Hitzman with Keller Williams
and I would love to help you at least give you advise. The best way though is to look
in your neighborhood and who is selling in your neighborhood, have you received postcards
from them recently, have you also go to some open houses in your neighborhood. To see how
they represent the house how do they talk to people and then I suggest you go and get
a couple of names, 3 people one from someone you now, you can get one just out of the newspaper
from advertising and one maybe down your street. And interview them interview all of them and
what I tell you is to have them go through the interview and at the very end really decide
with your gut. Your gut is the one that’s going to tell you who to work with if one
person has maybe less experience but you really like them I say you go that person. Because
selling a house is difficult we all take it for granted everyone thinks everyone makes
a lot of money but the truth is very difficult and laborious and there’s lots of legalities
and you need someone your comfortable with. Who your going to sit down with and talk to
and also who you trust and the best indicator of that is your gut.

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