How to Renew a Missouri Real Estate License
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How to Renew a Missouri Real Estate License

Missouri real-estate agents I’m about to
tell you everything you need and want to know about how to renew your real estate
license this year before the September 30th deadline I’ll also tell you what
happens if you renew after the deadline but since you’re watching this video
hopefully that won’t apply to you. So let’s get started.
As a licensed real estate agent in Missouri you need to complete 12 credit
hours of continuing education that is approved by the Missouri real estate
commission every two years on even-numbered years. Within those 12
hours you are required to complete a three-hour fair housing course which is
designated as a core topic. The other nine hours are comprised of elective
topics you can choose based on your personal preferences. Once you complete
the 12 credit hours it’s time to renew your license with the state. This part of
the process is a little tricky so it’s really important that you pay close
attention. There are two ways to renew your real estate license. The first way
is the easiest and all you have to do is fill out and mail in the renewal form
which you received from the state in late July or early August, with a $50 check to
cover the renewal fee. That’s easy enough right? Just make sure the envelope is
postmarked at the post office on or preferably before September 30th. The
second way to renew your license is online which sounds like it should be
easy but it’s a bit more involved so here’s how the online renewal process
works. Once you complete your continuing ed course credits every real estate
school has ten days to report those completed credits to the real estate
commission. Once the real estate Commission receives and processes those
credits into their system which usually takes up to another 24 hours only then
can you go online to renew your real estate license. So if you’re like most
agents and waited until last minute or even a week before your license expires
to complete your continuing ed, renewing online may not be an option for you, but
that’s okay because you can still renew your real estate license through the
good old fashioned United States Postal Service. Just make sure that your
envelope is postmarked on or before September 30th. If you’re late to renew
your license there’s a $50 per month fee which caps at $200. You also cannot renew
your license online unless and until your broker or brokerage has renewed its
real estate license. My name is Jeff Weiss and I’m the owner
of Keep Me Certified which is a Missouri approved online real estate school. Our
courses are all video based so if you still need to complete your continuing
ed or you have more questions about the renewal process you can reach out and
learn more and We offer the mandatory Fair Housing course
the NAR approved Ethics course and other elective topics you can choose
from. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you in one of our online courses

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