• Big Family Big Life

    I’ve trained BJJ for 13 years… leverage is awesome… but God help you if you get on the wrong side of it.

    I would not want to be too highly leveraged in real estate investments… mortgage companies arent stupid… if they require PMI insurance THERE IS A REASON!!!… cause they know it’s risky to be under 20% equity

  • Richard Hornbaker

    Good stuff, Mark. You should really do a piece on Mega Backdoor Roth (it’s different from Backdoor Roth) as a turbo funding method. Through 401(k), you can pipe up to the full $56k limit per person into a Roth IRA; you’re not limited to the $19k cap.

  • George Vardakis

    Can you use $’s held in a self directed Ira to hold debt (an interest bearing note) on income producing investment real estate rather than the IRA (or LLC within the IRA) actually owning the physical real estate? The physical real estate would be held outside the IRA.

  • Crafts n Things

    Mark I don't get why "they" don't get it!?!?! Guys change your mind set. I'm 55 and have $30 in my accounts right now……total. I just started 2 new jobs which brings my income to approx. $6k a moth. My expenses are $1,600 a month. PERFECT. Save/invest 2k into my IRA….real estate. Buy rental property , deposit rental income directly to the IRA. Retire millionaire at 67.(watch Marks video on that) Makes sense. I'm going to add to my income by turning my hobby into a side hustle home-based business, deduct my apt. space for business expense and invest that income as well into my HSA. C'mon guys. Mark is laying it out plain and simple. Open your minds.

  • itsmemikemc

    I'm 30 years old, it's been my dream to start owning real estate. I just started about 3 months ago investing in my work 401k and my Roth ira. My ten year plan is to own at least one rental property. How can I get your guidance? I live in PA

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