How to negotiate a deal & make $10,000 | Wholesaling Real Estate
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How to negotiate a deal & make $10,000 | Wholesaling Real Estate


  • Zabieru McCloud

    That guy got ripped the fuck off lmfao!!!!!!!! If I was the guy, I would have gotten a loan for 20k, got some guys to do some minor work, paint, new flooring, sinks maybe some cabinets MAYBE… If the house is worth 120 and they put 40k into it they will EASILY be able to sell it for 128+. Honestly to me, I would not want to be a vulture even if that meant my success.

    Saying things like "I don't want to insult you" are just covering for the fact you are being a piece of shit (just being honest, the ways of business don't lean towards good) and you don't want to take a smaller cut. Sad, we look up to and reach accordingly to anything even remotely "evil".

    With that being said if you are an investor this is the perfect scenario to play out… Even down to the way he acted like 42k was pushing it.

  • Brandon Lopez

    This is golden! This is exactly what I needed to see before meeting up with my first seller! You’re the man max keep doing what you’re doing god bless 🙏

  • Erick Martinez

    Hey Max, I was watching your videos and notice you have a overseas lead manager. I was thinking of implementing this, I’m just curious if you wouldn’t mind sharing the script you have them use?

  • Darrell Coleman

    In any deal, always allow the other person create the offer amount. Gives you the leg up because you can choose to walk away or position your buy saying it’s gonna take time to get it to where you want. Time in means money spent. Good skit.

  • Jimisha Florence

    Can you please take me under your wing and teach me about real estate. Someone else maybe who you think will be a great fit to mentor me please and thank you

  • Monse

    Great video! One thing, how come 30%? How come that percentage number and not another number? I understand where he got the 44k, but I’m just curious as to why minus 30% and not another percentage

  • Demetrius Hill

    I’m sorry I feel slow but can someone please break that math down to me how much did he actually just make in total

  • Golden Child

    Shalom The Real Max !!! Blessings to You and Your Family. Great Video. I 💓 the Way You Negotiate and Make Deals. This is Just PHENOMENAL !!! 😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏

  • That Guy

    That was nice his house on market was 120 grand but you kinda valued it at 109. Then you kept going around the numbers and started talking about how much of a good fast service you can do. Then he asked for an offer of 50 to 55 grand you basically said I can do it for 40, but he didn’t like that and said 42 to squeeze a couple extra dollars out of you. And now he walks away happy because he did not let you take advantage of him. He felt better because he fought for that extra 2 grand. Nicely done 👍

  • Sum1Rapping

    Thank you 🙏🏾 I love how you never disagreed with the homeowner throughout the negotiation. I knew he was sold when you said it would be the smoothest transaction of his life 👏🏾

  • Kimberly Love Realtor

    Please say it louder for the people in the back. Zillow IS NOT accurate.👏🏽🙌🏽💥🎤

  • Seth Goddard

    Only $10k? Or just market to an actual home buyer and tell them they can do whatever they want to it for $30k and assign your contract to them for $75k. You’d have to prolong your closing date to wait on their loan to get approved but it’s worth it for $33k profit rather than 10.

  • LogozRUs Branding

    Loved It!!! This video helped me….Who's contract do you use when there's a FSBO who wants to use his/her contract, a realtor who wants to use their own contract, and you NEED to use your own contract to protect yourself and investor? Also, should I get a real estate attorney..and whats the going rate for contracts and closings that I should expect? Thanks in advance Max. Blessings-Don

  • 3575 Ethel southwest

    Wait a min what he say after u said maybe u should get a realtor lol I cut off at that point most people will do that

  • Chelsea Bianca

    So my question would be when the home is under contract do you get the keys? If not, when you're marketing the home to cash buyers, I'm sure some are wanting to view the home in person so how would that happen with the original owner and them without them finding out about this being a wholesale transaction? Also, if someone is selling way over the value, let's say $50k over value that may be around $60k, and I bring the offer around the market value, is that a good thing? Or do I HAVE to get it under value each time?

  • Estevan Diaz

    First of all I like your videos. Very great information. But this one bothered me. I don’t get it. Why would you ask for a reduction of $6000. I’m mean I know everyone trying to make money. But you just said the offer I give you is the money your getting. Aren’t you lying to them is this how you do all your deals. Give them a price then call back an tell them you have to give them less money. Now I know you probably not going to respond your a busy man. An most like people are going to bash my comment an hate for it. But it’s just a question that didn’t sound right.

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