How to make your open house a success – Breakthrough in Real Estate
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How to make your open house a success – Breakthrough in Real Estate

– Mike Novak, Team Leader
from the Novak Team over at Keller Williams Real Estate, and today I want to
share with you four ways to run an open house profitably. We see a lot of open houses
that are not ran super well. The agent just kinda throws
up a few signs the day of, maybe they put a balloon up
there or something like that, and that’s their marketing
strategy for the open house. And that’s just not the way to run an open house successfully. If you do do an open
house in the right way, you can definitely get a lot
of leads generated off of it, and leverage that open house to get a lot more clients going. So let’s jump right into it. First off, you should be
partnering with a lender. Don’t do an open house on
your own, for safety reasons. But second of all, leverage
your partner from your lender to get out there to and
put signs up for you. Our lender partner puts out
eighty to a hundred signs for all of our open houses so that the agent doesn’t have
to put out any sign. They just show up to the open
house, ready to rock and roll. And that directional signage
will get you a ton of traffic, it’s absolutely critical to
running a good open house. Next up, it leverage your social media. So, I’ve seen a lot of agents that just shoot kind of a tour of the home. Definitely recommend not doing that. Run some Facebook lead ads
running up the open house date. So you can actually
generate leads off of that. And then, at the open house,
do a live video talking about that community and that area
and what makes that special. When you’re, you know, jogging
around with your phone, shaking all over the place, it’s just not a great experience. Nobody really cares about
that house specifically. They care that they know
you as their friend, and they really just
want to hear more about your insights on that
community and that area. So show that you are the
real estate professional by doing that. Next up, get people to sign in. You need to bring an iPad and a stand. Run Open Home Pro, or there’s some other
apps out there as well, to get people to sign in when
they visit your open house. This is really really important, so you can go back and follow up with them after the open house and turn that visitor to the open house into a client that’s gonna get out there
and buy a home from you. Last, be present. We see this one, you know, not done well a lot of the time, as well. We’ll come into an open
house and we’ll see the agent sitting down on the couch,
maybe on their laptop. When you’re at an open house, you have to go all in to
being there and being present. Put your laptop away,
do not try to multitask. Be engaging. Shake everybody’s hand,
look them in the eye, ask them some great questions, and absolutely be curious
about their home search and what brought them there. If you ask good questions,
if you build good rapport, and if you’re genuinely curious, then you will build awesome relationship with these people and they
will want to work with you. Do not be salesy at all, just
be helpful and be curious and have a normal, human conversation. Mike Novak, from the Novak Team at Keller Williams Real Estate. (upbeat pop music)

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