How To Make Sure Your First Real Estate Deal Is A Winner
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How To Make Sure Your First Real Estate Deal Is A Winner

If you’re going to start investing in real
estate, you better make sure that the first deal hands down is an absolute
winner. How do you do that? How do you know if it’s a good deal and how should
you feel when you find one? It’s all coming up next as Hiro comes on joins
me from across the country to actually do his very first deal. Hiro, how are we doing, brother?
-Good, good. -Dude, glad to have you here. -Oh, I’m glad to be here. -Dude, we’re day
3 of this event with you and your wife. How are you guys enjoying it? -It’s
been awesome. -What have you liked about it so far? -Everything. -Really? -it’s not like…
A lot of people like, “So, is it all real estate training from start to finish
every day?” What does it really like? -Oh, it’s just this very motivational day one.
My wife was very skeptic about it. -Yeah. -And “What is this? What is that?” And at the
end, I have experienced it. I was here when you first opened on the first event.
And she saw how different I came back from it. So, she really enjoyed it.
She’s like, “Oh, my…” You know, totally had… Totally different man. -It’s
my new… -Yeah. -Where did this man come from? Right? -“What did
they do to you?” -Yeah. -And I was very touched. I was like… -What was your biggest
change then? From the… How did that first event really impact you? -My biggest
change… Oh, my God. -What would your wife would say was so different about you?
-That way that I connected with her. And the way that I connected with the kids.
-Yeah. -We have 2 little ones. -Yeah. -I think that’s the biggest connection
was that. -That’s beautiful, dude. Congratulations on that. -And now you’re
bringing her along so she can figure out what went down and see if it’ll work for
her, right? -Yes. -Good deal. -Yes. -But along the way, you became my partner. And so
yesterday, we brought you on stage and it’s kind of funny. We have the wrong
numbers as we were presenting the house and we fixed it.
Check this out. -Kris, I got to admit something. I just doing math in my head
because that’s what I do when I’m not talking, I guess. This chart is wrong. So, that came
from another house. Probably from the Florida House. Because when I started
doing the math, added in the property management, the cash flow on this is
about $300 a month. That’s 3,600 a year divided
into 41,000 is 9.22%. So, really that’s 9.22. That’s 13,9 and
that’s 35. That’s really what we’re looking at. Blame that
on the technical, guys. They messed up in the back. -Carson, did you PC slides
together or what? -Carson, just asked for a little bit more advanced notice I think
on which houses we were doing. -Alright, can you please help me welcome up Hiro
Lopez to the front stage. Hello, how are you doing?
Come on you guys. Come on up. So, guys, we’re just kicking off for partnership.
We’re brand new, we’re just kind of getting started. How do you like the
numbers? -A lot better now. -Look at those ones. Take that with you. -I’m pretty
excited. This is my first house. So, looking forward. Or additional house. How
do you feel? -I’m very excited for it. [Crowd cheering] -Alright. We got to ask. Ready? DO YOU WANT THIS HOUSE!? -Yes. -Yes. [Cheering] Man, how did that feel when you found out
that it wasn’t a 31% ROI but a 35% the cash and cash went up from the
6 to 9 percent? -Oh, that’s amazing. -Dude, that is like seriously one of
the hottest deals I have done. -I’m like, “What’s going on in here?” -Yeah. -Now, they’re
5%!? -It’s pretty cool, right? -Yeah. Awesome. -By the way, thank you for being
willing to come on stage and actually do it that way. We got your initial game
plan. We went through high rose. Make sure that we got the loan all in
place. But for me, there’s some joy in actually giving you access to literally
the best investments that exist. What do you think the biggest motivation is for
you guys and actually doing real estate? -The biggest motivation for me, it’s been
on the real estate side, there will be just pretty much gaining wealth
slowly. Slowly but surely. -But why is it important to you? -I eventually want to
(hopefully) quit my job one day. I enjoy it. But I would like to quit my job and
like you said, being able to spend it with my kids. -Yeah. -They have a game,
be able to go with them. -Yeah. -Another thing, my wife, she’s got
businesses. She owns businesses. She travels. So, I would like to be able to
have that freedom of I don’t need to get permission from anybody. And then
actually be able to enjoy with her what she’s doing. And be able to take a
beautiful kids. -I love that. Patti’s an amazing woman. I’ve enjoyed having her
here as well. -Oh, she’s amazing. -So, what we’ve been doing is really teaching that
how you know if something is a good deal really comes down to three letters –ROI,
return on investment. And we’ve been teaching the formula of that and you
just saw… You know, it was like for how are we actually understand that once you
take all numbers into account, most people are satisfied with the
single-digit ROI. We talk about the power of a double-digit ROI. And my
investments need to have an investment that starts with the 2 and ends with
the number. And as long as it’s 25 at a minimum, I’m happy. But in this case, we
are starting off super strong with the 35% projected ROI. -Real good. You pumped
about it? -Oh, yes. -Dude, so it’s going to be fantastic.
We’re going to watch that first home grow to many houses. It’s all about doubling
your assets every 3, 4, 5 years. And that’s the game plan of what we’re
going to be doing together. -Oh, yes. -So, what happens next now that we’re
under contract with that deal is now it’s just about taking 30 days to go
through the financing, getting it purchased. -Yes. -Getting a renter in it. And
then it’s just setting it up so that it can do its thing in double. And then us
brainstorming. How do we get the next one? -Already? -Do you have any more questions
on any of that? -No. -If someone was considering Hiro, maybe coming out to
one of my events and learning a super deep dive on real estate and wealth
mindset. Is this something you’d recommend to people? -Yes. Yes. I mean, the
answer to pretty much the whole thing. It’s a yes. Just what the first day.
At me, I’m not going to lie, I was like, “Oh, yeah. How do I come become wealthy? How do
I become rich? How do I make my first million dollars?” It’s just that. It’s just
that breakthrough, the first breakthrough. It’s like, “Oh,
well you got to start up here. You got to start in your head.” That’s my biggest… I
will say my biggest breakthrough is that it’s just getting the right mentality.
How to do it. Even if you keep on getting money, it’s just not going to make you happy.
-Yeah. So, the right mindset is what gives you permission to be happy today and
produce a result and be happy either way. -Yes.
-I love it. -Yeah. Be happy with yourself. Be happy up here, first of all. -Awesome, guys.
Well, listen. You’ve heard it from Hiro. Hiro, thank you for being here. We’re
going to be tracking your journey and see what comes next. And for the rest of you.
guys we’re congratulating Hiro on his first deal. Is it time for you to do your
first deal? And if you’re feeling like that’s a yes, then I want you to go to
the link below. Click it and learn how to get in touch with my team. We can show
you how you can dish up the very best deals in the country. Line them up for
you. Make it super turnkey and start buying real estate just like Hiro is.
Good luck, subscribe and we will see you guys tomorrow.
Hey, good job. It’s great.


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