How To Make Millions In Real Estate
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How To Make Millions In Real Estate

How do you make millions of dollars in
the game of real estate? My name is Kris Krohn. I created my first 1.6 million
dollars at the age of 26 which meant 6 figures for retirement right then. And
now I’ve done it over and over and over again. Today, I’m going to be sharing my
secrets with you. So, we’re about to embark on a journey
together. Because in this short video, I’m going to be sharing with you
my favorite and best secrets for making millions of dollars. I did it when I was
young. I’ve done it over and over and over again. And frankly creating millions
of dollars, it’s a system. So, as I share that system with you, this would be a
great video for you to take some notes because there’s going to be a few takeaways
here for you. And then especially at the end, I’m going to show with you my most
accelerated path for how I make that a reality. Just to be clear, a million
dollars is not a lot of money. Like, I want you to think for a moment. “Kris, if
I was a millionaire…” Listen, that might have been true like 2 or 3 decades
ago. But the reality is is that a million dollars, if you were to annuitize that at
4%, that’s like $3,300 a month. It’s
pathetic. It’s small. And if you have a nice lifestyle of 100,000 a
year or 200,000 a year, you can burn through that in a number of
very short years. Which means that there’s something that you need more
than just a million dollars. You know what you really need? You need a
dependable cash flow. I thought it was all about being a millionaire in the
beginning. It’s interesting because 4 and a half years later after I started
my journey. I had a net worth of 1.6 million dollars and I had basically a
$12,000 month residual income. Guess what was more meaningful to me? 1.6 million
dollars of net worth on paper or 12,000 real dollars a month
coming in to my bank account? Dude, if you’re like most people, you’re going to say,
“The residual income is way more important than the money.” So, being a
millionaire is actually not what matters. What you’re really looking for is money
that will feed a particular lifestyle. Now, think about this. If you didn’t have
to work, what would you want to do with your life and what would it cost to do
those fun things? And how much would you like to travel? And where do you want to
live? And if you were to rent a place, what would that cost? And if you wanted
to drive the vehicle that you wanted or maybe you just want to over everywhere.
Or you want to go via scooter. You can put math to all of that. And for a lot of
people surprisingly, if you don’t have a family, 4 or 5, 6 thousand dollars
a month can actually buy you a lot of lifestyle. Other people they’re like, “Nope.
10 thousand, 12 thousand dollars a month. And yet for others it’s 30 thousand, 50 thousand, 80 thousand dollars a month. Because they have
really big dreams. And big dreams take more money. And so, no matter what the
size of that is, there’s something more important than being a millionaire. It’s
having a dependable residual income that can serve you every step of the way and
support your financial decisions. So, there are 2 phases of this wealth
creation that I want to share with you today. I’m going to put it up here on the
screen. This first phase –phase 1, this is all about starting to get some money put
together that you can invest. What I’m about to say is not very popular but I’m
going to tell you, it’s super important. You’ve got to figure out how to save and
put your savings into investments. If you’re like most people, you live on
whatever you make. So, most people they’re like, Oh, like… “Should I save 5% of
my income or 10% of my income?” Like, “Yeah. Do you want to take forever to
get wherever you want to go?” No. Phase 1 is about developing a track record.
Helping you buy your first investment properties. And so on this one, I
recommend that you squeeze that budget in half and figure out how do I save 40
cents on every dollar. Now, I know that most of you like, “Dude, that? Kris, that’s
crazy.” Get over it. Figure it out. Put your mind to the task. Ask this question
every day. “How do I save 40%? I don’t need this service. I should cancel that and I
shouldn’t eat out this and I shouldn’t that.”And I need to get a raise and I
need to figure out this. And I need to get a side gig economy hustle going on
for me.” There’s different things that you can do. You need to figure that out. The
only reason why I want you saving 40% is it so you can be dumping money into
something like real estate. Real estate is the most expensive commodity that the
average person will ever buy. It’s something that people want. And so if I
can buy a house for 200,000 and make up $50,000 on it or $100,000 on it. That can
get me somewhere. That’s like starter capital. So, phase 1 is all about get your
first several investments going. And you’re just doing this by being really
good with your money. But once you’ve done that, what you’re really doing is
getting a track record for phase 2. And phase 2 is where you experience… You know,
when you look at a curve and it goes like this and then it goes… Goes like
that where it just goes straight on up. How that happens is with some
I call my real-estate maverick program. So, this maverick program, what it’s
basically about is I have commoditized how you can partner with me and other
people. It’s very simple. Everyday people all over the world watch my videos. And
every day people are reaching out, you know what they’re saying? They’re saying,
“Kris, I have some money. Can I partner with you? And with my money
as we partner, can we create some real estate? Can we build a portfolio?”
I say yes to these people. And this week I’ve had a couple of partners just join
up with me where we’re going out we’re buying real estate together. But what do
you do if you don’t have money? That’s actually not a real consideration for
you. I’ve created a program where you could replace that literally with a
referral. And if that referral chooses to partner with me, that’s also going to
equal real estate. And just like before, that’s a 50/50 relationship. Now, if you
refer someone to my channel, you refer someone to me, you refer some of
the one of my events; and they actually end up saying, “I’m going to take my money
and I want to partner with you.” Then instead of 50/50, I’ll take my portion
and I’ll actually split that evenly with you. What that means is for literally
just knowing the right person, have them get on my podcast, watching YouTube
videos, come out to my event with me, have a life-changing experience when they
partner with me, now I take and I share a portion of that and I cut it back to you
and you and I become equal partners. For just a moment, think how crazy that is to
be equal partners. I’ve never seen this done before and I just started this
experiment. And so far, several people are jumping right in and finding people. Moms
and dads and friends and people that want to jump in and they want to
play the game or real estate. Bottom line is I don’t think I would have been open
even a year ago or years ago to doing this. Because what I was really doing was
forfeiting a lot of personal money that I could be gaining. And frankly, I’m not
the point where I’m making a lot of money. I’m making a lot, a lot of money. So,
what can I do that can actually help more people? And so this program
basically says, “Hey, listen. If you want to do what I did in the beginning, you want
the same shot that I had. Then come and play with me. Work hard
find some people share it.” And if they decide to get involved with me and jump
in on the game of real estate, guess what? We’ll be equal partners and now you’ll
be getting up and going and making it happen. Friends that’s what the Maverick
program is really all about and there’s a link in the description below where if
you click on it, I give you a lot more information about how that program works.
At the end of the day, you want to be a millionaire and I I’m just sharing with
you the fastest way that I know how. And it works. And it’s powerful and I’ve done
it 4,000 different times on properties. So, the next time I do it, it might be
with you. It might be your shot. Might be your next time. I’m going to invite you to
really get this one thing. Transcend our relationship.
Don’t just subscribe to my channel and watch these videos. You got to take
action. I won’t invite you to come out to one of my next events and get with me
live for 4 days. That’s when everything shifts and changes. Or join my
maverick program. I’ve made it possible for anyone who wants to join to be able
to get in on that. You and I can actually go out there and crush it and do real
estate together. Those are a couple of action steps and things that you can do.
So my friend today, as we get going on this journey together, you want to figure
out how to become a multimillionaire. I’ve talked about a number of different
principles that I think are really important. I want you to click the link
in the description below and get with my team. Read up some information on this.
And if it really resonates with you to say, “Hey, I want to look into partnering
with Kris.” And I no longer need money to do it. That’s the information that you’re
going to find on that page. And if we get to play that way, that means I’ve got
personal trainings coming your way, trainings with my team. And our goal is
simple. Help you get in the game of real estate
with no money, no credit. Check out the link. Otherwise I’ll see you on
tomorrow’s video. you


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