How to Make Millions in Real Estate | Phase 4: Unlimited Partners
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How to Make Millions in Real Estate | Phase 4: Unlimited Partners

Welcome back to the fourth and final part
of the series on how do you make millions of dollars in real estate. In videos prior my friends, we talk about
having the winning system, how you duplicate your efforts and the secret is partnering. But now if you really want to make all the
money that the realist to do in real estate, you got to got to one final level. And for those of you that are my partners
or future partners or partner with others, you need to watch this video because this
is the coolest thing I’ve seen in real estate in 15 years. So, as we talk about this conversation of
how do I make millions of dollars. I need to introduce you to a new equation. And this infinity symbol is new. It’s been 15 years in the making. You see, listen. I’ve been partnering with people everywhere
all over the world. They give me their money. So to speak, I never really take possession
of it. But I got to the market, I find the best deals. I leverage my team with 200 experts. And between their money that they have in
their 401k’s and IRA’s and retirement and equities, they combine it with me and my team. And we go on 50/50. And I’ll take them to deals where we’re doing
25% ROI’s on average on up. Sometimes it’s high as over 30%. And then we multiply. We do start with 5 homes and we got to 10
homes. We gp from 10 homes, we go to 20. And my partners love it. But in some point, they ganged up on me and
said, “Kris, this is so cool what you’re doing but…” And I’m like, “Dude, how can there be a BUT? What do you mean but? Like… This is amazing.” They’re like, |”Yeah, Kris, you have one final advantage
that we don’t.” I say, “What do you mean?” They said, “Because you have the team and
the system, you get to partner with these many people as you want. We’re partnering with you and giving you our
money but we’re not partnering with other people.” This final video, friend is called Unlimited
Partnering. And it is how do you make the most money that
you can possibly make in real estate. In fact, at my recent convention that I had
just this last week, out of bunch of new partners come on board and many of them said, “Okay,
Kris. We’re going to partner with you but make no
mistake. Once our track record is in place, we want
to do what you can do.” We want to actually bring on 5 or 10 of our
own partners so that we could start buying dozens of properties. Maybe even hundreds of properties or beyond. The secret to really going as big and as far
as you want is we need to take everything that you’ve been learning about. We’ve talked about having the winning system. Check. We’ve been talking about having a team. I really talked about your team. Right now, I’m going to talk about how you
can inherit my team. And then number 3, we’re going to be talking
about how you can have as many partners as you can possibly take on. The secret to making all of these happen is
partnering with me and letting my team become your team. So friend, hear me out and check this out. I have a team of 200 experts. They’re going to the very best markets. They buy properties with often 25% plus ROI
–Return on Investment. And the best part is it’s all done turnkey. And that’s probably the best part about this. So, my partners literally were at the event. And I got my partners. I’m bringing up live properties like, “Who
wants this one?” I’m like, “This one is for you, Brent. And then this one is for you Dianne. And this one is for you Mitch.” And where just sending out properties like
candy. They’re like, because they got the training,
they we’re all ready to go. I mean, real estate is never been so easy. Now, that’s true for my partners as well. I’ve given them an opportunity to inherit
my team, inherit my same level deals and the entire turnkey system. What does that really mean? You don’t have to build a team. You don’t have to build a system. It’s been built and it’s right here. And if you want to know how you can get on
the journey with me, to not just doing a deal or 2, 5 or 10. But if you want to know how to have no limit. Because I love it when life becomes limitless. I love knowing that beyond becoming financially
independent that there’s financial freedom. Freedom is not just getting out of the job. It’s more than that. It’s really being able to live your life of
your dreams on your terms. And the reality is for most of you, that’s
a lot of money. So, you finally have a way to be able to do
that. Now listen, you can go out there and be inspired
by my video created for yourself. But I want you to know that for the very first
time ever, this is the first video I’ve ever made that lasted out was the first event I’ve
ever done where I unleashed that I will give you access to my entire team. And we’ll go into the marketplace for you. And we’ll not only do your deals, we’ll do
your partners deals. And my friend, that is what you call a game
changer. In fact, it’s so big I can tell that some
of you like, “Whoa! How do I wrap my mind around it?” But here’s what it means: It means you can
have what I have. You can do what I do. You can be what I am. Everything I am in real estate, it’s yours. That my friend is magnum opis. It’s the culminating. It’s the tip of the spear and it’s my greatest
achievement in the game of finance after all these years that I could pass it directly
on to you. So, if you want a short cut, if you want to
move faster. And if say,” Kris, I want to be a deal maker
like you. I want the deals. I want access to other people’s money. I want to put it all together.” That’s available to you right now. I will tell you. You got to get out to one of my next events. My next one is happening in my very own convention
center that I just build. It’s a multi-million dollar facility designed
for housing. Massive transformation like we do at my events. And I want you to come get live with me. Where you can learn about this for 4 days
straight to become financially free. Or you can also just buy my book below. Talk to my team and say, “Team, I want to
know how do I get on my path to having what Kris has.” He made this video, he says that instead of
just help me do a deal or 2 or 5 or 10 that there’s a way for me to borrow and access
his team to do as many deals as I want. And my friend, that is now available here
for you today. So, thanks for watching. Find more information about that in the link
below. I look forward to getting with you. Hopefully seeing you at one of my live events. And you need to know something. This is real. Most people are going to watch this video. And you know what they’re going to say? “It’s too big. It’s too big. It’s too much. Or it’s not real.” But I want you to understand the even though
I’ve done nearly a billion dollars of this, people will still be skeptical. People will still say, “It can’t be done.” People will still say it’s too hard. But then there are the others, the few. It’s what Jim Rohn calls the magic in the
mystery. Everyone can. But not everyone will. Which will you be? I hope you be the latter. Thanks for subscribing to the channel. Tomorrow I got a new video coming your way. And I’m going to teach you more ninja hacks
and tricks to be your best self and create the wealth and having the life of your dreams. I hope to meet you in person. Take care my friend. See you tomorrow.


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