How to Make a Human Pot Pie
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How to Make a Human Pot Pie

– Hey, guys this is Garf and today I’m going to show you how to make a fresh and easy human pot pie. First you’re gonna wanna take a pie tin. And I use about 500 potatoes, 300 carrots, about a 1000 peas, 10 pounds of salt, 10 pounds of pepper, and of course, your protein… (humans screaming) about five or six fresh humans. I found that using fresh meat
makes all the difference. There’s really no contest between frozen humans and these bad boys. These little guys came
from southern California, I climbed down from the clouds and ripped the roof
off an office building, and look how fresh they are! Almost constant futile attempts to escape. (inspirational, uplifting music) For the best flavor, you wanna keep these puny mortals alive. Go ahead and round a little bit– Oops, don’t be discouraged if they lose an arm or leg or two, it’s totally fine. Now let’s put it all together, (laughs) It is just that easy! – Don’t worry everyone, I got this. – Again, you probably want them alive at this point, but if any of them give you any extra trouble, just– this is a little gross, squeeze them until they die. (humans scream in agony) If you lost any arms or legs earlier, just throw them in now. It’ll be fine. (humans scream for mercy) Now just place it near a volcano, and wait about 40 minutes. And look at that. It’s beautiful! Notice how putting them in alive creates these sort of frozen in time horrified looks on the crust. Exquisite. And that’s it. Just a few easy steps and you’ll have your own human pot pie in no time. It’s just that easy. Click here to subscribe, and click here to see a fun way to spice up your golden egg omelets. – Hi it’s Zach from CollegeHumor, thanks for watching, you can click here to subscribe or you can click over here for something else fun. You can also click here if
you wanna feed me clicks! I like ’em. (biting noises) Mmm…clicks!


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