How to Make a High Return on Real Estate
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How to Make a High Return on Real Estate


  • Scott Heitman, marine survey

    i thought the rule was the 50% rule. Also i assume your 50k was just an easy number to play with. you actually probably would have purchased for around 46k then went all in at 46k + closing cost + rehab cost putting your all in at 50k. Excellent video as per usual, btw

  • Brandon

    I LOVE watching your videos, but I do have one question.

    When buying a property with Morris Invest, am I buying at market value or will there be any upside equity once the project is rehabbed?

  • elias palacios

    and when is it with a mortgage? with the first formula? Would you deduct the 9,000 payments for 12 months? or how do you do it? Thank you

  • Juan

    Thank you so much for all your videos and advice! We're in a great spot and looking forward to getting into the game ourselves!!!

    Sorry if I've missed it…but as newbies is there any advice on how to search out sellers and real estate managers when we don't live in that state? Same with LLC creation…hard to research attorneys if I don't live in those areas I'm looking to shop in or have friends/contacts there. Did ya'll run into the same as you were starting out? Many Thanks!!! =)

  • suzi que

    this video is extremely motivating!!!! when can i start? seriously. i don’t have anything saved for a down payment yet so i’ll keep working on that. are your turn key houses that you sell at that $50k price?

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