How To Make 10k A Month Working With Realtors
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How To Make 10k A Month Working With Realtors

Hey friend, Kris Krohn here. Welcome back.
Today, we’re doing some kind of front on the channel. I’ve got a special guest
coming on who has massive expertise in doing real estate in a total different
angle. In fact, how do you make $1,000 every single week with no
upfront costs by just actually finding buyers for other realtors? Well, that is
actually how my friend, YouTube superstar, Kevin David actually made his first
$20,000 by just running Facebook ads for realtors. So, this is a gentleman who made
10 million dollars in his first 18 months and has now gone on to be one of
the most successful YouTube channel for young entrepreneurs over 10,000 students
worldwide. Super exciting. So he’s going to come on, he’s going to break it down for
you. He’s going to show you how to make some money today. Kevin, you there? Let’s do it. -Alright. What is up? Thanks so much
for that amazing intro, Kris. We’re going to just jump right into this because I know
you guys are a lot farther along than most YouTube channels. So,
we’re going to jump right into this. I know you guys are investors. I know a lot of
you are interested in real estate. So, I’m going to show you right now another way to
make money in the real estate space. And this is kind of a new angle but this is
a way that you can really start making money with zero money to start. Which is
kind of a unique thing. Because a lot of real estate requires a little
bit about front capital and things like this. You’re going to get started using the
strategy that I’m about to show you completely for free starting today. So, no
more fluff, let’s get right into it, right? So, what are we looking at right here on
my screen. This is a Facebook page, right? There’s a ton of different Facebook
pages. You know, most real estates in the world
have a Facebook page, right? Because from a real estate agents perspective, they
want to be seen by as many people as possible. And so how do you get seen by
as many people as possible? Of course, you make a Facebook page. And all the
different public ways you can possibly be seen by people. But what a lot of
people don’t know is those real estate agents, all the different real estate
agents from around the world, when maybe you’re a real estate
agent, maybe you work with a real estate agent, what is one thing that they all
need? Right? They all need new and profitable leads to actually eventually
turn into home buyers or home sellers because that’s how they make their money
based off that commission. And how do you actually get seen by more people? Well,
the answer of course is a Facebook page, right? And so what do all real estate
agents need? They all need more people to actually buy houses and sell houses. They
need more leads who are interested in you know, moving purchasing a house or
selling their house. What’s the best way to actually get things in front of the
most people in the most targeted efficient way? Well, that is Facebook Ads,
right? So, one thing that a lot of people don’t know is all these Facebook pages,
you’re actually able to see the types of ads that these super successful you know, that these type of companies are actually running. So,
what you do is you come over here into the URL, you erase this right here and
you type /ads. Right? You can also click info and ads right here. We’re
going to press ENTER and then what we can see is these are all of the ads that
they’re running, right? Since its debut in 1995, you know, all these different ads
they’re running. Showing these different properties, luxury properties and things
like that. You can also, you know, to find this all I did was
I typed in real estate into the Facebook bar. And then I… And then I clicked on
pages, right? You can see all these different on pages right here. So, let’s
go to another one and do the same exact thing. Type /ads. And we can see that
there’s another one, right? Distinctive New York homes, right? These beautiful
pictures of all of these different houses, right? So, these are real people
paying real money for Facebook ads about these services, right? So, if you’re asking
yourself, “Okay, Kevin. That’s cool. How do I actually make money?” Most if not all real
estate agents have are really good at being a real estate agent and selling
houses and dealing with that in person’s you know face-to-face sales. But one
thing that they’re not really good at you know most real estate agents is
running digital ads, right? Doing their own digital marketing, focusing on the
ads that actually work, right? I’ve met real estate agents that are doing you
know, radio ads or that are doing like full ads in like the newspaper. And while
that stuff does work okay, right? Billboards, think about it. If you have a
billboard for example, you’re paying for a hundred thousand people to see it,
right? Half the people who see it are kids. They’re never going to buy a house. You
know, 48% of the people are you know, people who already have a
home or are renting or just they’re temporarily. You know, so you can’t really
laser target the people who are going tO be most interested actually buy from you. So,
you’re paying for those people to see it and they’re never going to actually buy.
With Facebook ads, you can get laser targeted. And we’re going tO show you
exactly how I like to target people. Literally, I’m going to show you in my ads
manager how I like to target people in just a second, right?
But for now, I just wanted to really make the point that the way
you’re going to make money doing this and how thousands of my students do this
every single day is they get paid $1.000t, $.2000 or
more per month to set up these incredibly simple ads just like this one
you’re seeing on your screen right now. Listing a house, right? You don’t even
have to take the picture. The picture comes from the real estate agent. You do
a very simple little piece of text. You know, about the house itself… You know,
where it’s located price, if you want to include that. And that is it. It takes
less than 5 minutes to set up and my students are getting paid thousands and
thousands of dollars every single month to actually do this. And that is the
craziest part about all this. This stuff just works so simply if you know how to
target people. Because if you know how to target people, then you know how to
actually get new leads to real estate agents who
eventually, you know, convert and turn into home buyers and sellers which makes
those real estate agents money. And just to prove you that we’re actually doing
this, right? This is my actual PayPal account. I’m going to press command R. I’m
going to refresh the page to show you guys. You can see literally from today,
right? March 3rd 6:30 3 p.m. it’s 6:35, so just 2 minutes ago, we got a
$250 payment from one of our clients that pays by the week, right? 997. We see
right here. 397, 397, right? This is a bank transfer right here. Transferred a bank
from yesterday, right? So, we’re literally making thousands and thousands. You can
see right here. 397 from 11:55 a.m. a thousand. From 10:09 a.m., right? Another
thousand. This is all from today and I’m literally going to refresh it again. Because
I know people are skeptical on the internet but this is literally real. It’s
happening every single day. I’m going to show you guys exactly how to do that. So,
simple ads, right? And how do you actually find real estate agents? Because I want
to go all the way and show you guys. Everybody, you know, it’s always so
concerned about hiding everything and making people pay for all this
information. I just want people to be successful, right? So, this is how you find
the ads right up here in the description after the name of the page. Type /ads. And let’s say that you live in Dallas, right? So, I would literally type
in Dallas real estate agent, right? And these real estate agents are
incentivized to be seen. So we’re going to come over to pages and look at all these
real estate agents, right? I would open up a message and I would message every
single one of them and say, “Hey, here’s an ad that I can make for you. I’d be
willing to set up a free 30-minute consultation and show you exactly what I
could do for you, right? Or I’d be willing to advertise for you for free.” Right?
Remove that very door entry. Remove that friction and make it an easy choice for
them, right? And once you remove that, you know, buyer’s hesitancy, you remove all
the friction. That’s when they make the decision. And once you get your foot
in the door, I promise you like thousands of my students have, you’re going to get
that sale. So, I would message every single one of these people wherever you
live, I would show them an example of an ad that you could set up, give them the
example of the billboard, right? And say, “A billboard has shown to a hundred
thousand people. 99.9% of those people are not interested in whatever the
Billboard has to sell.” Facebook ads is different. You can literally laser target
people and I’m going to give you an introduction about what I like to do to
laser target people right now. So, where we are right now is called
audience insights. This is inside business manager. And if this seems you
know, super complicated, don’t worry about it. And we’re going to have a free training
where I break it down step by step by step how to get this set up and how to
actually start implementing this and make $1,000 literally as soon as you
know, tomorrow. This week. We’ve had students literally make $1,000 the same
day they join our family. It happens all the time.
Right? So, what we’re going to do is, this is Facebook as a whole. Facebook as a whole
is 54% women, 46% men, right? You can see their ages,
you can see everything about them. Facebook audience insights is literally
like a cheat sheet to actually taking over Facebook ads. And so what we’re
going to do is we’re going to hop into interest here. And what do people who
want to buy a house, what are they interested in, right? I’ve thought about
this a ton to myself. And the answer is they’re interested in a lot of the same
things. Logically, right? People who want to buy a house are interested in Zillow.
They go out and like get a Zillow Facebook page. And what do we see here? It
goes from 54% to 66% women. So that means that women are often going out and
browsing Zillow more than men. Which is actually something that I probably
wouldn’t have thought of initially but maybe a better actual lead would be
talking to the wife first and then the husband. And beyond that, we can see so
much more information. We can see you know, that 27 percent of them are between
25 and 34 years old. 23% are between 35 and 44 years old. So, we would
want to target 25-year olds through 54-year olds. For example to make up, you
know, the largest percentage. One of the most important things is we can also see
what other pages that they also like, right? So, people who like Zillow are
interested in Zillow are also interested in Pier one. Right? Because Pier one is
you know, a company where you can buy furniture for a new house. And so there’s
so much that you can do here, right? And with a very basic knowledge, literally
things that you can learn in one free training. You can start making, you know, $1,000, $2,000 or even more every single month. And this is
per client, right? So, if you message 5 real estate agents and all 5 say,
“Yes.” All of a sudden, you’re making $5,000 per month, every month
from something that you did in one day. So, obviously, I can’t break this
completely down 100%. But if you’re interested, Kris is going to
introduce something for you guys where I’m going to be breaking things down much
much further in detail and also completely for free guys. So, to summarize one final
time. I want to make sure you guys get this, right? You can look at actual ads of
real people that they’re running, right? Using the strategy I showed you then you
can go and search for real estate agents in your area. Look at pages, message all
of them. Show them an example of an ad. Say you’d be willing to do their ads for
a few days for free, right? They just have to pay for their own ad costs. Obviously,
you wouldn’t never pay for that. And then from there, all you have to do is target
people in that area who are interested in things that would make it likely that
they’d be interested in buying a house, right? So, that’s an introduction. Again,
Kris is going to introduce something very, very exciting for you guys. Where we’re
gonna be hosting a completely free training for you guys where you can
learn more and more and more to start implementing this. You can start making
$1,000 or more per client literally as soon as today. So, I hope you guys like
this guys and let’s hear from Kris. Kevin, thank you so much for being on
today, man. I go to tell you, dude as the lifestyle ninja, that was amazing
training. And I know that you can do that in so many other areas. But the fact that
you could speak to my real estate people and all of us here today about that was
just super awesome. Listen guys, I’ve arranged for Kevin to give you guys a
super valuable gift. He’s taking one of his boss trainings and he’s making it
available entirely for free. It’s actually in the link below. And if this
YouTube video was helpful for you and you’re like, “Dude, Kris. I want to be an
investing in real estate, I want to be owning real estate. But I wouldn’t mind
having an awesome income of just doing some marketing on the side that takes
very little to nothing. They can also make me more money in real estate with
that stream of income?” That’s perfect for you my friend. All you got to do is click
the link below. I want you to go there right now and get with Kevin David. Get
his free training so you can take what he’s taught you today and you can take
it to a whole new level. Also below, you’re also going to find a way that you
can subscribe to this channel. If that was useful for you, you definitely need
to be a subscriber on his channel. Become one of his ninjas as well so that you
can learn how to have multiple streams of income.
Thank you friend, you’ll find that all below. We’ll see on the next video


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