How To Make $1,000,000 In Real Estate
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How To Make $1,000,000 In Real Estate

Welcome back. Kris Krohn here and today i
want to share with you how to make a million dollars in real estate. And all
you got to do is know how to buy 5 houses the right way and i can show you
how to make that happen. You know, a million dollars is just not
what it used to be. I want you to get it in your head that a million dollars is a
very small amount of money. Because making your first million? Trust me, it’s
going to feel like a big accomplishment. But you know what? Once you’ve done that, we
want you to make your next 5 million, your next 20 million and ultimately how
much is enough? Well, it’s when you have the lifestyle that you want to live. And
a million dollars is a great start and can already lead to a ridiculous amount
of residual income and honestly living the life of your dreams. So here’s the
question. How do you get 2 million dollars?
I actually know so many different ways to get to a million dollars. I’m going to
just share one of them with you today. But I do want you to know that in the
link below, you have access to a special document
that I call “The Game Plan.” It’s a book that I just wrote. It’s very short and
it’s designed to show you all the different ways to make a million dollars.
Now, as far as getting to a million dollars right now, I want to share with
you one way of doing that. And today is going to be a no money way. Which means
you don’t got money, you don’t got credit and I’m going to show you how to do it. For
me, my goal was to become a millionaire because I knew that that would mean
financial freedom and when I retired. I was worth 1.6 million dollars
and I had $12,000 a month residually coming in and I quit my job. And it was a
token of freedom. So making your first million dollars, if you can make a
million, you can make 20 million. It’s just a matter of how much time you got.
Making a million dollars in real estate, you need to actually start by
understanding something real basic. My first mentor said, “Kris, why do you want
to be in real estate?” I couldn’t give him a good answer and he said, “Let me give
you the best answer.” He said, “Because you only need to know how to count to 10 to
become a millionaire.” I said, “What?” He said, “Yeah. One home, 2 home, 3 home, 4,
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, a million. And I thought, “Wow, that sounds so much better
than you know selling fidgets spinners and making a dollar on each one of them
and needing to figure out how to sell a million fidgets spinners.” And so, this
whole real estate thing that I want to share with you right now. It’s predicated
on doing a deal making a hundred grand. Now, I just want to let you know, the
first house that I did, I made 65 thousand dollars on. The second house I
did, I made $130,000 on it.
Which means I got gooder at what I was learning how to do. And I can show you
how to skip my learning curve and just be the goodest right out of the gate. But
it’s gonna start with this presupposition. If we buy a house, we make
$100,000 on it. I can show you how to do a home and make $100,000 on it. And the
reason why it’s important for you understand that is because if I can
teach you how to do that… And those deals exist. Dude, that deal… That deals out there
right now in your backyard. You just don’t know how to see it. And my team and
I can, we can. I could mentor you and show you how to do that. So now you got this
house, you’re going to make a hundred thousand on it. And let’s say you’re
going to make a hundred thousand dollars on it over a certain period of time. We
really only need ten houses to make this work. But what I’m gonna do is just in
fairness to you, I’m going to shoot my system in half and I’m going to say, “But
what if you only made $50,000?” Dude I can do that in my sleep. I am bored out of my mind. But I want to just
lower the standards here so I can show you how to actually get to a million
dollars. You need to find 5 homes that you can buy with no money. And one of my
favorite ways to do that is what I call a sandwich lease. In my lease option
program, it’s a form of buying a home. The seller already has it. There’s equity
into it and I basically negotiate to buy this home and have this home in my life
and then I’m going to make money on it. So, if I can find five homes that someone
already owns that has some equity in it. That says, “Hey, you control it, you take it
over.”And all of a sudden, I can make 50,000 on each one of those. I’m going to
show you how to turn that into a million dollars. So, if I buy these 5 homes and
I’m only doing half of what Kris’s system teaches and I’m only making half
of what Kris really wants to make. $50,000. Then these 5 homes are going to
make me how much? 50 grand on each home and there’s five of them is going to be
$250,000. Now that is only in and of itself. A
quarter of a million dollars. But don’t worry.
I’ll show you how to get that to a million. You see remember, we’re starting
with no money just like I did. So what we’re going to do is I’m going to show you how
to basically call up people that live in homes that are… That are landlords,
that don’t want to be landlords anymore. They’re now just renting the home.
There’s just one of my strategies. And you’re going to call them up and say, “Hey, I
want to write your home.” And they say, “Great, because
I’m a landlord and I want to rent this home.” And then you say, “Great, but I don’t
just want to be a normal renter. I actually want to rent this home over the
next 5 years and then buy it from you.” And then they say, “Well, that’s different.”
And then you say, “I know. Eventually you want to sell this home, right?” And they
say, “Well, eventually I do. Great.” “Tell me the purchase price now. Give me 5
years. I’ll cover all the payments on it. I’ll be in charge of the house and the
mortgage. And then eventually I’ll buy it from you.” And they say, “You know what? Why
not?” Friends, you just negotiated not just to
rent a home, you just negotiated to buy a home. Now, they’re going to carry the
mortgage so they’re the bank. You don’t have to… You skip financing, you could
even skip down payments. And now, the sudden your contract says, “But I have the
chance to sublet this home.” That means, I can lease it to somebody else. I can rent
it to somebody. Now, you have your contract, you own it. You put someone else
in the home and if you negotiate it with some equity and the right kind of cash
flow, that $50,000 mark, you can do that very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very
easily. Now you’ve done 5 of these. Did you need money to get into them? Their
deals will you’ll need nothing. Sometimes last, first security deposit and first
month’s rent. But I’m going to show you 60 to 90 days later how to actually
collect 5 to 10 thousand dollars upfront. So, it’ll be recuperated. So, you
might need a few thousand dollars. But could you come up with a couple of grand
or 3 or 5 grand if you knew you were going to get it back in one or two
months? This system will do that. So now all of the sudden, you’re getting into these
5 homes essentially no money down. Very close to no money down. And you’re
going to wait. And over the next 5 years, you’re going to sell them and you’re going to
make half of what I would show you how to make on a home. You’re going to make $250,000. Then what we’re going to do is now, you could do more
seller financing deals. And trust me, you would. Because when you learn how to do
it, it’s the way that you accelerate and go faster. But in the meantime you could
now just take this 250 grand, you could put $50,000
down payment on 5 homes. And over a 5-year period of time, you could
double it again. Doing the exact same thing. So, 250 now becomes 500,000.
And then if you go for another 5-year stint, you’re going to double it
again and you’re going to make a million dollars. Now, the good news is you did it.
You got to a million dollars. The bad news is, is that you didn’t follow my
full system and you only made half as much as I want on a home. And as a result,
it cost you some time. It took 15 years for you to become a millionaire. Now, if
you feel like there’s a fire lit in your pants and you’re doing the dance and
you’re thinking to yourself, “I got to get where I want to go a whole lot faster. I
don’t want to take so long.” Don’t do 50,000 on a home. Do $100,000 games on a
home. And if you do that, everything’s going to double here and your… And your 15
year game plan will turn into more like a 10 year game plan. But then you say, “But
Kris, I don’t want 10 years. I want to retire in 5 years.” Then you know what?
Stop whine and complain. You know how to do 5 sell or finance deals? Just go do 10
more. Go do 20 more. The reason why I retired in four and a half years is
because I found accelerants to actually do my system significantly faster. That’s
one of the beauties of getting in the game of real estate is that all you need
to know how to do is one deal. If you can do one single deal, that’s a home. And
you’re like that tastes good. Make a hundred thousand dollars on it. So now
I’m going to do a second house and then I’m going to do a third house and I’m going to do
a fourth house. And now you have all this random crap piled up here but each one
of them represents a house. If you can do four of these, you can do 40 of these.
That’s what I learned in real estate is that you just need to know how to do one
of these and you’re off to the races and you can do as many as you want. So if you
want to say, “Hey Kris, what if I want to beat you? Not four and a half years. I
want to retire in 2 years.” Do I have people that do that? There’s only one
thing that you really need aside from the knowledge and the mentorship that I
can give you. You need hunger. Like you have to have a reason. You have to have a
reason to go out there and just say, “I’m going to make this happen. I’m going to freaking
tear the world and a half and do what I got to do.” Because you with a million
dollars hopefully is a version of you that is benevolent and kind and living
an awesome life and and just rocking it out. And this real estate will create
value for people. It’ll put people in homes that couldn’t otherwise. And it’s
awesome. Now, this is just one way to get to a
million dollars. There are so many different ways. I just wanted to show you
one today that said, if you got a little bit of know-how, it’s not going to take a
whole lot more. If you want to learn the system, if you’d like to actually engage
with me and have me mentor you and how to do this, click the link in the
description below. Talk to a member of my team after you read everything up. And
they’ll actually put themselves in your shoes.
They’ll evaluate your personal finances. They’ll evaluate everything. And you know
what? They’re not going to care how young you are, they’re not going to care how old
you are. They’re basically going to say, “If you’ve got drive and a reason to succeed,
working with Kris will show you how because he’s done it with thousands of
other people.” Friend, it’s all available. Subscribe to the channel.
Keep watching every day the videos that I post that will teach you how to build
wealth and have the mindset of the mega millionaire. And then talk to my team and
start mentoring with me and let’s go out there and crush it doing this system.
Take care, I’ll see you there.


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