How to Land a Plane in an Emergency
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How to Land a Plane in an Emergency

TOM: “Everyone else on the plane is unconscious.
You are the only one who can land it. And you’ve never flown a plane before. What do
you do next?” I’m at Virtual Aviation’s million-pound simulator
in Cambridge, with Morag and Matt, and my job is simple. Land the plane, and show you how to do it
too. You know, just in case. And don’t forget, this is part of Comic Relief’s
School of YouTube. Everyone here’s given their time for free
to make this happen, but remember we’re doing this to raise money
for children worldwide who have limited or no access to education
at all. Details of how you can help are on screen
now, and if you can donate, please do. All right. Let’s land this thing!” GORDON BURNS: “Tom, then, on his approach
to London Heathrow Airport.” “Very strong crosswinds to contend with.” TOM: “Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…” GORDON BURNS: “So, wrestling a bit with the
control column.” “Bringing it back to centre only stops the
roll continuing, he needs to nudge it the other way to get
on course.” TOM: “I’m way too high. Pull the thrust ba–aack!” GORDON BURNS: “Swaying in the wind, and he
reduces the thrust to get the nose down.” “But I think it’s too much, he’s coming in
too low.” COMPUTER: “Pull up!” TOM: “I’m trying!” GORDON BURNS: “There’s the warning system,
ordering him to pull up, and he has got the nose back, but is it enough?” “Is he going to land short of that runway?” “He’s almost down, he is short and veering
left…” TOM: “That’s technically on the runway!” GORDON BURNS: “Not on the runway, he’s lucky
there’s no building there, but he’s got a problem, he doesn’t realise
it, I don’t think.” TOM: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” TOM: “Why are… why are we not stopping?” GORDON BURNS: “But he has accidentally disabled
the auto brake, so he’s not going to stop.” TIM TAYLOR, INSTRUCTOR: “And we’ve crashed.”
(LAUGHTER) GORDON BURNS: “But not a bad effort from Tom.” “Morag next. Can she do better?” “A set of lights next to the runway guide
her on height.” “If they appear white, she knows she’s too
high. Red for too low.” “But she’s struggling here with the crosswinds.” “Just needs to keep calm and nudge the 737
back on course, which she has done nicely.” “And she’ll be guided by those dials on height
and direction.” COMPUTER: “Sink rate!” (ALARM) “Pull up!” GORDON BURNS: “She is correcting, correcting
too much, she needs to pull up again.” “And now she’s overdone that too, so she’s
very high now.” “With the runway ahead — there it is, she’s
supposed to be down on that runway, so she’s in trouble here.” “This plane is getting
away from her at the moment, automatic emergency instructions getting
a bit frantic with her now, we are on our way down and there’s only one
way this flight will finish, and it’s not good.” “Finally, it’s Matt at the controls, and looking good in these early stages.” “The flight director instrument showing him
he is almost bang on the descent path.” GORDON BURNS: “And he needs to follow the small, MATT: “Oh, hello!” (LAUGHS) purple diamonds with the control column and that will keep him on course.” “And he is very much on course at the minute,
using the thrust lever skillfully there to adjust his height. He’s keeping calm.” “Just small inputs on the controls keeping
him pretty much on line.” “And he’s heading straight for that runway,
he seems pleased at that.” “This is a really good approach, easy does
it now…” “Is he going to miss the runway, surely not,
tilting left a bit… and… that was probably the wing clipping the runway,
but he is down.” “And now on the rudder pedals to steer it
back towards the runway.” “And that, Matt, was a very good effort.” “So at the end of the round, at the end of
the contest, Matt is the clear winner.” MATT: “I think I landed that!” TIM TAYLOR, INSTRUCTOR: “Good! Yeah, you did! That
was the best one out of the lot.” MATT: “Yaaaay!” (CHUCKLE) TIM TAYLOR, INSTRUCTOR: “You’re the only one
to have made touchdown on the runway.” (LAUGHTER) TOM: “If you’re ever the only one who can land
a plane, that is how you do it.” “And if you’ve learned something, then please, help someone who hasn’t got that chance.” “£5 could help a Zambian orphan go to school
for a month and get a meal every day there. Perhaps the
only meal that they’ll get so please, pick up the phone, click the link
on screen, and donate if you can.” “Thank you to Virtual Aviation, thank you to
Gordon Burns for the wonderful voiceover, and thank you to Comic Relief for setting
all this up.” “That is how you land a plane in an emergency.” Subtitled by David Wheatley


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