How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money
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How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money

Kris Krohn here, Limitless TV. And today
we are talking about how to invest in real estate even with no money. Ok this
is for me one of my most passionate topics because the first million dollars
that I made in real estate happened with barely ten thousand dollars out of my
own pocket. And today and since then I’ve been buying real estate and I don’t put
my own money into it. I’m going to show you how to do it and hang out for the
end of the video because I’m super excited to share with you how you and I
or people you know can start partnering on all the excess of deals. Someone’s got
to take them. It’s like melting ice cream and I’m dishing it up for you Today is a good day. Do you know why?
because I love it when a home sells and then I get to receive a distribution
check on it. But it’s cool for another reason. Check this out. This is a check
made out to my business partner, my father-in-law. Matt King he’s the first
of dozens of partners that I have doing real estate with me. That is a 59 thousand dollar check nine hundred and seventy eight dollars. So
almost sixty thousand dollars. Okay his original investment on this house with
half of that. Thirty thousand dollars. So he gets his money back, he nearly doubles
it, in the time that we held that house. But you know what the coolest part about
this is? I also got a check and do you know how much mine is for? Almost the
same amount minus the principal. He put in the money, he put in the credit, what
did I put in? Well, I’m the partner. I didn’t bring money to the table, I
didn’t bring credit to the table, I put the deal together and I managed the deal
and they made it happen. Today as I talk about how to make money and invest in
real estate with no money, this check is one of those happy things. I could put
this in the mail but once in a while I mean I think in this last month I sent
him over a hundred thousand dollars. Today I’m going to get in my car, I’m
going to drive it over, I’m going to give them a high-five, and I’m gonna say, Matt thank
you for being my partner. Matt’s going to look at the check and you know what he’s
gonna say? Hi five Kris! Thanks for being my partner let’s do more deals. Okay does
that sound fun to you? Well today I’m going to give you the nitty-gritties on
how you invest in real estate without any money. To get checks just like that. Okay let’s let the rubbers hit the road how do you exactly start doing this real
estate with no money no credit? Man, you what you have just cracked the egg on
probably one of my all-time biggest passions and I want to share with you
how I’m helping people do that everywhere today right now. You’re
watching this, you’re interested in real estate, you say, Kris I want to do, I want
to do some real estate without using any money. How do I do that?
Okay there’s a couple things at play. Number one, you’re going to need the
deals. The what? you’re going to need access to deals that people want. So the deals
got to be good they can’t be mediocre, they can’t be bad. And then the second
thing that you’re going to need is you’re going to need money.
Because by the way it takes money to make money. But it doesn’t have to take
your money. Number three, there’s some knowledge. You can’t speak knowledgeably
about real estate then that’s going to hurt you for the strategy that I want to
give you because if you watch some of my other videos, I’ve shown you how I bought
my very first property and use it to buy my second I bought my third and then I
got stuck and my father-in-law who thought I was once crazy for buying all
of this real estate while in college without having a job or direction in
life and knowing what I wanted to do didn’t have my career mapped out does
kind of crazy but when I got this fourth house I had over two years of track
record he watched what I was doing and he asked me what I was doing and when he
looked about our ROI’s you know he noticed? This kid is kicking trash. So you
know what he decided to do? He said to say, let me fund your next deal let’s go
in and partner 50/50. How do you walk into a situation like that? Because here’s
what I had, I have the deals, he have the money, and I have the knowledge. And the
knowledge and the deals are really valuable. The money is also valuable. So
what we did is we ended up putting together a relationship where we were
each going to be 50/50 owners in this entity and my job was to bring the deals,
and the new team, and the knowledge, The management, the act of work. And his job
was to bring the money and credit. One of the things that I do with my private
clients I’ve got my own private educational community that anyone in the
world can participate in because it’s all jacked in and streamed live to me
when I do my weekly calls and I do my monthly meetings with people. Here’s the
number one thing in real estate that I’m teaching the number one thing is I
personally right now have a team and I’ve got an excess of deals. That means
more deals than I can do and I’ll show you how to find the people that have the
money. In fact, I’m going to give you a bonus
and do a little bit right now. And if you come and be a part of my team and get
the knowledge here’s what happen, I’ll show you where to find the money, I will give
you the deals, and you make for yourself a 50/50
partnership with somebody else. I’m really out of the loop I’m just there to
help you along. I’m here to contribute. I’m here to leave legacy. People do pay
to join my community and you can learn about that if you click the link below.
But the thing that I’m doing today is I’m lining up the deals of the people
and the money and saying now go be fruitful and multiply and make this
thing happen. So a couple things that are important, I access the best nationwide
deals. These videos show you how to go find them but I have an excess of these
and I can give them to you. Number two, how do you find the money? People think
this is the hardest part. Oh in our world, in our technology today,
this is the easiest part. Like let me just give you one tiny eensy-weensy
little bitty strategy but you guys say please. Alright good. So here’s what I
want you to do. Take your Facebook page, alter your mental privacy settings to
say I’m not going to let people in my life instead of just friends everyone up
to five thousand people and I want you to go find forums where people invest in
real estate. Go find local groups in your area where people are putting up money
and trying to like your local Ria’s your real estate investment associations. Go
to them, join them, and then go friend all of those people. And if you were to keep
doing this and finding all of these high interests similar interest groups, you
could get five thousand people within six to twelve months on your friend list.
And then two times a month drop an awesome headline like this, just found
another crazy deal with my power team and buddy kris krohn and i’m looking for
someone who wants to jump in on this one right now you probably need thirty forty
fifty thousand dollars and it’s a smoking hot deal. Message me if you want
more info. And you know what happen? you’re going to people commenting asking
questions. You bring them to my table and my coaches, our team will put the deal
together and guess what? you’re doing deals, you’re using their money, you’re a
fifty percent owner and all you needed up front was the right system. Friends
this is my number one favorite system. Now these are principles you can apply
these things in your life but seriously I’ve got all of this already hooked up
for you. You just got to ask to learn more about it and see if it’s a fit. I
hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video. I want to invite you to subscribe and drop some
comments below because you probably got questions. Even tomorrow my next video is going to be doing some QA. These tend to be very
popular videos because I’m taking your questions right out of the comment box
and shooting videos for you to help you gain all the clarity that you need on
successfully investing in real estate.


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