How To Invest In Real Estate, When You Don’t Know How
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How To Invest In Real Estate, When You Don’t Know How

Kris Krohn Limitless TV. And if you have
ever wanted to invest in real estate but you’ve never done it before, you found
the right place. I’m gonna bring one of my investors on today’s channel. She’s
going to be a special guest to share with you what happened when she brought
her partner on and then went on to make over a hundred thousand dollars on just
her first deal. You’ve never invested in real estate and
yet you want to. And I thought, “wow! Who can I bring on that would be more
perfect than Marianne DeNovellis. You know Marianne and I, we do a lot of things
in the coaching arena and becoming transformational speaker and really
learning how to crush it in business. And yet, the truth is Marianne is also one of
my clients. And she and her husband got started and have done something
astounding in real estate. And the reason why I say she’s the perfect person to
pick on is because I think still today she has no idea about most of the
reasons and why she she’s made over a hundred thousand dollars on this last
deal that she did. So Marianne let me ask you. I think a lot of people get stuck
with analysis paralysis on thinking, “oh I need to understand lexicons of
information to move forward,” and yet, what do people really need to know to take
action? Well that’s the funny thing you hear the words real estate and you’ve
got all your brokers you’re like all your lenders and all of these things
come to my mind that I don’t, I know nothing about. So the question is you
know, what what do you need to do to move forward? And you’ve really got to know
what you want to do with real estate. You know, basically, all I knew is that I
heard all these things about real estate, that it’s a great way to get money, and great
way to do your investments, great place to put your your cash if you’ve got a
401 K and all that. But I really wanted to know okay what does that mean for me
someone who knows nothing about real estate. So I really wanted to see how all
of these terms about make your money work for you and all of those things how
they applied to someone who is in my shoes. Yeah, I think they’re all too often
we get people that hear the buzzwords like you, and then they go on to this
quest of, I need to know more before I can act. I need to know more. And if we
keep doing that over and over again the reality is, that pattern will never lead
to doing anything. No. And yet at the same time if you just rush in, I also see
people getting more than bumps and bruises.
I see people financially committing soup side, without even knowing it until
it’s too late. yeah. And so, you know, today we’ve got people watching this video and
they’re really wanting to know, what do I need to know, and today I want to talk to
you about three specific things that I think people do need to know, before they
take action. It’s probably not what you think. The first one is, ‘what’s your why?’
Like, do you really have a strong enough reason? Because real estate is gonna take
a stomach. It’s going to take more than a whimsical moment of let’s take action
on this, and all be rainbows and cupcakes. And when in reality real estate has its
ugly moments, at least you’ll perceive them as ugly moments, and if you don’t
really connect to your why. So I want to ask you, when we started interacting, and you
saw what I was doing in real estate, and saw that it could be a vehicle for
freedom, what was your why behind wanting to jump
in and take action? You know, and this is a really beautiful question because the
why really for me didn’t have anything to do with the how to. It really didn’t
make sense that I could do real estate, to do what I loved. And doing because
doing what I loved really had nothing to do with real estate. So real estate’s
really random for you? It was totally random made absolutely zero sense. But
until I heard you say, you know, this is my fuel. I remember you tell you the
story about how you’re walking on the beach in Kokomo and saying what am I
gonna do with my life. And I was like, wait a second I know exactly what I want
to do with my life. I want to be in that position where I can do it. So I love to
travel, I love to be a mom, I really don’t want to work for someone else, and I was
like, okay, that is my why! And now I’ve got this real estate formula. How did
these two mesh together? Well if I share my why, I thought it was so backwards
that you know, third day at college I meet my wife, and we’re getting married
and we build this beautiful life and all these dreams. And yet what I thought was
so backwards was she got to be stay-at-home mom if she wanted. And then
I was gonna have to be the dedicated breadwinner. And if I had something that
I like doing, I’d be fine with that, but at that point my life, I didn’t know what
I liked. I just knew that I didn’t want him to commit 40 or 50 hours a week to a
job that I didn’t have passion for. So what really fueled my why, was I really
want to be free. Yeah! Actually I don’t even know what, I want I just know what I
don’t want. And having a job and the J O B I don’t want that. So I don’t want to
work for that and I don’t want to become a slave to that. So real estate was a
really big part of my why and really that why got cemented with some pain in my life. It was being deeply in debt, it was being
behind, it was unable to pay for groceries and food, and being in such a
tight place, that I hated how I was feeling with the woman I loved the most.
And so I really committed: I get to do whatever it takes to never
have to feel that way again. And that was my why. Yeah. You need to know what your
why is because that’s one of the three key things that you need before you can
take action. The second thing is you need to have a system. Having a system is a
really important part. And a lot of people say that it’s an acronym of,
save yourself time effort money. And a team in a system is all about time
effort and money. Because you can do real estate the expensive way, or the non
expensive way. You can put in loads of time or less time. Marianne, obviously our
system gave you a lot of confidence. And there’s a lot of systems out there. How
did you feel about finding the right system and how did that give you the
permission to launch into real estate, even though it wasn’t your passion? Well
the funny thing is when we first started communicating when I met you for the
first time I saw the slide shows and I saw the you know the graphics with the
golden eggs and I was like okay okay get away with all the the front of it I want
to know what this really means and as I sat down and I and I listened to other
people head that had been using this system you know I have got a couple
brothers that have been using the same system and I thought okay what does this
mean for me because one I don’t want to spend a lot of time energy and money
learning real estate because I’ve got a passion and that’s not it so I would
look over these case studies I would look over that almost billion dollars
and real estate that’s been done and I would look at the confidence of the
people that were doing it and saying yeah it’s totally easy and I can either
be as hands-on or his hands off as I want to be it was proven over and over
and over again and I thought you know what if I can just turn on a machine
that does the work for me and I can have it working and sending me checks whether
I’m awake or I’m asleep or I’m paying attention to it or I’m not or five
minutes a month whatever it needs to be if it’s working for me that’s when it
would start to make sense where oh now my money is doing the job yeah and
obviously I had a system that I could provide for you but for watching this
video whether it’s my sister or not that
actually doesn’t really matter I mean there was a system I didn’t have a
system when I needed me when I started my journey but someone else had a system
and you need to leverage somebody’s system and Marian’s bringing out some
really important key points it’s not adequate to just have a system it needs
a system with track record and so Marianne’s talking about
this system have all mean having almost a billion dollars a results and having a
very specific pathway a ladder of how to climb and get where you want to go and
so there’s a lot of great options out there there’s a lot of great books
there’s a lot of great information and as long as you have confidence and a
system that you have vetted that makes sense then guess what you’ve got number
two the right system once you have the right system you need the third and
final component you need a plan yeah and this is what’s so important you could
study volumes of information on on on real estate till the cows come home I
don’t even know where that one comes from it always I guess means that the
cows are not coming so instead of waiting for the cows to come home or for
pigs to fly or what if that looks like you need to have a plan Marian what was
the plan for example that was laid out for you that gave you confidence and
pulling the trigger and moving forward well I’ll never forget sitting down with
the the guy who gave us our first game plan and he made it super super simple
and he just said you know what you can take this 401k DH from your old job
that’s been sitting there guaranteed not to make you money every month which by
the way was something I hadn’t even thought of until it was pointed out to
me like oh my gosh you’re right it’s making me zero dollars every month and
he said you can pull out that 401k you can put it into a house and in that
house you can either create money in a cash flow market where you’re getting
money every month from renters and/or it could make money when you sell it and
and that’s when I put the track record to the test I was like okay in 2008
there was this big crash what were you guys doing and they said well we were
still making money and this is how he did it and I was like alright that’s
proof of concept for me that says that I can take what I’ve got and make us are
working for me and this this plan that he laid out for me was was so ingenious
in its simplicity well and let’s go one step further on what your plan was
because a good plan is customized to a person’s situation and in your situation
you know you didn’t have all of the money that you needed in a 401k to buy a
house you actually only had a small part of what you needed and so your plan
basically said hey you need to actually bring a partner on board tell me a
little bit about what happened there well we needed that cash flow he said
there’s there’s got a certain investment that you needed to bring into a house
and then I got on the phone with my the person that was helping me with this
and they said okay well you’ve got this this and this here are some options and
they said why don’t you bring on a partner with you and I said a partner
what I have no idea we’re talking about what does that even mean and they said
well you can bring on a cash partner or a credit partner and then there’s a
managing partner so they told me about the three different kinds of people that
were in a partnership and they said why don’t you be the management partner and
a partial cash partner and then the other person you bring in will be the
other partial of the cash and the credit partner and together we would buy it
home and drop a custom contract and say okay we’re gonna split our income from
the home we’re gonna split the cost of maintenance or repairs whatever that
happen to be and then when the home sells we’ll just keep it that same split
and I thought who else does this I’ve never know this is what’s really
important this video is not about what exactly Marian did this video is also
not about her specific plan because I can tell you that I’ve created hundreds
of different game plans but they’re all customized and what Mary I needed for
real estate was alright she had access to my Power Team in the system then she
also had some money she needs it to someone else that had money and she also
needed someone else had credit and when those were pieces were able to come
together you formed a partnership first of all how long have you guys been in
partnership about twenty half years and in the last two-and-a-half years the
property you bought what’s happened to the value of it it’s really increased
quite a bit more than we actually expected I do to some developments that
have gone up in the area around then it’s actually gone up in value about a
hundred thousand dollars so just think about that for just a minute because if
you ever partner you guys probably what’s your split roughly it’s about
twenty five seventy five maybe thirty six thirty seventy I have to look at the
paperwork but it’s alright so however you put it together you know someone was
getting 78% someone was getting 30% and now there’s this hundred thousand
dollars and now that money is being split what’s beautiful about that is you
found a way to do real estate and that 401 K didn’t come out of your back
pocket but even if you hadn’t had a 401 K there would have been a different game
plan right the game plan would be alright we’re gonna get the money this
way it real estate is filled with OPM other people’s money and that’s always
going to be in the conversation because the majority of our clients aren’t
actually out there how you know they’re not mr. mrs. moneybags
and so the important thing is you need to know your why you need to
have the right system and then you need to have a plan with very specific action
steps of how you move forward if you have these three things working towards
your your benefit it’s time then to push the Go button and start taking action
and Marian I want to ask you is we talk about the why the right system and
having a plan you know you really only spent a very short period of time
investigating and learning and then you pull the trigger as you look back now
two and a half years later obviously there’s some great gains how do you feel
about it I put three hours worth of work maybe total into this whole thing
between meeting with our partners and and calling my coach and doing e-mails
back and forth maybe a phone call here and there so I’m thinking you know what
we put maybe five thousand dollars from a very small 401k and we’re looking at
it getting a return from anywhere from thirty to thirty five thousand dollars
on the home over the course of a year or two and a half years since we own the
home that’s a really great rate of return like a two to three hundred
percent annual return it is and then I don’t know any job that does that I
certainly don’t know of anyone for okay that 401k that does that and I’ve had to
do less than three hours worth of work with my partner or with my coach and at
the same time if I ever have a question I can call my coach at the drop of a hat
in fact he just called me last week and said hey let’s take a new look at the
area let’s take a new look at the house and see if there’s any wise moves moving
forward that could be really financially beneficial for you thank you Mary Ann
I’m really glad that you were taunted A’s video and I think this is the
take-home message is that if you’re interested in doing real estate but
you’ve never done it before there are the three things that you’re going to
need is you need a why understand what’s important to you and what’s going to
keep you in the game if there are some rough patches because real estate is
gonna bring some of them it’s not going to take a lot of time doesn’t always
take money but there’s a little bit of mindset upgrades number two is you’re
going to need the right system and that system builds confidence and it doesn’t
matter whose system it is as long as you vetted and you feel good about it and
the third one is you’ve got a plan and once you have those three things please
do not delay it’s time to take action I can tell you right now that the millions
of dollars I have been able to make in my life have been a function of of being
an action taker and often it’s the cost of indecision that costs us more Marian
didn’t need to find a partner she could have still two and a half years
been saying yep I totally know what would power me and drive me I also have
access to the right system but I never really got action taken on my plan where
I never put a plan in place and then it would probably be better that you
haven’t done anything and yet the ball is in all of our courts to be
able to take action so here’s my here’s my last final question for you Maryann
is that for anyone that’s watching this video and thinking wow what kind of
nervous are scared about jumping in a real estate learn I’m thrilled and I’m
excited what do I really need to know is there any final advice that you would
give to them on what they should do if as long as they have their why as long
as they have the system and they have a game plan you know what do you think
their next step is well I would love to hear from them personally I want I would
love to talk to you because from my perspective I had no clue what I was
doing and I gotta be honest with you I still have very very little clue what
the real estate side is doing but here’s what I do know I know it’s working for
me it’s a wheelhouse that’s operating and even though I don’t know how the
wheelhouse works I know how to leverage it I know how to call me people I know
how to get my coaches in line and I’ve got my why I’ve got my plan I’ve got all
of that in place so my advice to you is be to take action and I believe there’s
even a link below to do that there is a link it’s right up here and the great
thing about Maryann and I wanted to introduce her today coz she’s actually
now a member of our team she actually works in a different business division
but she’ll actually be speaking with some of you same with Steven Miller
myself and some others on the team about what it looks like to give you a custom
game plan so Mary Ann helps make those plans for people helps reveal the system
and helps people take action just like she’s been able to do so Marian thank
you so much for being on today by the way one last thing here about Mary Ann
is you can find her on her YouTube channel the six figure mastermind that’s
a great place where people can come and learn what we’re gonna teach you how to
speak on stage we’re gonna teach you how to build your own mentoring business
we’re actually also going to teach you the advanced sales and marketing system
if you’re in business for yourself you’re an entrepreneur solopreneur
anything that you’re doing to generate money get out of that Jo B and step into
your passion and step into your why if you ever wanted to learn the A to Z on
how to do that come check out our channel awesome
Marion thank you so much for being on really appreciate and everyone once you
have those three things in place go crush it friends you have the top three
things that you need to go out and crush it in real estate now is the time as
long as you know you’re why as long as you have a system and as long
as you have a plan if you don’t have those three things click the link and
we’ll show you what ours looks like it’s worked for thousands of other people and
it just might be your ticket otherwise make sure you subscribe and click that
little bell at the top so that we can notify you with our daily Channel about
the videos that we’re launching to find the next best tips and helps for you to
crush it in real estate you


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