How To Invest $100,000 In Real Estate

Welcome back. Today we’re talking about
how to invest a hundred grand. How do you put $100,000 into real
estate and maximize it so you can take a small amount of money and turn it into a
million dollars. If you have $100,000 to invest in real
estate, it’s almost like you put on your big-boy underpants and you are ready to
go out there and start putting 20% down payments on properties. And I’m going to
share with you a strategy that I use that is fairly passive. I’ve done it over
3,000 times. it works really, really well. So, I’m going to break that down for you. But
let’s just kind of cover some of the basics to create some awareness. If you
have an amount of money, it could be a million dollars, it could be a hundred
thousand. It could be 10 million dollars. When you start having an amount that you
want to put into real estate, here’s what you’re thinking. Number 1, you’ve got to be thinking about ROI.
What’s my actual rate of return that I’m going to get on a property. You see when you
put your money in the bank, that’s FDIC insured. They’ll give you
like a tenth of a percent. You lock it into a CD for a couple of percent, you
put it in Treasury bank notes for you know, 2.5%. You’re not even keeping
up with inflation yet. That’s the problem. So, you start thinking, “Wait a second. I
worked so hard to get this a little bit of money, how do I actually get that
money working for me so that can freaking go somewhere. Like I got to find
out. I worked so hard for that, how do I turn that into like a million dollars?” So,
I’m going to share with you some of the rules that I use that are going to help
make this possible. Then I’ll share with you where I invest in how I do it. And at
the very end I’m going to share with you a way that people will even partner with
me. And I’ll take and grow their money at maximum rate. All sorts of huge
opportunities. So, first of all, let’s talk about my specific rules. These are my
rules, they’re not society’s rules but I would write them down because they work.
Number 1, I’m looking for properties that can produce 20%. Why do I want a 20% annual ROI? Well, right now 20%, 20%, 20%, 20%, 20% is 100%. So, one of the goals that
I have is I want to double my money how often. I want to double it every 5
years. Okay? So, let’s just do some rough math. If there’s a hundred thousand
dollars, if you doubled it in 5 years, it’d be worth 200,000.
Double it again in 5 years that’d be worth 400,000. Double it
again it’d be worth 800 thousand. And that’s taking a fairly conservative
approach that I’m going to be sharing with you here. So,
there are ways that you can go a lot faster. But the financial markets don’t
know how to do what I’m talking about here. And I’ve got a pretty significant
track record on this. So, the first rule is that. Number 2, this is an amount of
money that you can’t put it into multifamily, you can’t put it into big
projects. So, when I’m working with a hundred thousand or $300,000. I’m automatically thinking, “I’ve got to put that in my
single family system.” So, I’m going to do Lease Option or I’m going to go into the
very best markets around the country and do rentals. I can make both of these. When
I partner with people, we often are doing 25 plus percent. We’ll just say we’re
doing 20%. And what this is, is this is specifically single-family homes. This
has purchased beneath the median. And it is a short term hold. Short term means
this is going to be 3, 5 or 7 years. In 5 years, what do we want to do? If 100 grand… And I’ll show you what we’re going to do in a minute. But if a
hundred ran went into 2 properties, then in 5 years, we want to what? We
want to pull those 2 out we want to turn into what? 4 properties. We’re
doing magic. Take 2, double them and turn them into 4. Take 4, turn them
into 8, right? So, this is what we’re going to do. This is what the goal of
outcome is. Doubling the money is the minimum standard of what we want to make
happen. And then number 3, this is the killer part. You’ve got to go into the
very best markets. Listen, you can be passive or you can be hands-on. If you
want to do lease options, you’re going to be super passive in your own backyard. If
you are going to be… Going to the very best rental markets around the country,
you can exceed what you can earn in lease options. Because there’s 350
markets around America for example. Or maybe wherever you live. At your area has
a market. The reality is your backyard is not the best market to do real estate in.
So, what does that mean? It means that you’ve got to go to the very best market.
So right now, I have five markets out of 350. Those are the only places all invest.
Why? Because I’m getting my highest cash-on-cash return in those areas. And
that’s what I’m looking for right here. So, if you want to start playing up a
whole level. Its… I want the best properties, I
want the best inventory. And why? Guess what’s going to happen in the market? It’s
going to take. It’s going to go down. And when that happens, do you have a strategy for
overcoming that? Because I do. The stock market every 8 years needs to go
ahead and tank. And take 3 years to come back. In real estate, every 15
to 20 years has the exact same cycle. But homes that are underneath the median,
don’t have the same experience as homes that are over the median. For me, it’s
opposite. When the market crashes, I get really pumped up. Because it means it’s
time to what? Buy as many assets as you can in the very best markets. Okay? Now, if
you do this, let’s talk about what this game plan can actually produce for you.
Hundred grand, let’s just say theoretically that this
was the source of a 20% down payment into these 2 homes. Okay. When we buy
these 2 homes, what we’re going to be doing is… The goal is in a 5-year
period of time, either by selling them or by doing a tax-free refinance or if we
sell we’re doing them 1031 exchange. And what we’re ging to do is we’re going to
transition these 2 houses into what? We’re going to transition them into 4
houses. And then in 5 more years, do you know we’re going to do then? We’re going to
turn it into 8 houses. Now, that wasn’t adding any new money and that’ll
totally throw the equation off and make things even more accelerated. But what
you’re we’re talking about is we don’t want geometric growth. What we’re doing
this we’re creating exponential growth. And here’s what exponential growth means.
Listen, in 20 years, your real estate is going to be doing hot. But in 40 years,
it’s going to be hotter. In 80 years, it’s unrecognizable.
You’re going to die along the way. But that real estate has a chance on a trajectory
to continue growing bigger and bigger and bigger. And I’ve had a chance to meet
some of the families that started this 2 generations ago and it’s turned into
insane same amount of money at massive cash flow. So, $100,000.
This is exact what I would do. This is how I would grow
it. And just as a little bonus like I said I would. For those of you that
say, “Wow, Kris. I really need some hands-on help to how I could do that.” I’m
going to tell you right now. I’ve got a couple of different systems where people
can access my nationwide inventory. And it’s very turnkey. I’ve got my team
that’ll come in. They’ll do about 342 hours of work per property and basically
tee it up for you and make it all happen. So, the cool thing is if you want to go
into the very best markets, single-family homes and you want to learn how to get
those crazy good ROIs, I’m fully systematized and I am fully ready for
you. All you have to do is click the link in the description below and talk to a
member of my team and they’ll lay down what those different options look like
which could be anywhere from hey I want to partner with Kris. Or Kris, I just
want to… I want to rent your team and I want to actually do what you’re doing.
Both of them work beautifully. All you got to do is click the link in the
description below and actually learn from my team exactly how to do that. Hey,
thanks for watching today’s video. I hope it had some great nuggets and
insights that were useful for you. Make sure that you do subscribe because guess
what? We’ve got a lot more value coming this way tomorrow
and we’ll see you there.

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