How to grow your real estate business no matter where you are // Dan’s Daily Dose #321
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How to grow your real estate business no matter where you are // Dan’s Daily Dose #321

– Hey, what’s up guys. It is a Thursday afternoon, we’re gettin’ underway here on the boat. End of what’s been a week in Florida, busy week down here
gettin’ a ton of work done. We released the buyer
book earlier this week. We’re gettin’ ready for a
big end of the year push. We have our Santa party and brunch for all of our real estate clients when we get back home on Sunday. And, you know, we just got a lot going on and in this daily dose, I wanna talk to you guys
about the importance of being able to work in multiple different work environments. Carrie and I spend a lot
of our time every year on the road, speaking
at other conferences, attending other conferences, and you know, your goal needs to be to be able to do that while
still maintaining a business. So, we’re gonna close
50 deals in December, over 50 deals, shootin’ to do
the same or more in January and it’s just nice to be able to do that and still get on the
road, still be effective. So we’re doing weekly
check-ins or daily check-ins with team members. We’re still doing our coaching calls with all of our hyper-fast aging clients. So, figure out in your business, how can my business continue to go on even when I’m not there, right. How can I continue to not
only maintain the level of business that I’m at
but generate more business, more closings, more deals, more influence, more outreach even when you’re not there. And look, when you get to that point it becomes a lot more fun actually. We get more done when we’re down here in a different work environment. We’re more effective with our time and we’re just in a completely
different head space when we have these
beautiful boats around us, some beautiful nature
scenes and the water. So, figure out how to
do that in your own life and your own business and
good things will happen in even greater amounts
and greater speeds. All right guys, hope you
enjoyed that content. If you did, please make sure
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someone that could benefit. I’ll see ya next time.

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