How To Get Started In Real Estate – Your 1st House
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How To Get Started In Real Estate – Your 1st House

Today, you are joining the great
conversation on how to get started in real estate investing. Me and my real
estate business partner, Steven Michael Miller, have some information on what your
first steps look like. Let’s not overcomplicate things. In fact,
today, we’re going to keep it super super simple because there’s so many people
that one of the biggest dangers of getting started in real estate is
getting stuck in a cycle of wanting real estate but never really doing anything.
In fact, Steven, over the years, we’ve met so many people they’re like, “Oh, I’ve
wanted to do that for five years. I’ve wanted to do that for ten years.”
Stop having things you’ve wanted to do that you just keep putting into the
future because one would now be the best time to do real estate? – Is that a trick
question? – It is. It’s now. – When would now be the best time to start doing real
estate? It is now and I’ll tell you, you know the first thing that you need to
start with is just information, knowledge and you know, you hear the old adage all
the time, knowledge is power and it really can be if it’s applied
appropriately, you know. Oftentimes, we debunk that say, no, knowledge isn’t power,
it’s experience but experience is nothing more than taking knowledge and
putting it into action which when we get to in a minute but that knowledge is so
important. Where do you go to find the knowledge, Kris? – Well I was going to tell
you right now, when I started my journey in real estate, I wanted to know about
all the different strategies so that I could get started on the right one and
if you’re watching this video, you’ve got to be thinking yourself, what’s the first
strategy I should start with? What’s the best strategy for my circumstance? I
think that that should be the first thing that you contemplate and when I
started my journey, I had a chance to contemplate the 30 major different real
estate strategies out there which would include things like – Fix and flips,
include things like short sales and include things like tax deeds and tax liens – and
of all the top 30 strategies, the question was, which one was best? Ended up
writing a book about it, Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth. Tens and tens and
tens of thousands of copies over the years have been sold and today, Steven
and I are giving you this book for free. Just go ahead and click the link up here
in the corner and you’ll see right when you click on the page that you can just
fill in your information and we’re going to email right out to you
because we want to give you an immediate shortcut of, alright, let’s take our
experience of nearly a billion dollars worth of real estate over thousands of
deals and really question which is best, you’re going to get the answer in that book.
– Yeah, absolutely. Another thing that you can do to get more knowledge is keep
watching these videos and we’re putting out videos after videos after videos.
Keep watching these videos, get more and more information, fill your brain with
not only the to do’s of real estate but also what you
need to grow that mentally, right, that’s super important. This leads us to the
second step, alright. The second step to get started in real estate is just to
take action and – This is one of the most important things, guys. – This is huge. If
you’re not willing to take a step forward in something, if you’re not
willing to just take that first little movement, the
chances are, you’re never going to get there. So if you’ve been one, if you’ve
been talking about getting started in real estate for a long time,
if you’ve read all the books and you’ve got on all the channels and, you
know, you’ve gotten all the knowledge but you haven’t done anything
yet then you’re missing out on step number two. – Yeah, now this is the cool
part. Steven and I, in the book that I wrote Straight Path To Real Estate
Wealth, we outline the four steps of how to do the best strategy. We call it
compassion financing and the great thing about the strategy is we actually show
you how to do real estate right now without necessarily even needing money
or credit. The biggest reasons why people don’t take action and real estate is
either they’re afraid because it feels like a really big step, they don’t have
the money or they don’t have the credit and we have the ability with the right
knowledge, knowledge debunks the fear then we’ll give you a system where you
don’t need the money or the credit and boom, you can be off to the races taking
action right now in real estate. – Let me give you a couple things that you can do
also right now to start taking action in doing and getting started in your real
estate career. Number one, start looking for property. Like just, right now. Get on
your local classifieds, drive around and look for for sale by owners, get in touch
with a realtor, just start looking for real estate. Chances are, if you’re not at
least looking, if you’re not taking that action, you will never ever do real
estate. Second thing, oh okay. – So instead of turning your phone this way
because we know what mode this is, turn it this way and use it this way, okay.
A lot of classifiers that you can access right through your phone. Just even get
familiar with the marketplace and in some of the other videos we actually
teach you how to immediately identify a really good deal with one simple
equation that you can do right here from your phone. – Yeah, another thing that you
can do is, the second action step, they can do right now is get pre-qualified. Go to a
bank and ask them what you can qualify for, ask them where you are in the
qualification process, ask them if your credit is up to where it
needs to be and maybe if it’s not, ask them what you need to do in order to
qualify. See, so many people, they take the wrong action steps. In other words, they
get out there, they dip their toe in the water a little bit with the bank and
they say, “Hey, you know, can I qualify?” If the bank says no and they get rejected,
and say, “Oh, forget it, I’ll never do real estate you know.” No, take the action, get
out there say, “Can I do it?” If they say no, say, “Okay, well what can I do to get?
Why? What do I need to do right now so that I can get there?” And I know, Kris,
before you bought your first home and I was the same way, there were specific
things that we had to do in order to get our credit up to snuff, in order
to to have the money that we needed for it and those are all preparation action
steps, right. You need to take that action. So is there anything else that you can
think about in action? – You know, even especially if you don’t have the credit, if you
can’t qualify for a home right now, the most important thing you can do is after
you click the link so that you can go ahead and down the download the book,
we’re going to show you a couple of options that you can get started with with
little or no money whatsoever and I want you to go ahead and and fill up, read it,
read about our systems and then fill out the request and what you’re going to do is,
you’re going to get a chance to talk with me, Steven or a member of our team and
what we’re going to do is, we’re going to basically say, “Alright, let’s find out
exactly where you’re at, let’s find out where your finances are at, let’s find
out where your credits at.” and then what we’ll do is, we’ll give you a list of
suggestions of how you can start investing in real estate right now
because you know what, if you’re part of our tribe here, Limitless
Wealth TV, if you’re a subscriber then that means that our success and our
passion is getting you investing in real estate. I just got off with a plane from
Costa Rica a couple of days ago and they had someone in the airport that
ran me down, he said, “Oh my gosh. Kris, I’ve been watching you on YouTube.”
and he wanted to share with me that he just bought his first products. He
was so excited about it and just shout out to you, TJ, congratulations for
taking action and making that happen and that’s our wish and desire for all of
you here. So this video and this idea of getting started to wrap it up, it’s all
about getting knowledge in the taking action. Two steps, what are they? – Knowledge, action.
– And you can do that by clicking the link, get the book, get your knowledge,
you’ll see some action steps, talk with our team, do something today to start
investing in real estate now. If you want more on this conversation, click the link
up here and I’ve got a variety of options of how you can start investing
in real state right now. Plus that book that I
mentioned for free, go ahead and click right now so you can get your hands on
it. Otherwise, getting more knowledge and taking your next step as being a
subscriber here on my channel so go ahead and actually click the subscribe
and also ring the bell, that’ll allow me to notify you everyday when we launch
our next videos. Thanks.


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